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Spanish Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      Looking for a Spanish name for your dog? We have built this collection of popular options just for you. The ideas found here come from a variety of sources, but people’s names are among the most prevalent. Some top names for males include Sergio, Pablo, and Javier. Among the many female favorites are Maria, Cristina, and Carmen. Another route that new owners often take is to choose a Spanish color. It could be one that matches your dog’s coat, a personal favorite, or even random. Azul, Blanco, and Rojo are a some typical ideas. Food and drinks are another well-worn approach. Your pal could be the next Azucar, Taco, or Cerveza. If these don’t quench your appetite, feel free to browse our full selection.
Name Reason to Choose
Abril This name means 'April' in Spanish, often chosen for dogs born in that month
Alejandro This name is ideal for a protector, as it means 'defender'
Alfonso A regal and noble name for a dog with a majestic air
Alma It means 'soul' in Spanish, perfect for a dog that's the heart of the family
Amandita This name is a Spanish diminutive form of Amanda, often used to convey affection
Amigo This means 'friend' and is perfect for a companion dog
Amor This means 'love', perfect for a dog that is deeply cherished
Antonio A classic Spanish name for a reliable and steadfast dog
Azul Ideal for a dog with blue eyes as it translates to 'blue'
Bailarin Suitable for a dog that loves to dance around, as it translates to 'dancer'
Belinda A popular name in Spanish-speaking countries, influenced by the famous singer Belinda
Bella In Spanish, this word signifies 'beautiful', hence a common choice for a lovely pet
Benito This name is a Spanish form of Benedict, meaning 'blessed', and is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries
Blanca This name, translating to 'white', is perfect for dogs with a snowy coat
Bonita This translates to 'pretty', suitable for a beautiful and attractive dog
Brisa This moniker, meaning 'breeze', is a great fit for a swift and agile dog
Burrito Deriving from a well-known Mexican delicacy, this name offers Spanish charm
Carlos A regal name for a dog with a majestic presence
Carmen Inspired by the famous opera, this name is perfect for a diva dog
Cazador Means 'hunter', and is fitting for a dog with a strong hunting instinct
Celi A sweet and short Spanish name often used for small, affectionate dogs
Chico This is a universal Spanish term for 'boy', typically used for a male dog
Chiquita It's Spanish for 'little girl', a fitting name for a small female dog
Chispas This Spanish term translates to 'sparks', suitable for a lively, energetic dog
Cici This name is a playful, affectionate term in the Spanish language
Cielo This is Spanish for 'sky', ideal for a dog with a carefree spirit
Corazon This is Spanish for 'heart', a great name for a dog that is the center of the family's affection
Daniela This name could suit a dog that is a great companion, as it means 'God is my judge'
Dante A popular Spanish name that sounds strong and masculine, perfect for a guard dog
Diablo This word translates to 'devil' in English, often used for mischievous pets
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Spanish Traditional Dog Names

Traditional Spanish names are a great choice for a dog as they often carry significant meanings and honor the Spanish culture.
Name Description
Alberto It's a classic Spanish name often found in literature
Alejandro Often associated with popular Spanish songs and artists
Antonio This name is popular in Spanish culture, often used in theatre and film
Carlos This name is derived from a popular Spanish royal name
Carmen Named after Carmen, the famous Spanish opera
Diego Originates from the famous Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez
Dolores This name is deeply rooted in Spanish culture and history
Elena This traditional name is common in Spanish-speaking cultures
Esteban A traditional Spanish name, often associated with bravery
Eva Popular across Spanish-speaking cultures, often associated with beauty
Fernando A popular Spanish name with royal roots
Isabella Spanish royalty, Queen Isabella, makes this a classic choice
Javier Popular name in Spain, used for centuries
Juan A classic Spanish name, it's simple and traditional
Lola A traditional moniker often used in Spanish literature
Lucia A popular name for girls in Spain
Manuel A common Spanish name with historical roots
Miguel This name is often seen in Spanish novels and movies
Pablo Originates from the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso
Pedro A traditional Spanish name, often seen in classic literature
Rafael A common name derived from Spanish heritage
Ramon A common Spanish name, it has been used for generations
Rosa Named after the Spanish word for rose, a symbol of love and beauty
Sofia A classic Spanish name, Sofia is often associated with wisdom
Teresa A traditional Spanish name, famous from Mother Teresa

Spanish Nature Dog Names

Spanish nature-inspired names can be beautiful, unique and meaningful for a dog.
Name Description
Arroyo This name which means 'stream' in Spanish, is good for a dog who loves running water
Aurora Aurora means 'dawn' in Spanish. It's a beautiful name for a dog that wakes you up early in the morning
Bosque This name means 'forest' and is fitting for a dog that loves to explore
Brisa This Spanish name means 'breeze'. It's a lovely choice for a fast and agile dog
Campo Campo means 'field' in Spanish. A wonderful name for a dog who loves to run and play outside
Cascada Cascada translates to 'waterfall'. It's a beautiful name for a dog that loves water
Cielo This name translates to 'sky' and is a great fit for a dog that loves the outdoors
Cumbre Cumbre means 'peak' in Spanish. It's a great name for a dog that loves to climb and explore
Desierto Desierto means 'desert', a perfect name for a dog that thrives in warm climates
Estrella Estrella translates to 'star'. Perfect for a dog that shines brightly in your life
Flor Flor translates to 'flower', making it a beautiful name for a sweet and delicate dog
Isla This name means 'island' in Spanish and is great for a dog who loves the sand and sun
Lluvia Meaning 'rain', this name is great for a dog comfortable with water or a dog with a calm, soothing presence
Luna If your dog enjoys the calm of night, Luna, meaning 'moon', is a fitting choice
Mar Mar means 'sea' in Spanish. It's ideal for dogs who love the beach or water
Montaña This Spanish name means 'mountain' and is ideal for a strong, powerful dog
Nube For a fluffy, white dog, Nube, which means 'cloud', is a perfect fit
Ola Ola means 'wave' in Spanish. Great for a dog that loves to play in the water
Piedra Piedra translates to 'stone'. A fitting name for a solid, dependable dog
Rio This name means 'river' in Spanish. It's perfect for dogs who love swimming or being near water
Roca This name means 'rock' in Spanish, making it suitable for a strong and determined dog
Sierra Sierra translates to 'mountain range' and could be a fitting name for a dog that loves hiking
Sol Named after the sun, this is great for a bright and energetic dog
Valle Valle means 'valley'. It's a peaceful, serene name for a calm dog
Verano Verano translates to 'summer'. It's fitting for a dog that loves the warm weather

Spanish Famous People Dog Names

Names inspired by famous Spanish people can be a fun and interesting way to name a dog.
Name Description
Almodovar Inspired by a modern Spanish filmmaker known for his vibrant and passionate movies
Banderas Named after a famous Spanish actor known for his charisma
Bunuel A nod to the famous Spanish filmmaker, great for a dramatic pup
Casillas After a Spanish footballer known for his goalkeeping skills, great for a protective dog
Cervantes Named after the famous Spanish writer, suitable for a dog with a narrative personality
Cruz After a famous Spanish actress, ideal for a dog with a loving personality
Dalí This name belongs to a famous Spanish surrealist artist, ideal for a quirky dog
Elcano After the first man to circumnavigate the globe, a Spanish explorer, perfect for an adventurous dog
Enrique Inspired by the popular Spanish singer, great for a dog who loves to 'sing'
Eva A nod to a renowned Spanish actress, great for a glamorous dog
Gaudi Named after a famous Spanish architect known for his unique style, perfect for a distinctive pup
Goya Inspired by a respected Spanish painter known for his bold style
Isabella Named after the famous Spanish queen, suitable for a regal dog
Lorca Named after the Spanish poet and playwright, perfect for a dog with a dramatic or poetic flair
Miro After the Spanish painter known for his abstract art, suitable for an imaginative dog
Molina Inspired by a famous Spanish actor, perfect for a charismatic pup
Pau A nod to the Spanish basketball player, perfect for an athletic dog
Penelope A nod to the beautiful Spanish actress, perfect for a graceful dog
Picasso After the world-renowned Spanish artist, perfect for a creative or artistic dog
Rafa Inspired by the Spanish tennis player, great for a sporty or energetic dog
Ramon Inspired by a Nobel Prize winner in Literature from Spain, suitable for an intellectual dog
Segovia A nod to the Spanish guitarist, great for a musical dog
Torres After a famous Spanish footballer, ideal for a dog who loves to chase balls
Velazquez A classic name coming from a notable Spanish painter
Zaragoza Named after a famous Spanish city, suitable for a dog with a cosmopolitan flair

Spanish City Dog Names

Naming a dog after a Spanish city can be a great homage to the dog's heritage or an owner's favorite place.
Name Description
Alicante A coastal city, perfect for a dog who loves the sea
Almeria Known for its desert landscape, a suitable name for a resilient breed
Asturias A region full of natural beauty, a perfect name for a dog with a beautiful spirit
Avila Known for its fortified walls, a great name for a protective breed
Bilbao For a dog with a strong, resilient personality, reminiscent of this industrial city
Burgos A city with a rich medieval heritage, a befitting name for a dog of a historic breed
Cadiz One of the oldest cities in Spain, perfect for a dog with an old soul
Cordoba Inspired by the city's rich history, a fitting name for a breed of noble lineage
Cuenca Known for its hanging houses, a unique name for a dog with a striking look
Gijon Known for its maritime tradition, a fitting name for a water-loving breed
Girona A city with a mix of old and new, a suitable name for a dog that adapts well
Granada Known for its stunning architecture, perfect for a dog of great beauty
Leon A city with a regal history, a fitting name for a noble, dignified dog
Malaga A sunny coastal city, a great name for a friendly, beach-loving dog
Murcia The city is known for its agriculture, a fitting name for a farm dog
Oviedo Inspired by the city's green landscapes, perfect for a nature-loving breed
Pamplona Known for its running of the bulls, a suitable name for a fast, energetic dog
Salamanca A university city, a smart name for an intelligent breed
Santander A city by the sea, a great name for a dog with a playful, beach-loving spirit
Sevilla This city is known for its vibrant culture, a great moniker for an energetic dog
Tarragona A city with a historical aura, a befitting name for a breed with a rich heritage
Toledo Inspired by the city's multicultural heritage, suitable for a diverse breed
Valencia A beautiful coastal city in Spain, perfect for a water-loving pooch
Valladolid Inspired by the city's wine production, perfect for a dog with a refined taste
Zaragoza A name with a historic touch, perfect for a dog with a majestic aura

Spanish Food Dog Names

Names inspired by Spanish food can be cute, unique and memorable for a Spanish breed dog.
Name Description
Albondiga A cute name for a small dog, since albondigas are Spanish meatballs
Calamari For a dog with a squiggly, lively personality
Cerveza A cool name for a dog who's as loved as the Spanish word for beer
Champiñon Ideal for a small and cute dog, since champiñon means mushroom in Spanish
Chorizo This name is ideal for a dog with a spicy, energetic personality
Churro A sweet name for a lovable, cuddly dog, akin to the beloved Spanish dessert
Dulce Perfect for a sweet-natured dog, as dulce means sweet in Spanish
Empanada Ideal for a plump and cute dog who's as lovable as this tasty Spanish pastry
Fideo Ideal for a slender and long dog, similar to the thin noodles
Flan A sweet name to match a sweet-natured dog
Galleta For a dog who's as sweet and delightful as the Spanish word for cookie
Gazpacho This name would suit a chilled-out dog with a cool demeanor
Horchata This name would suit a sweet and delightful dog
Jamon A cool name for a dog who's as popular as this Spanish cured ham
Paella A great choice for a dog with a vibrant and colorful personality, just like the Spanish rice dish
Patata A cute name for a chubby, adorable dog, as patata is the Spanish word for potato
Pipas This name would suit a small and playful dog, as pipas are Spanish sunflower seeds
Pisto A cool name for a mixed-breed dog as Pisto is a Spanish ratatouille
Pulpo A fun name for an active dog, as pulpo means octopus in Spanish
Queso Perfect for a lovable dog who's as comforting as cheese
Risotto A fancy name for a classy dog, inspired by the creamy rice dish
Sangria For a dog with a vibrant, bubbly personality similar to the Spanish fruity wine punch
Taco Inspired by the classic Mexican dish enjoyed worldwide, this name is ideal for a small and feisty pooch
Tapas Perfect for a small dog, as tapas are small, flavorful Spanish dishes
Tortilla A fitting name for a soft and cuddly canine companion
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Story of a Spanish dog named Paco

Once upon a time, in a charming village nestled among the rolling hills of Andalusia, Spain, there lived a spirited Spanish dog named Paco. Paco was a Spanish Water Dog, known for his curly, woolly coat and his boundless energy. He was well-loved by the villagers, who adored him for his playful antics and his innate ability to bring joy to everyone he met.

Paco lived with his doting owner, Señor Alvarez, a kind and elderly widower who owned a small olive grove on the outskirts of the village. The duo was inseparable, and Paco would accompany Señor Alvarez wherever he went – to the market, the local cafe, or just for a leisurely stroll through the village's cobblestone streets.

One sunny afternoon, as Paco and Señor Alvarez were walking home from the village, they stumbled upon a mysterious map tucked away in an old, dusty book that Señor Alvarez had purchased from the local antique store. The worn parchment revealed the location of a hidden treasure buried deep within the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains.

The allure of the treasure and the promise of adventure ignited a fire within Paco's soul, and he knew that he had to embark on the journey to uncover the hidden riches. Señor Alvarez, although hesitant at first, saw the determination in his beloved dog's eyes and decided to accompany Paco on this grand adventure.

The next morning, with the map carefully tucked in Señor Alvarez's knapsack, the duo set off for the Sierra Nevada mountains. They trekked through the lush, green hills, over rocky terrain, and crossed babbling brooks, all while Paco's keen senses guided them ever closer to the treasure.

Along their journey, they encountered several challenges, such as crossing a precarious rope bridge and navigating a dense, foggy forest. Paco's tenacity and natural agility enabled them to overcome these obstacles, and with each passing day, their bond grew stronger.

After days of tireless hiking, Paco and Señor Alvarez finally arrived at the treasure's location – a hidden cave tucked away behind a cascading waterfall. Their hearts pounded with anticipation as they carefully made their way into the cave, the flickering light from Señor Alvarez's lantern casting shadows on the damp, rocky walls.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, they stumbled upon a large, intricately carved wooden chest adorned with gold and precious gems. With trembling hands, Señor Alvarez gently opened the chest, revealing its contents – gold coins, sparkling jewels, and priceless artifacts from a time long ago.

Overwhelmed by the sight of the treasure, Señor Alvarez turned to Paco and said, "My dear friend, we have found a fortune that will change our lives forever. But I know that the true treasure lies not in this chest, but in the love and companionship that we share."

Paco wagged his tail in agreement, his eyes brimming with love and loyalty. Together, they carefully closed the chest and made their way back to the village, their hearts filled with gratitude and a newfound appreciation for the bond that united them.

Word of Paco and Señor Alvarez's incredible adventure spread throughout the village, and their tale became a beloved legend passed down through generations. The story of the spirited Spanish dog named Paco and his loyal owner, Señor Alvarez, served as a timeless reminder that the most valuable treasures in life are the relationships we hold dear and the love that we share.

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