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Spain Dog Names

Updated: May 29, 2024

Welcome to our curated selection of canine monikers inspired by the vibrant culture, history, and landscapes of Spain. This comprehensive list promises to have something for every furry friend, from the most playful pups to the most dignified dogs. Spain, a country known for its rich traditions, diverse landscapes and world-renowned cuisine, provides ample inspiration for unique and meaningful names for your furry companion.

Whether you're a fan of Spain's bustling cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, or you're more inclined towards its serene countryside, we have a name that reflects your passion. Maybe you're a lover of Spanish cuisine, from tapas to paella, and want a name that reminds you of these delicious dishes. Perhaps you're a history buff and want a name that pays homage to Spain's illustrious past. Or maybe you're simply captivated by the beautiful Spanish language and want a name that resonates with this romance language. No matter what your reasons, we're confident this list will provide you with the perfect Spanish moniker for your pup.

So, embark on a journey with us through the sun-kissed landscapes of Spain, as we uncover some of the most unique and charming names for your four-legged friend. Get ready to discover a name that not only suits your dog's personality but also celebrates the vibrant spirit of Spain!

Name Reason to Choose
Aguila Aguila means eagle in Spanish
Alegria Spanish word for joy
Almendra This is Spanish for almond, a delightful name for a small, sweet dog
Amigo This Spanish word means friend, perfect for your canine companion
Amor Spanish word for love
Andalucia Named after the southernmost region of Spain
Arroz Inspired by the popular Spanish dish, paella
Azul This translates to blue, a lovely name for a dog with blue eyes
Bailarin Spanish for dancer, a fun name for an energetic, agile dog
Barcelona Inspired by the vibrant city in Spain
Beso This means kiss in Spanish, great for a loving dog
Besos This means kisses in Spanish, perfect for a loving pet
Blanco This means white in Spanish, ideal for a white dog
Bodega Represents the Spanish wine cellars
Bolero It's a traditional Spanish dance, and also makes a lively dog name
Bravo The Spanish word for brave
Bull Symbolic of the bull, an important figure in Spanish culture
Cabra Spanish for goat, could suit a dog that loves to climb
Campo Spanish word for field or countryside
Carmen A popular Spanish name
Casa Spanish word for house
Castillo Named after the Spanish word for castle
Cava Named after the famous Spanish sparkling wine
Cerdo This is Spanish for pig, a playful choice for a chubby dog
Chico This means boy in Spanish, great for a young male dog
Churro A delicious Spanish sweet treat, suitable for a sweet-natured dog
Cielo For dogs with blue eyes or a calm demeanor, as it means sky
Corazon Spanish word for heart
Corrida Derived from the Spanish word for bullfight
Cortez Named after the famous Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés
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Spanish Footballer Names

Spain is known for its football, and dogs named after famous Spanish footballers can be a fun choice for sports fans.
Name Description
Alonso Xabi Alonso, a Spanish football legend
Asensio Named after Marco Asensio, a Spanish footballer
Busquets A name derived from Sergio Busquets, a Spanish footballer
Casillas Iker Casillas, a legendary Spanish goalkeeper
Cazorla Santi Cazorla, a masterful Spanish midfielder
Fernando Named after Fernando Torres, a known footballer
Gerard Taken from Gerard Piqué, a famous Spanish defender
Iniesta Inspired by the footballer Andrés Iniesta, who played for Barcelona and Spain
Isco The nickname of Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, a Spanish midfielder
Jordi Named after Jordi Alba, a Spanish left back
Koke The nickname of Jorge Resurrección Merodio, a Spanish midfielder
Lucas Inspired by Lucas Vázquez, a Spanish winger
Mata Juan Mata, a renowned Spanish attacking midfielder
Morata Alvaro Morata, a Spanish forward
Navas Inspired by Jesús Navas, a Spanish winger
Paco Inspired by Paco Alcácer, a Spanish striker
Pedro Taken from Pedro Rodríguez, a renowned Spanish winger
Pepe A name inspired by Pepe Reina, a well-known Spanish goalkeeper
Puyol Comes from Carles Puyol, a renowned Barcelona player
Raul Inspired by Raul Gonzalez, the legendary Real Madrid striker
Rodrigo Rodrigo Moreno, a Spanish forward
Sergio This is the first name of Sergio Ramos, famous footballer from Real Madrid
Silva Derived from David Silva, a Spanish attacking midfielder
Villa David Villa, a top Spanish striker
Xavi From the first name of Xavi Hernandez, a Barcelona midfield maestro

Spanish Artist Names

Spain has produced many famous artists. Naming dogs after them can be a great tribute.
Name Description
Barcelo In tribute to Miquel Barcelo, a Spanish painter
Canogar For Rafael Canogar, a Spanish painter
Chillida Named after Eduardo Chillida, a Spanish sculptor
Clave In honor of Antoni Clave, a Spanish painter
Dali In tribute to Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist artist from Spain
ElGreco After the nickname of Doménikos Theotokópoulos, a prominent Spanish Renaissance painter
Fortuny After Mariano Fortuny, a Spanish painter
Gaudi To honor Antoni Gaudi, a famous Spanish architect
Genoves Named after Juan Genoves, a Spanish artist
Goya Honoring Francisco Goya, a renowned Spanish artist
Gris Inspired by Juan Gris, a Spanish painter
Guinovart For Josep Guinovart, a Spanish painter
Miro Named after Joan Miro, a Spanish painter, and sculptor
Murillo Named for Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, a Spanish Baroque painter
Picasso Inspired by Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter
Plensa Paying tribute to Jaume Plensa, a Spanish sculptor
Ribera After Jusepe de Ribera, a Spanish Tenebrist painter
Riera After Joan Riera, a Spanish painter
Rusiñol Named after Santiago Rusiñol, a Spanish painter
Sorolla For Joaquín Sorolla, a Spanish painter
Tapies Inspired by Antoni Tapies, a Spanish painter
Valdes Named after Manolo Valdes, a Spanish artist
Velazquez To honor Diego Velazquez, a leading artist in the Spanish Golden Age
Zuloaga For Ignacio Zuloaga, a Spanish painter
Zurbaran Paying tribute to Francisco de Zurbaran, a Spanish Baroque painter

Spanish Literature Names

Names from famous Spanish literature can make for sophisticated, distinctive dog names.
Name Description
Alonso The real name of the character Don Quixote
Bécquer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a post-romanticist writer of poetry and short stories
Calderon Inspired by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, a dramatist of the Spanish Golden Age
Camila A character from 'Don Quixote', Camila is a beautiful and virtuous lady
Cervantes In honor of Miguel de Cervantes, one of Spain's greatest writers
Dulcinea The love interest of Don Quixote in Cervantes' novel
Federico After Federico García Lorca, a famous Spanish poet and playwright
Galatea Title of a pastoral novel by Miguel de Cervantes
Goya Named after Francisco Goya, a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker, who also wrote
Isabella Queen Isabella I of Castile, who sponsored Christopher Columbus's voyage, was also a patron of many Renaissance writers
Lorca Named after the famous poet Federico García Lorca
Marcela A beautiful shepherdess in 'Don Quixote'
Neruda A nod to Pablo Neruda, a Nobel prize-winning poet
Pablo After Pablo Picasso, who also wrote poetry
Pío A nod to Pío Baroja, a Basque writer and a key novelist in the Generation of '98
Quixote From the renowned novel 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes
Rocinante Don Quixote's horse, a recognizable character in Spanish literature
Rosinante Another spelling for Rocinante, Don Quixote's horse
Sancho Sancho Panza is a prominent character in 'Don Quixote'
Segismundo The protagonist of 'Life Is a Dream', a Spanish-language play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Unamuno In reference to Miguel de Unamuno, a prominent writer and philosopher
Valdés Inspired by Juan Valdés, a Spanish writer and translator
Valera Juan Valera, a Spanish author and diplomat
Zafon In honor of Carlos Ruiz Zafón, a contemporary Spanish novelist
Zoraida A character from 'Don Quixote', known for her beauty

Spanish Food Names

Spanish cuisine is world-renowned, and naming dogs after Spanish dishes can be a quirky, unique choice.
Name Description
Albondiga A popular Spanish meatball dish, this name suits a cute, small dog
Calamares Meaning 'squid' in Spanish, a unique name for a dog
Chorizo A type of Spanish sausage, a great name for a reddish-brown dog
Churro It's a popular Spanish sweet treat, and would make a sweet name for a pet
Empanada Could suit a dog that loves to eat, as it's a type of Spanish pie
Escabeche A Spanish marinated dish, could be a unique name for a pet
Fabada A hearty Spanish bean stew, a great name for a strong dog
Fideua A noodle-based Spanish dish, could suit a long, thin dog
Gambas Means 'shrimp' in Spanish, a fun name for a small dog
Gazpacho A refreshing Spanish dish, could be a cool name for a lively dog
Jamon This name, which translates to 'ham', could suit a pinkish-colored dog
Manchego Named after the famous Spanish cheese, could be a cheesy name for a pet
Paella This is a traditional Spanish dish, also a cute name for a pet
Patatas A Spanish word for 'potatoes', a cute name for a chubby dog
Pisto A Spanish ratatouille, could be a fun name for a lively dog
Pulpo A Spanish word for 'octopus', a fun name for a dog with a wriggly personality
Queso Translates to 'cheese', could be a cute name for a small, light-colored dog
Rabo A Spanish word for 'tail', a great name for a dog with a prominent tail
Salchicha Meaning 'sausage' in Spanish, a fun name for a Dachshund
Sangria Named after the Spanish wine punch, could suit a lively, fun-loving dog
Tapas Named after the Spanish tradition of small plates of food, this name suits a small dog
Tarta A Spanish word for 'cake', a sweet name for a pet
Tortilla A common Spanish food item, would suit a round-shaped dog
Tostada A Spanish word for 'toasted', a great name for a dog with a toasted-colored coat
Zarzuela A type of Spanish seafood stew, a unique name for a dog

Spanish City Names

Naming dogs after Spanish cities can be a fun way to honor Spain's rich history and culture.
Name Description
Alicante Named after a city known for its stunning Mediterranean coastline
Almeria A city in southeastern Spain, known for its vibrant nightlife
Avila Named after a city in central Spain, known for its medieval city walls
Barcelona Inspired by Spain's second most populous city
Bilbao A reference to the largest city in the province of Biscay
Burgos Named after a city in northern Spain, known for its Gothic cathedral
Cadiz A city in southwestern Spain, known for its ancient port
Cordoba A city in Andalusia, known for its historic architecture
Girona In honor of the city in Catalonia, known for its medieval architecture
Granada A city in southern Spain, famous for the Alhambra palace
Huelva In honor of the city in Andalusia, known for its nature reserves
Leon A city in northwestern Spain, famous for its Gothic cathedral
Lleida Inspired by a city in Catalonia, known for its rich history
Madrid Named after Spain's capital city
Malaga Named after a port city in southern Spain
Murcia This city in southeastern Spain is famous for its year-round sunshine
Palma Inspired by the capital city of the beautiful Balearic Islands
Pamplona A city in northern Spain, famous for the running of the bulls
Salamanca A city in western Spain, famous for its university
Segovia A city in central Spain, known for its ancient Roman aqueduct
Sevilla In honor of Spain's artistic, cultural, and financial capital
Tarragona Inspired by the port city in northeastern Spain
Toledo Named after the historical city in central Spain, known for its rich cultures
Valencia This Spanish city is known for its arts and sciences
Zaragoza Derived from one of Spain's major cities
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