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Small Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Small dogs are becoming increasingly popular because they just fit. With smaller yards becoming the norm and an increase in apartment dwellers, sometimes there just isn’t room for a large dog. For many families and living arrangements, only a smaller dog makes sense. There are also many characteristics that new owners look for that just can’t be obtained in a big breed. A Golden Retriever will not fit in most purses and it is hard to watch television with a 200lb Mastiff in your lap. Because the little dogs are getting more attention, we have put together a special list of names tailored for your small puppy.

      The best advice for a new owner of a toy or miniature breed is to think small when naming. It might be a good idea to choose a size related theme as well. Cookie, Nacho, Skittles, and Raisin are a few examples of cute names that come from a small food theme. Naming themes help get the wheels turning in your mind so that you are generating more name options. A person that tries to think of names in general will come up with only typical names that they associate with other dogs. On the other hand, a person using a theme will come up with new and interesting name possibilities. Keep in mind that a name should not only incorporate the size of a dog but also his/her personality.

      A small dog goes best with a small name. In fact, choosing a short name is a good rule of thumb for any dog. It comes highly recommended that you stick with just one or two syllables. A longer name like Benjamin is too much to say repetitively. It would be no surprise to see an owner that chose this name resort to using Ben. There is nothing wrong with choosing a longer name like this, but the shortened version might merit some consideration. If you are having trouble coming up with anything, you can gather ideas from the small dog names below.

Name Reason to Choose
Abby Perfect for small dogs with a sweet and friendly personality
Al A short, simple name, indicative of a small, easygoing dog
Alvin Reminiscent of Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, a small and energetic character
April Suitable for small, spring-like, and lively dogs
Arty Given to small dogs that are creative and playful
Audrey This classic name, while not directly indicating size, has a gentle tone suitable for a small dog
Babe A perfect fit for small, adorable, and lovable dogs
Babs Ideal for small, sweet, and friendly dogs
Baby Suitable for very small, cute, and cuddly dogs
Babycakes An endearing term often used for someone or something small and sweet
Babyface An endearing term suggesting a small and youthful appearance
Bacon Perfect for small dogs that are irresistible and adorable
Bagel It's a small-sized food, making it a cute name for a little dog
Baggins Derived from a popular small character in literature
Bambam Reminiscent of a tiny, energetic cartoon character
Bambi This name is reminiscent of a small, gentle, and timid deer from a famous Disney movie
Bambino In Italian, this word translates to 'baby,' which suggests something small and adorable
Bandit Perfect for tiny dogs with an adventurous and mischievous personality
Baxter It's a name that suits small, cute, and friendly dogs
Bean A name that brings to mind something small and round
Bebop Emphasizes the high-energy often seen in smaller breeds
Belle Commonly used for small, beautiful, and graceful dogs
Bilbo Inspired by a diminutive and brave character from a fantasy novel
Bishop Despite its grandeur, this name evokes a sense of compactness and neatness, fitting for a small dog
Bitsy Part of the phrase 'itsy bitsy,' which means very small
Bonbon A small sweet treat, this name is perfect for a small, sweet pet
Boots This name is associated with small footwear, suggesting a tiny size
Bopeep Derived from a nursery rhyme character who was a shepherdess, suggesting a small and gentle nature
Bubbles Reminiscent of delicate, tiny soap bubbles, this name is a perfect fit for a small pup
Buckaroo This term is often used to refer to young cowboys, implying a smaller size
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Names From Other Languages

Words that mean small or cute in other languages can make unique and fitting names for small dogs.
Name Description
Bambino Italian for 'child', a playful name for a small dog
Chiquito In Spanish, this translates to 'tiny', apt for a small dog
Hiki A Japanese term for 'small'
Kecil This Indonesian word means 'small'
Kicsi In Hungarian, this word means 'small'
Kis In Serbian, this translates to 'small'
Klein A German word meaning 'small'
Kleinur An Icelandic term meaning 'small'
Küçük This Turkish word translates to 'small'
Kutti In Hindi, this word means 'puppy'
Liten This is Norwegian for 'small'
Majhna In Slovenian, this word means 'small'
Maliit This Filipino word translates to 'small'
Maly This is Polish for 'small'
Maza In Latvian, this word means 'small'
Mikros A Greek term meaning 'small'
Minima A Latin term that translates to 'the smallest'
Nho This is Vietnamese for 'small'
Petit This is French for small
Piccolo An Italian word meaning 'small'
Píng In Chinese, this means 'tiny'
Sík This is Samoan for 'small'
Tasan A Tajik term for 'small'
Titch An English slang term for a small person or thing
Väike This is Estonian for 'small'

Names Based on Size

Names that emphasize the small size of the pet, like 'Tiny' or 'Peanut', can be fitting and cute.
Name Description
Bean A small edible seed, often associated with something tiny
Biscuit A cookie or snack, often small in size and loved by many
Button A cute comparison to a small, round object
Cupcake A small cake designed to serve one person
Dinky An informal term for something small and neat
Dumpling A small savory ball of dough
Fleck A tiny mark or spot
Guppy A small tropical fish that's often kept in aquariums
Half-pint An affectionate term for something small or short
Jellybean A small, sweet candy that's loved by many
Kernel A small, softer part contained within a hard shell
Minnow A type of small fish
Morsel A tiny piece or portion of food
Niblet A tiny piece or fragment, often referring to food
Nugget A small lump of precious metal or other valuable substance
Peanut Reminiscent of a small, familiar snack
Pebble A small stone found on beaches and river beds
Pint A unit of volume, often associated with being small
Pip This is a common term for small seeds or things of little size
Pod A term for a small group or cluster
Puff A small, light and soft piece of matter
Runt The smallest animal in a litter
Smidge An informal term for a very small amount or part
Tadpole A small larval stage of a frog or toad
Titch A British term for a small person or thing

Names From Fictional Characters

Small dogs can be named after small or cute characters from books, movies, or TV shows.
Name Description
Asterix Named after the small and clever Gaul from the famous French comic book series
Bambi The young deer from Disney's film, perfect for a small, gentle dog
Bilbo Inspired by the small and brave hobbit from The Lord of the Rings series
Dexter A character from Dexter's Laboratory, ideal for a small, clever dog
Dobby The small, brave house elf from the Harry Potter series inspires this name
Ewok The small, fuzzy creatures from Star Wars could inspire a dog's name
Frodo A small but brave character from The Lord of the Rings, a great name for a courageous small dog
Gandalf A small dog with a wise and mysterious demeanor would fit this name, borrowed from The Lord of the Rings series
Gizmo The adorable creature from the movie Gremlins, perfect for a small, cuddly dog
Gollum The Lord of the Rings character, perfect for a small dog with a strong personality
Hobbit Inspired by the small, brave characters from The Lord of the Rings series
Milo From the movie The Mask, a great name for a small, energetic dog
Nemo From the Disney film Finding Nemo, ideal for small, adventurous dogs
Olaf The lovable snowman from Frozen, a great name for a small, playful dog
Paddington For a small dog with a big heart, just like the beloved bear from children's literature
Pikachu Inspired by the popular Pokemon character, a great name for a small, energetic dog
Pippin A Hobbit character from the Lord of the Rings series, ideal for a small, fun-loving dog
Pongo From the character in the classic Disney film, 101 Dalmatians, this name is perfect for a small, adventurous pet
Scooby From Scooby-Doo, a classic name for a small, adventurous dog
Sherlock The famous detective's name could be perfect for a small, intelligent dog
Simba The Lion King's main character, perfect for a small dog with a big heart
Snoopy A name inspired by the lovable dog character from the Peanuts comic strip
Stitch The mischievous but loveable character from Lilo & Stitch, a good fit for a small, playful dog
Toto From The Wizard of Oz, a classic name for a small and loyal dog
Yoda Star Wars' wise character could be a fun name for a small dog with a big personality

Names Based on Color

Naming small dogs based on their coat color can be both descriptive and adorable.
Name Description
Ash This name is perfect for a small gray pup
Berry For small dogs with reddish or purplish fur
Blondie A name that suits small dogs with light yellow fur
Chestnut Perfect for a small brown dog
Cocoa Appropriate for small brown dogs
Copper A good choice for small red or brown dogs
Ebony A name that suits a small black dog
Ginger For small dogs with orange or red fur
Goldie This name is ideal for a small dog with golden fur
Hazel This name is great for a small light brown dog
Indigo A name that suits a small dark blue or black dog
Ivory Suits a small white dog
Jet Perfect for a small black dog
Licorice This name is suitable for a small black dog
Lilac For small dogs with light purple or gray fur
Onyx This name is great for a small black dog
Peaches For small dogs with peach or light orange fur
Pearl Ideal for a small white dog
Raven Perfect for a small black dog
Ruby A name that suits a small red dog
Rusty Ideal for small reddish-brown dogs
Saffron Appropriate for a small dog with yellowish fur
Slate This name is fitting for a small gray dog
Smoky Gray colored pups would suit this name
Snowy Ideal for a little white dog

Food-Inspired Names

Small dogs can be named after tiny, cute foods to highlight their petite size.
Name Description
Bean A small, round legume is a great moniker for a tiny pet
Berry Ideal for a small, colorful little dog
Biscuit Perfect for a small, tan-colored pup
Caramel This name suits a small dog with a golden-brown coat
Cherry A sweet and small fruit, perfect for a petite pup
Cocoa For a small, warm, and comforting pup
Cookie A cute name for a small, sweet dog who is as irresistible as a cookie
Cupcake A sweet name for a small and adorable dog
Ginger This spice-inspired name suits a small, feisty redhead
Hershey For a small, sweet, chocolate-colored dog
Jellybean A sweet and colorful name for a small, happy dog
Kiwi For a small, exotic and cute pup
Mochi Inspired by the small, sweet Japanese dessert
Muffin Suits a tiny, sweet pup who is as lovable as a fresh baked good
Nugget This name is perfect for a tiny golden pup
Olive This name is inspired by a small, bite-sized food
Peanut A great name for a small dog with a big heart
Pepper A cute, snappy name for a small, energetic dog
Pickle For a small dog with a big personality
Raisin A cute name for a small, dark-colored dog
Sesame A tiny seed that makes a cute name for a small dog
Skittle For a small, colorful, and playful little pup
Sprout A tiny green vegetable that makes a cute name for a small dog
Taco Because your small pet is just as delightful as a mini taco
Truffle For a small dog who is as precious as a rare delicacy
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User Images

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Image Comment
Seuss Photo of seuss for Small Dog Names
Toy Photo of toy for Small Dog Names We picked this name because he is little and lookes like a toy
Scrappy Photo of Scrappy for Small Dog Names My son choose this name as he liked scooby doo and our dog is a small dog so he named him scrappy doo
Rusty Photo of Rusty for Small Dog Names There are so many names but we chose RUSTY as he was born in the autumn and has such gorgeous warm autumn colours,he has orange rust coloured golden/brown shades through his fur,on his face,legs and paws,as he is getting older and is almost five and a half months his face has become a lovely darker warm rusty colour,mostly around his face,he has such a beautiful face and amazing colours,he is such a loving puppy,he really suits RUSTY and he took to it very quickly,although we should have called him snorer or piggy as he makes some noise when sleeping x

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User Recommendations

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Name Reason
Tea cup beacause it suits the the dog as it is really tiny like a tea cup
Butterfly Because they are small like little dogs
Chop suey my shih Tzu origins are from china and I couldn't find a Chinese name. then I was looking at a Chinese menu and thought - ah!!! chop suey
Titch very small. runt of the litter
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Tiny Tim: Story of a Very Small Dog

Once upon a time in the quaint little town of Whiskerville, there lived a dog named Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim wasn't like any other dog; he was the size of an ant. Born under unusual circumstances to a family of regular-sized Golden Retrievers, Tiny Tim was often overlooked due to his minuscule size.

Despite his tiny stature, Tiny Tim had a heart full of love and an unbreakable spirit. He was determined to show the world that even the smallest creatures could have the biggest adventures.

One sunny day, while exploring the garden behind his house, Tiny Tim stumbled upon a hidden world teeming with life. He had discovered the magical land of Minutia, where insects and other small creatures lived in harmony. Amazed by this newfound world, Tiny Tim decided to venture further and make new friends.

Along the way, he met a wise old ladybug named Lenny, who shared stories of Minutia's history and legends. Lenny told Tiny Tim about an ancient treasure that was said to grant wishes, hidden deep within the heart of the mysterious Whispering Woods.

Intrigued by the legend, Tiny Tim made it his mission to find the treasure and use it to wish for a better life for himself and his family. With Lenny as his trusty companion, they set off on an epic journey through Minutia, facing challenges and obstacles beyond their wildest dreams.

As they journeyed deeper into the Whispering Woods, Tiny Tim and Lenny encountered a menacing spider named Gideon. Gideon demanded a toll for anyone who dared to pass through his territory. Tiny Tim, using his wit and charm, managed to strike a deal with Gideon. If he could solve Gideon's riddle, they could continue their quest without paying the toll.

With Lenny's guidance and Tiny Tim's cleverness, they were able to solve the riddle and continue on their way. As they ventured deeper into the Whispering Woods, the two friends faced countless challenges, from treacherous terrain to cunning predators. Through it all, Tiny Tim's bravery and determination never wavered.

Finally, after overcoming numerous obstacles, Tiny Tim and Lenny found the ancient treasure hidden in a small cave. As they approached the treasure chest, it magically opened, revealing a glowing gemstone. The stone pulsed with a warm energy, inviting Tiny Tim to make his wish.

Tiny Tim thought long and hard about what he should wish for. He could wish to be a regular-sized dog, but he realized that his adventures in Minutia had taught him that size didn't matter. Instead, he wished for the happiness and prosperity of all the creatures in Minutia and Whiskerville, big or small.

As soon as he made his wish, the gemstone's glow intensified, bathing Tiny Tim and Lenny in a warm, golden light. In an instant, they were transported back to Whiskerville, where they found that Tiny Tim's wish had come true.

The town had transformed into a utopia where all creatures, regardless of their size, lived together in harmony. Tiny Tim's family had a beautiful new home, and the people of Whiskerville had newfound respect and admiration for the smallest dog in town.

From that day on, Tiny Tim was no longer just a dog the size of an ant; he became a symbol of courage, determination, and the importance of embracing one's uniqueness. And so, Tiny Tim, Lenny the ladybug, and their friends from Minutia lived happily ever after, proving that even the smallest creatures can make the biggest difference in the world.

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