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Tianjin Dog Names

Updated: May 30, 2024

Welcome to our exclusive collection of canine appellations inspired by one of China's most vibrant and historic cities. This bustling metropolis, known for its stunning modern architecture, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, also serves as a unique source of inspiration for dog monikers.

Get ready to embark on a journey of exploring distinctive names that resonate with the city's charm and elegance. These names are not just mere tags, but a reflection of the city's character, its landmarks, and even its popular local dishes. They are perfect for pet owners who have a special connection with the city or simply have an appreciation for its beauty and heritage.

Whether you own a native Chinese breed or just want to give your furry friend a unique name with a touch of oriental charm, you're sure to find something truly special here. So, without further ado, let's delve into these captivating names inspired by this magnificent Chinese city.

Name Reason to Choose
Bamboo Symbolic of resilience and flexibility
Bao A popular food in Tianjin, these steamed buns make a cute and fitting name for a fluffy pet
Baodi A district in Tianjin, for dogs who are energetic and playful
Baoshui A zone in Tianjin, for dogs who are adventurous and curious
Beichen Another district in Tianjin, for dogs who are familiar with city noises
Beining After the Beining park in Tianjin, a name for nature-loving dogs
Bing It is a common name in Tianjin and also translates to 'Ice' in English, reflecting the city's cold winters
Binhai A district in Tianjin, for dogs who love the smell of sea air
Buddha Honors the predominant religion in China, Buddhism
Canton Referring to Guangzhou, a city known for its food culture
Chen Means 'dawn' in Chinese
Chifeng A city near Tianjin, for dogs who are adventurous and love travelling
Chow Referring to the Chow Chow, a dog breed originating from China
Chun Translates to 'spring' in Chinese
Confucius Named after the famous Chinese philosopher
Dagang A district in Tianjin, for dogs who are strong and sturdy
Dali Named after a charming city in China
Dao Means 'knife' or 'sword' in Chinese
Dong Translates to 'east' in Chinese
Dongjiang A port in Tianjin, for dogs who love the water
Dongli A district in Tianjin, for dogs who are familiar with urban life
Dragon A powerful symbol in Chinese mythology
Dumpling A typical Chinese dish, often indicating a dog's adorable and plump appearance
Erhuan Named after the second ring road of the city, for dogs who love to roam
Fen A tribute to the city's fine arts scene
Feng A name meaning 'phoenix', for dogs who have overcome challenges or hardships
Fenghua An homage to the city's rich cultural history
Fu Translates to 'fortune' or 'good luck' in Chinese
Goubuli Named after the famous Tianjin steamed bun, for dogs with a round, bun-like shape
Guang Reflecting the city's bright and vibrant spirit
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Tianjin Dialect Words

Words from the local Tianjin dialect can make interesting and culturally rich dog names.
Name Description
Baozi This word is a popular term for 'bun' in Tianjin dialect, and can be used for a fluffy dog
Chunfeng It means 'spring breeze' in Tianjin dialect, a great name for a cheerful dog
Dianxin It means 'snack' in Tianjin dialect, a cute name for a small or snack-loving dog
Erhuan Named after a traditional Tianjin jewelry, it's suitable for a precious or beautiful dog
Goubuli Named after the famous steamed bun restaurant in Tianjin, it could be a cute name for a dog who loves food
Guanzhong It means 'audience' in Tianjin dialect, apt for a dog who loves attention or enjoys performing tricks
Haozi It's a friendly term for 'boy' in Tianjin dialect, a fitting name for a young male dog
Jingzi A term for 'mirror' in Tianjin dialect, it could be a cute name for a dog with a shiny or glossy coat
Jinshi It's a common term in Tianjin dialect referring to 'real thing', perfect for a genuine companion
Jiushi It means 'just' in Tianjin dialect, a cool name for a dog who is just right or perfect in every way
Kuaisu It means 'fast' in Tianjin dialect, a great name for a quick or agile dog
Laobei In Tianjin dialect it refers to 'elder brother', making it a great name for an elder or protective dog
Laojia It means 'old home' in Tianjin dialect, a fitting name for a dog who is part of the family
Liaoba In Tianjin dialect it refers to 'chat', making it a great name for a vocal or expressive dog
Mali A Tianjin dialect term for 'what', a fun name for a curious or inquisitive dog
Mantou A term for 'steamed bun' in Tianjin dialect, a cute name for a chubby or cuddly dog
Meimei It means 'beautiful' in Tianjin dialect, a lovely name for a pretty female dog
Nali A term for 'where' in Tianjin dialect, a nice name for an adventurous or active dog
Piaoliang It means 'beautiful' in Tianjin dialect, perfect for a gorgeous dog
Shufu It means 'comfortable' in Tianjin dialect, a great name for a relaxed or laid-back dog
Xiaofei It means 'small and delicate' in Tianjin dialect, a cute name for a petite dog
Xiaokang It means 'well-off' in Tianjin dialect, a nice name for a pampered or well-cared for dog
Yanjing It means 'eye' in Tianjin dialect, a great name for a dog with striking eyes
Yige It means 'one' in Tianjin dialect, a fitting name for a dog who is one-of-a-kind
Zhenzhu It means 'pearl' in Tianjin dialect, a beautiful name for a precious dog

Tianjin Folklore

Tianjin has a rich folklore history. Naming your dog after a character from a popular tale can be a unique choice.
Name Description
Bai Stands for 'Bai Ze', a mythical beast known for its wisdom in Chinese legends
Bing Inspired by Bingyu Valley, a natural wonder mentioned in Tianjin folklore
Bixi It's a homage to the turtle-like mythical creature often found in ancient Chinese folklore
Change This name is a homage to the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology
Fei Inspired by Fei Lian, the Chinese god of the wind
Feng It's a nod to the mythical creature Fenghuang, appearing in many Chinese folk tales
Fuxi Fuxi is a culture hero in Chinese mythology, credited with creating humanity
GuanYu Guanyu is a historical figure who became a deity in Chinese culture
Houyi Houyi is a legendary Chinese archer who shot down nine of the ten suns
Huang Named after the Yellow Emperor, a central figure in Chinese mythology
Jingwei It's the name of a mythical bird in Chinese folklore that fills up the sea
Long Dragons are significant mythical creatures in Chinese folklore
Lu Named after Lu Ban, a deity in Chinese culture known as the patron of builders and contractors
Menshen This name pays tribute to the door gods of Chinese mythology, believed to protect households
Nuwa Nuwa is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology known for creating mankind
Pangu Inspired by the giant from Chinese creation mythology
Pixiu It's a mythical hybrid creature, said to bring wealth and good luck
Qilin This name mirrors a mythical hooved creature appearing in Chinese folk tales
Shennong Reflects the mythical Chinese emperor known as the 'Divine Farmer'
Shishi These stone lions often guard the entrances of historic buildings in Tianjin, as per local legends
Wukong This name is a tribute to Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, a popular figure in Chinese folklore
Xuanwu It's a tribute to the black tortoise of the north, a deity in Chinese mythology
Yan It's a nod to Yan Emperor, a legendary ancient Chinese ruler
Zaojun Named after the Kitchen God in Chinese folklore
Zhu Inspired by Zhu Bajie, a character in the classic Chinese novel 'Journey to the West'

Tianjin Celebrities

If there's a Tianjin-born celebrity you admire, their name could be a good fit for your new pet.
Name Description
Baichen In respect to Tianjin's famous author, Liu Baichen
Bingbing In honor of the award-winning actress Fan Bingbing who hails from Tianjin
Bingxu Named after Bingxu Chen, a famous pianist from Tianjin
Chenghang A tribute to Tianjin's notable entrepreneur, Xu Chenghang
Guoli Inspired by the famous Tianjin actor, Zhang Guoli
Huiyuan In respect to Tianjin's famous artist, Jiang Huiyuan
Jianguo In honor of Tianjin's renowned educator, Wang Jianguo
Jinghua After Tianjin's distinguished professor, Gong Jinghua
Lingfen A nod to Lingfen Xu, a notable painter from Tianjin
Liyuan Named after Peng Liyuan, a famous folk singer and First Lady of China from Tianjin
Qigang A nod to Qigang Chen, a famous composer from Tianjin
Qunli After Qunli Jin, a notable environmentalist from Tianjin
Rongsheng Named after Rongsheng Zheng, a famous economist from Tianjin
Xiaodong Inspired by the famous Tianjin artist, Yan Xiaodong
Xingli Named after Tianjin's famous writer, Zou Xingli
Xuecheng A prominent Buddhist monk from Tianjin, Master Xuecheng
Yangliu In honor of Yang Liu, a renowned architect from Tianjin
Yanhao After Yan Hao, a notable businessman from Tianjin
Yuetan A nod to Yuetan Park, a famous landmark in Tianjin
Yunpeng Tianjin's renowned opera singer, Li Yunpeng
Zhehan After Gong Zhehan, a notable director from Tianjin
Zhen A tribute to Tianjin's renowned scientist, Zhen Shusen
Zhidan An homage to Zhidan Liu, a prominent Chinese scientist from Tianjin
Zhuangyuan In honor of Guwen Guan, the Zhuangyuan (top scholar) of Tianjin
Zonghan A tribute to Tianjin's renowned doctor, Li Zonghan

Tianjin Cuisine

Tianjin is known for its unique and delicious cuisine. Naming your dog after a favorite dish can be a fun and personal touch.
Name Description
Baozi This name is based off a popular steamed bun in Tianjin cuisine
Bingfen A jelly dessert from the region
Chuanchuan Name inspired by the skewered kebabs in Tianjin
Congbing After the scallion pancakes, a popular street food
Doujiang A soy milk drink commonly consumed in Tianjin
Erduoyan Named after a famous Tianjin fried rice cake
Geda A traditional Tianjin noodle dish
Goubao A steamed stuffed bun in Tianjin
Goubuli Inspired by a famous Tianjin dumpling
Guobacai Inspired by a traditional Tianjin dish
Hulatang A hot and spicy soup from Tianjin
Jianbing A common street food in Tianjin, similar to a crepe
Jingjiang After the Jingjiang pork slices, a popular dish
Lambing After the lamb kebabs, a popular street food
Luobo After the turnip, a common ingredient in Tianjin dishes
Mahua A sweet and crunchy snack in Tianjin
Miancha A traditional Tianjin breakfast drink
Nanshi From Nanshi Food Street, a famous food market in Tianjin
Shanzi A typical Tianjin breakfast dish
Shibajie Named after a famous snack street in Tianjin
Shuijiao Dumplings are a beloved food in Tianjin
Tanghulu A traditional Tianjin dessert
Xiaochi A term for snack foods in Tianjin
Youtiao A deep-fried dough stick eaten for breakfast in Tianjin
Zongzi A glutinous rice dish wrapped in bamboo leaves

Tianjin Landmarks

Naming your dog after a famous Tianjin landmark can be a great way to honor the city's rich history and culture.
Name Description
Ancient The Ancient Culture Street is a popular tourist destination in Tianjin, thus a suitable name
Aquarium The Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World is a famous aquarium in the city
Astro A nod to the Tianjin Astronomical Observatory
Bazaar Based on the Tianjin Shenyang Dao Antique Market
Beining Beining Park is a well-known park in Tianjin
Binjiang For Binjiang Avenue, a shopping mecca in Tianjin
Dabei Derived from the Dabei Monastery, a Buddhist temple in Tianjin
Drum The Drum Tower is a historical landmark in Tianjin
Ferris A nod to the iconic Tianjin Eye, which is a Ferris wheel on the Hai River
Five The Five Great Avenues is a significant area in Tianjin
Galaxy Named after the Galaxy Mall, a Tianjin shopping landmark
Gulou In honor of the Gulou Commercial Street, a famous shopping area
Haihe Named after the Haihe River, a significant landmark in Tianjin
Jinmen This name is derived from the Jinmen Bridge, a famous bridge in Tianjin
Library From the Tianjin Binhai Library, an architectural marvel
Museum Inspired by the Tianjin Museum, a popular attraction
Nankai Nankai University is a famous institution in Tianjin
Opera In honor of the Tianjin Grand Theatre, a cultural hub in the city
Pagoda The Tianjin Wen Miao has a distinctive pagoda, hence the name
Porcelain The Porcelain House is a unique Tianjin landmark
Radio Derived from the Tianjin Radio and Television Tower
Stele Inspired by the Tianjin Confucian Temple's Stele Forest
Tanggu From the Tanggu District, known for its economic development
Waterpark Tianjin's Water Park is the city's largest urban park
Zhigu Named after Zhigu, a famous coastal area in Tianjin
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