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Updated: June 20, 2024

Let us take you on a journey to the heart of Persia, where ancient traditions meet modern lifestyle, the vibrant city of Tehran. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse cultural scene, Tehran is not only the capital city of Iran but also an intriguing source of inspiration for unique and meaningful dog names.

Just like the city itself, the names you'll find here are a blend of traditional and modern, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and the cosmopolitan vibe of Tehran. These names are deeply rooted in Persian culture, each carrying a story, a meaning, or a symbol that resonates with the city's spirit. Whether you're looking for a name for your new pet that's steeped in history, inspired by Persian mythology, or one that simply sounds beautiful, you're sure to find it here.

So, whether you have a strong, loyal shepherd dog, a small, playful pup, or a graceful, elegant hound, there's a Tehran-inspired name that's just right for them. Dive into the fascinating world of Persian nomenclature and discover the perfect name for your canine companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Afsaneh The Persian meaning of this name is fairy tale, making it whimsical for a pet
Akbar It's a popular male name in Tehran, suitable for a male dog
Anahita This name means 'pure' or 'immaculate' in Persian, fitting for a dog with a pure heart
Anoosheh It's a popular female name in Tehran, suitable for a female dog
Arash This name is popular in Tehran, making it a great choice for a male dog
Arezoo In Persian, it means wish, making it a whimsical name for a dog
Arman This name is popular in Tehran, making it a good choice for a male dog
Arya This name means 'noble' in Persian
Atousa This name means 'calm' in Persian, ideal for a calm and collected dog
Azar This name means 'fire' in Persian
Babak This name is popular in Tehran, making it a good choice for a male dog
Bahar Persian name that means 'spring'
Behnam It's a popular male name in Tehran, good for a male dog
Behrouz Behrouz is a Persian name meaning 'fortunate', ideal for a lucky dog
Behzad It means 'high born' in Persian
Bijan This name means 'hero' in Persian, great for a dog with a brave character
Cyrus Name of a famous Persian king
Dariush Named after a great king of ancient Persia, this name is for a dog with a regal bearing
Darya It means 'sea' in Persian, a strong and fluid name for any dog
Davood Persian form of 'David'
Ehsan Ehsan, meaning 'charity' in Persian, would suit a dog with a giving nature
Elaheh This name is popular in Tehran, and its meaning (goddess) is fitting for a regal female dog
Esfand Persian name that means 'holy'
Farahnaz This name is popular in Tehran, making it a beautiful name for a female dog
Faramarz Faramarz is a hero in Persian mythology, a suitable name for a heroic dog
Farid Translates to 'unique' in Persian
Farnaz It's a popular female name in Tehran, making it a good name for a female dog
Farshad Farshad means 'happy' in Persian, a good choice for a cheerful dog
Farzaneh It means 'wise' in Persian
Farzin Farzin means 'learned' in Persian, a suitable name for a dog that learns quickly
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Famous Personalities

Naming your dog after influential figures from Tehran can be a tribute to those personalities.
Name Description
Amir Inspired by Amir Kabir, an influential Iranian statesman
Behnoud Named after Behnoud Shojaee, a famous Iranian journalist and writer
Cyrus A tribute to Cyrus the Great, one of Iran’s most famous historical figures
Darius Named after Darius the Great, a significant ruler in ancient Persia
Farah The former Empress of Iran and a well-known figure in Tehran
Ferdowsi A tribute to the famous Persian poet and author of Shahnameh
Hafez A tribute to the famous Persian poet
Jafar In honor of Jafar Panahi, an acclaimed Iranian filmmaker
Khomeini An icon of the Islamic revolution in Iran, a name that invokes strong emotions
Khosrow In honor of Khosrow II, a famous king of Persia
Kiarostami To honor Abbas Kiarostami, a famous Iranian film director
Majid In memory of Majid Shahriari, a renowned Iranian nuclear scientist
Marjane To honor Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian-French graphic novelist
Mossadegh A nod to Mohammad Mossadegh, a significant figure in Iranian history
Nasrin Named after Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent Iranian human rights lawyer
Pahlavi A nod to the last ruling dynasty in Iran
Reza In honor of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty
Rostam Named after Rostam, a hero from Persian mythology
Rouhani A nod to Iran's recent past President, Hassan Rouhani
Rumi To honor the famous Persian poet and theologian
Shajarian A tribute to Mohammad Reza Shajarian, a master of Persian traditional music
Shirin Inspired by the legendary Persian Queen, Shirin
Simin Inspired by Simin Behbahani, a renowned Persian poet
Zahedi A nod to Ardeshir Zahedi, a respected Iranian diplomat
Zoroaster A nod to the founder of Zoroastrianism, an ancient Iranian religion

Persian Words

Using beautiful Persian words as dog names can reflect the rich language and literature of Iran.
Name Description
Afsaneh Afsaneh means 'myth' or 'legend' in Persian, a mystical name for a dog with an intriguing aura
Arash Arash is a hero in Persian mythology, a strong name for a brave dog
Babak Babak is a Persian word meaning 'little father', for a dog that's like a child to you
Bahar Bahar is the Persian word for 'spring', a lively name for an energetic dog
Behzad Behzad is a traditional Persian name meaning 'high-born', a noble name for a dignified dog
Darya Inspired by the Persian word for 'sea', suitable for a dog with calm energy
Delara In Persian, Delara signifies 'adorable', which is perfect for a cute dog
Firouzeh Firouzeh means 'turquoise' in Persian, a rare and beautiful name for a unique dog
Gol Gol means 'flower' in Persian, a sweet name for a delicate dog
Kamran Kamran is a Persian word that signifies 'successful', a fitting name for a triumphant dog
Kourosh Kourosh is a traditional Persian name, perfect for a noble dog
Mahsa Mahsa is a Persian word for 'like the moon', perfect for a beautiful and calm dog
Mehr Mehr is a Persian word meaning 'love' or 'sun', ideal for a beloved pet
Niloufar Niloufar is the Persian word for 'water lily', a charming name for a graceful dog
Nima In Persian, Nima means 'just' or 'fair', a great name for a balanced dog
Nooshin Nooshin translates to 'sweet' in Persian, suitable for a lovely dog
Pari Pari means 'angel' in Persian, reflecting the dog's angelic nature
Roshan Roshan translates to 'light' or 'bright' in Persian, suitable for a dog who brings light into your life
Sahar Sahar means 'dawn' in Persian, a good name for a dog that loves the early morning
Shirin Shirin is a Persian word meaning 'sweet', an endearing name for a dog with a sweet demeanor
Soraya Soraya is the Persian word for 'gem', great for a valued companion
Soroush In Persian, Soroush signifies 'happiness' which is what dogs bring
Tala Tala means 'gold' in Persian, a precious name for a treasured dog
Yasamin Yasamin translates to 'jasmine' in Persian, for a dog with a gentle nature
Ziba It's a Persian word for 'beautiful', fitting for a lovely dog

Persian Cuisine

Names based on delicious Persian dishes can be a fun and quirky choice for food-loving dogs.
Name Description
Ash Derived from 'Ash Reshteh', a thick soup popular in Iran
Barberry Named after a tart berry used in Persian cooking
Basmati This name is inspired by a type of rice used extensively in Persian cuisine
Chelow Inspired by 'Chelow Kabab', the national dish of Iran
Dizi Inspired by a traditional Persian lamb stew
Doogh This name originates from a popular yogurt drink in Iran
Fesenjan This term refers to a traditional Persian dish made with pomegranate sauce
Gheimeh Inspired by a split pea stew dish
Ghormeh A nod to Ghormeh Sabzi, a popular herb stew
Havij Inspired by a Persian carrot juice drink
Joojeh This name is inspired by a popular chicken kebab dish in Tehran
Kabob It refers to a popular Persian dish made with grilled meat
Kashk Derived from a type of whey used in Persian cooking
Khoresht Derived from a term for Persian stews
Kuku This comes from 'Kuku Sabzi', a Persian herb frittata
Lavash Named after a type of thin bread in Persian cuisine
Mast Taken from a yogurt-based side dish in Persian cuisine
Rosewater A common ingredient in Persian desserts
Saffron Inspired by the expensive spice used in many Persian dishes
Shirin Named after 'Shirin Polo', a sweet Persian rice dish
Sumac This name is inspired by a spice often used in Persian recipes
Tahdig Named after a beloved crispy rice dish from Iran
Tandis A nod to 'Tandis', a type of rice pudding in Iran
Torshi Named after a term for Persian pickles
Zereshk Named after the berries used in Persian dishes

Famous Landmarks

Naming your dog after renowned landmarks in Tehran can make the name more meaningful and interesting.
Name Description
Azadi This is a tribute to Azadi Tower, an iconic landmark in Tehran
Behesht Taken from Behesht Zahra, the largest cemetery in Iran located in Tehran
Borj Inspired by Borj-e Milad, a multi-purpose tower in Tehran
Carpet A nod to the Carpet Museum of Iran, located in Tehran
Chitgar This is the name of a large artificial lake in Tehran
Darband Comes from Darband, a popular hiking area in Tehran with beautiful views
Eram It's the name of a famous and beautiful garden in Tehran
Ferdows Named after Ferdows Garden, a historical complex in Tehran
Golestan Named after the Golestan Palace, a historic monument and museum in Tehran
Imamzadeh Taken from Imamzadeh Saleh, a famous mosque in Tehran
Jamshidieh Named after Jamshidieh Park, a scenic spot in the city
Kakh Inspired by Tehran's City Theater, also known as Teatr-e Shahr
Laleh Taken from Laleh Park, a large recreation area in Tehran
Mellat Inspired by Mellat Park, the largest urban park in Tehran
Milad Inspired by Tehran's Milad Tower, one of the city's tallest buildings
Nature Inspired by the Nature Bridge, a popular pedestrian bridge in Tehran
Negarestan From Negarestan Garden, a historical and cultural complex in Tehran
Niavaran Takes its name from Niavaran Palace, a historical complex in Tehran
Qasr From Qasr Prison, a historical site in Tehran
Saadabad From the Saadabad Palace complex, a cultural and historical site in Tehran
Shahr Named after Shahr Park, a popular public park in Tehran
Tabiat Tabiat Bridge, Tehran's largest pedestrian overpass, is the namesake here
Tajrish Named after the Tajrish Bazaar, a traditional market in Tehran
Tochal This is inspired by Mount Tochal, a popular skiing location in Tehran
Toghrol A nod to Toghrol Tower, a 12th-century monument in Tehran

Persian Heritage

Names inspired by Persian culture and history can add a unique touch to your dog's identity.
Name Description
Babak This name is inspired by a famous Persian hero, Babak Khorramdin, who led an uprising against the Abbasid caliphate
Cyrus Derived from the name of a great Persian emperor, Cyrus the Great
Darius Pays tribute to Darius the Great, a significant ruler of the Persian Empire
Esther It's the name of a Jewish queen in Persian history, offering a unique cultural blend
Firouz This Persian word translates to 'successful' or 'victorious', making it an empowering dog name
Golnar It translates to 'flower of pomegranate', reflecting the love of Persians for nature and beauty
Hafez Named after the famous Persian poet, Hafez, known for his deep and thoughtful poems
Iraj Originating from an ancient Persian legend, it is the name of a noble prince
Jahan In Persian, it means 'world', embodying the idea of a dog being one's whole world
Kaveh This name is dedicated to a blacksmith who is a symbol of resistance in Persian literature
Laleh It's a Persian name meaning 'tulip', symbolizing the love for flowers and nature
Mehr Mehr, meaning 'sun' or 'kindness', is a traditional Persian name
Nima This name honors the renowned Persian poet Nima Yooshij
Omid A classic Persian name that translates to 'hope'
Parviz It's a traditional Persian name, meaning 'happy' or 'fortunate'
Rostam Inspired by Rostam, the legendary hero in Persian epic Shahnameh
Soraya This name means 'jewel' in Persian, perfect for a treasured pet
Taraneh In Persian, it means 'song', reflecting the joy pets bring into one's life
Umeed Derived from the Persian word for 'hope', it signifies optimism
Vahid Vahid means 'unique' in Persian, suitable for a pet with a unique personality
Xerxes This name honors Xerxes the Great, a famous Persian king
Yasmin Yasmin is Persian for 'jasmine', reflecting the love for nature and beauty
Zarathustra Named after the ancient Persian prophet and the founder of Zoroastrianism
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