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Texas Dog Names

Any state the size of Texas is bound to be chock-full of naming potential. Turning back the clock to the state's rich history brings many renowned names to mind (Sam Houston, William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett to name a few). For Texas, a mention of the past quickly draws a vivid image of a frontier with saloons, gun fights, and cattle drives. From these symbols we have gathered a slew of dog names that would make any Texan proud. From the Battle of the Alamo to the wild west stereotype, this is a list of names for those that love the Lone Star state.

One way to find some name ideas is to turn to your fellow Texans. Several US Presidents have called Texas their home. Dwight D Eisenhower, born in Denison, was the 34th President of the United States. While in office, Eisenhower was often seen with his Weimaraner named Heidi. Perhaps more well known for his dogs, was Lyndon B Johnson. The most famous of the bunch were a pair of Beagles named Him and Her. Johnson's other dogs included Edgar, Blanco, Kim, Freckles, and Yuki. George W Bush has often been seen with his Scottish Terrier named Barney and an English Springer Spaniel known as Spot.

Not all of the fame in Texas belongs to people. The state is home to many well-known dogs and even has its own breed, the Blue Lacy. The Blue Lacy, or Lacy Dog, is a strong working breed that emerged in the 19th century and has been adopted as the official state breed of Texas. Perhaps one of the most famous dogs to call Texas home is Old Yeller from the self-titled Disney classic . A descendent of Rin Tin Tin moved to Texas in the late 1950's, where the bloodline has remained since. Among other dogs that hold a place in Texas history are Reveille, Texas A&M's mascot, and Skidboot, known as the 'World's Smartest Dog'.

Name Why it's a texas dog name?
Ace Embodies the spirit of a top-notch, high-performing Texan canine
Adios Captures the friendly, casual farewell often heard in the Lone Star State
Adobe Reflects the traditional building material found throughout Texas history
Alamo Symbolizes the fierce pride and bravery associated with this historic Texas landmark
Alfalfa Represents the agricultural roots of the state, as a common crop grown in Texas
Amigo Emphasizes the warm, friendly nature of Texans and their beloved dogs
Apache Honors the strong connection to Native American heritage in the region
Aparejo Nods to the state's equestrian culture, as it is a type of pack saddle
Arbuckle Showcases the state's affinity for cowboy and Western culture
Austin Pays tribute to the state capital and its unique blend of cultures
Autry Celebrates the iconic singing cowboy, Gene Autry, who embodies the Texan spirit
Bandanna Highlights the practical and fashionable accessory often worn by cowboys
Barb Refers to barbed wire, a fencing material that played a crucial role in the state's ranching history
Bevo Honors the mascot of the University of Texas, representing Longhorn pride
Blanco Mirrors the Spanish influence in Texas culture and means "white" in Spanish
Blue Evokes the vast blue skies that stretch across the Texas landscape
Bootjack Alludes to a handy tool used by cowboys for removing their boots
Boots Celebrates the iconic footwear of Texas, worn by both cowboys and cowgirls alike
Bosal Denotes a type of horse headgear, illustrating Texas' strong equestrian culture
Bovine Acknowledges the importance of cattle in Texas' history and economy
Bowie Commemorates the legendary Texan, Jim Bowie, known for his role in the Battle of the Alamo
Brand Recognizes the practice of branding cattle, an important part of ranching history
Brazos Pays homage to the Brazos River, a significant waterway that winds through Texas
Bridle Highlights the state's deep-rooted equestrian culture and traditions
Bronco Captures the wild and untamed spirit of Texas with its association with bucking horses
Buck Conjures images of strong, powerful male deer that roam the Texas countryside
Buckaroo Embraces the playful Texan term for a young cowboy or cowgirl
Buckle Signifies the decorative, yet functional, accessory often worn on cowboy belts
Bull Symbolizes the strength and importance of cattle in Texas culture and economy
Burro Represents the hardworking pack animals that have played a role in Texas history
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Texas Town Names

A list of dog name ideas coming from Texas towns.
Name Description
Abilene Inspired by a city in West Central Texas, this name represents the rich ranching and agricultural heritage of the region
Amarillo Named after the vibrant city in the Texas Panhandle, this dog name represents the colorful spirit of Texas
Austin As the state capital of Texas, this name reflects the city's vibrant live music scene, innovative tech industry, and the iconic Texas State Capitol
Beaumont Originating from an East Texas city, this name showcases the area's importance in the oil industry and its rich cultural heritage
Galveston Derived from a coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico, this name captures the breezy, beach-loving spirit of Texas
Houston Named after the largest city in Texas, this dog name embodies the diverse culture, economic impact, and the city's connection to space exploration
Killeen Named after a city in Central Texas, this dog name pays tribute to the nearby Fort Hood, one of the largest military installations in the United States
Laredo Originating from a border city along the Rio Grande, this name highlights the vibrant blend of Texan and Mexican cultures
Lubbock Derived from a major city in the South Plains region, this name captures the agricultural and cultural significance of the area
Marfa Named after a small town in West Texas, this name pays tribute to the region's unique artistic community and its mysterious Marfa Lights
Nacogdoches Inspired by one of the oldest towns in Texas, this name represents the state's deep-rooted history and its connection to Spanish colonial settlements
Odessa Inspired by a West Texas city, this name showcases the region's rugged landscape and its important role in the state's oil industry
Plano Named after a city in North Texas, this name represents the thriving growth and development of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Waco Originating from a central Texas town, this name pays tribute to the region's rich history and the Brazos River that runs through it

Texas College Mascot Names

A list of name ideas coming from college mascots in the state of Texas.
Name Description
Bevo Named after the University of Texas at Austin's iconic Longhorn mascot, this name captures the pride and strength of the Texas Longhorns
Boko Based on Texas State University's bobcat mascot, this name showcases the university's pride in their athletic teams and academic achievements
Hunter Named after the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley's vaquero mascot, this dog name captures the region's rich Hispanic heritage and the spirit of the Vaqueros
Louie Originating from Texas A&M University-Kingsville's javelina mascot, this name highlights the unique character and determination of the Javelinas
Raider Red Named after Texas Tech University's gunslinging mascot, this name embodies the fearless spirit of the Red Raiders
Reveille Inspired by Texas A&M University's beloved collie mascot, this dog name represents the Aggie spirit and tradition
Scrappy Derived from the University of North Texas' feisty eagle mascot, this name embodies the determination and fighting spirit of the Mean Green
Shasta Inspired by the University of Houston's cougar mascot, this name pays tribute to the university's athletic teams and the city's dynamic energy
Thunder Derived from West Texas A&M University's buffalo mascot, this name represents the powerful and resilient spirit of the Buffaloes
Topper Originating from the St. Edward's University's Hilltopper mascot, this name represents the school's dedication to community engagement and academic excellence
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Miss Abilene 2002 Photo of Miss Abilene 2002 for Texas Dog Names We got her in Abilene texas in 2002 at my daughters last high school rodeo finals

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Name Reason
Bexar When we adopted our dog his name was Bear. He was use to his name so we kept it for him but we changed the spelling to “Bexar” because we are Native Texans! ??
Pecos Pecos Bill
Ruby Dog is red.
Buddy Reminds me of home in Dallas. Also Bubba.
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Story of a Lone Star Canine named Rusty

Once upon a time, in the heart of the Wild West, a small, dusty Texas town called Rattlesnake Ridge was home to a remarkable dog named Rusty. Rusty was no ordinary dog; he was a Texas Blue Lacy, a breed known for their grit, intelligence, and loyalty. Rusty was lean, with piercing blue eyes, and a coat the color of sun-bleached mesquite.

Rusty belonged to a grizzled old prospector named Dusty Jack, who had spent most of his life searching for gold in the parched Texan landscape. Jack and Rusty were inseparable, but fate had other plans. One fateful day, Jack ventured too deep into an unstable mine, and it collapsed, trapping him inside forever. Rusty, who had been waiting outside, lost his best friend and master in an instant.

Devastated, Rusty wandered the plains of Texas, searching for a new purpose. He became a legend among the townsfolk, known as the Lone Star Canine, a dog that roamed the wilds, helping those in need. Rusty had a keen nose for trouble, and he seemed to know when someone needed a helping paw.

One day, as Rusty trotted along a dusty trail, he caught the scent of danger. A gang of notorious outlaws, led by the infamous Black Bart, was planning to rob the Rattlesnake Ridge bank. Rusty knew that he had to stop them and protect the people who had come to love and respect him.

As the sun set on that fateful day, Rusty stealthily approached the gang's camp. He observed them from a distance, formulating a plan to foil their robbery. When the outlaws finally fell into a deep sleep, Rusty took advantage of the darkness to disarm them. One by one, he quietly grabbed their guns with his teeth and hid them beneath a nearby bush.

The next morning, the outlaws woke to find their weapons missing. As they frantically searched for their guns, Rusty howled loudly, alerting the town's sheriff and his deputies to the outlaws' whereabouts. The lawmen soon arrived, arresting Black Bart and his gang, who were too disoriented and disarmed to put up a fight.

The people of Rattlesnake Ridge were overjoyed by Rusty's heroics, and they threw a grand celebration in his honor. The mayor even awarded Rusty a special badge, making him an honorary deputy. From that day on, Rusty settled down in Rattlesnake Ridge, becoming a beloved and cherished member of the community.

Though Rusty would always miss his old friend Dusty Jack, he had found a new purpose in life. As the sun set over the Texan plains each evening, the townsfolk would gather to watch the Lone Star Canine, wearing his badge proudly, as he patrolled the streets of Rattlesnake Ridge, forever protecting its people from harm.

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