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Tibetan Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Being a medium-sized family friendly dog, Tibetan Terriers often carry names like Bella, Jake, or Rudy that are high in popularity. A good way to come up with some potential names is to consider characters from books, movies, and television. Find a role that matches up with some of the traits of your puppy and go from there. Known for their very shaggy coat, many Tibetan Terriers have names like Shaggy or Chewbacca. Sometimes referred to as 'the Holy dog of Tibet', the breed was often kept by Tibetan monks and was thought to bring good luck. Tibetan names like Kalsang (meaning good fortune) and Norbu (meaning jewel) provide many unique options that are great conversation starters. Other possibilities include luck related names like Fortune, Charm, or Ace.
Name Reason to Choose
Abby A classic name that might appeal to owners who prefer traditional names
Ace Ideal for a top-notch and highly skilled Tibetan Terrier
Aesop This name, inspired by Aesop's fables, suits a Tibetan Terrier's intelligent and quick-thinking nature
Alpine An excellent name for a Tibetan Terrier, as the breed originates from the high altitudes of Tibet
Andy The name is short, sweet and easy to call out, ideal for pet names
Angel It might be chosen to reflect the dog's gentle and sweet nature
Anne This classic name may appeal to owners who prefer traditional names
Apollo Named after the Greek god of the sun, great for a golden Tibetan Terrier
Avalon Named after a mystical island in Arthurian legend
Ayman A name of Arabic origin meaning 'lucky' or 'blessed', reflecting the cherished status of pets
Bailey This name might be chosen for its friendly, approachable sound
Bandit A fun name for a Tibetan Terrier with a mischievous streak
Baxter A strong, distinctive name that could suit a confident and assertive dog
Beau This French name, meaning 'beautiful', might reflect the dog's appearance
Bella It's a popular name for female dogs and is easy to pronounce
Bentley This name might be chosen to reflect the dog's high-status or luxurious nature
Blizzard Reflects the snowy mountains of Tibet, perfect for a fluffy, white Tibetan Terrier
Blossom A suitable name for a beautiful and elegant Tibetan Terrier
Bogart This name, reminiscent of the actor Humphrey Bogart, is often chosen for its classy and timeless appeal, much like the breed itself
Buddy This name is popularly used among many breeds, including Tibetan Terriers, due to its connotation of companionship and friendship
Buster This name is often chosen for Tibetan Terriers because it connotes strength and resilience, traits associated with the breed
Cassidy This name, meaning 'clever or curly-haired', is a fitting choice for the intelligent and curly-coated Tibetan Terrier
Chance It may be chosen to symbolize a new start or opportunity
Charm Reflects the dog's charming and affectionate nature
Chenrezig This Tibetan name represents the Buddha of compassion
Chewbacca This name is inspired by the famous character from Star Wars, mirroring the dog's furry appearance
Chime This Tibetan name means 'immortal'
Chophel It's a traditional Tibetan name meaning 'flourishing' or 'prosperous'
Cirrus Named after a type of cloud, perfect for a fluffy white Tibetan Terrier
Cobalt A unique name for a Tibetan Terrier with striking blue eyes
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Tibetan Terrier Traits

Names that represent the breed's traits such as friendly, intelligent, and energetic can be a perfect fit for these dogs.
Name Description
Bodhi This name reflects the spiritual nature of Tibetan culture, a fitting trait for this breed
Chenmo It means 'great,' a nod to the Tibetan Terrier's robust personality
Dawa The Tibetan word for 'moon' signifies the calm demeanor of this breed
Emchi Emchi translates to 'healer,' a trait that can be associated with the nurturing nature of the Tibetan Terrier
Fudo This name is associated with resilience and determination, traits that Tibetan Terriers possess
Gyalpo The word 'king' in Tibetan, a fitting name for this majestic breed
Himalaya A nod to the breed's origin in the Tibetan mountains
Indra Named after a Buddhist deity, reflecting the spiritual background of the breed's origin
Jampa It translates to 'loving,' a key trait of Tibetan Terriers
Karma A spiritual concept rooted in Buddhism, reflecting the breed's Tibetan origins
Lama This breed's gentle and wise nature is similar to a Tibetan Buddhist teacher
Maitri The Tibetan word for 'friendship,' embodying the breed's sociable nature
Nyima The Tibetan word for 'sun,' reflecting the breed's warm and vibrant energy
Om A sacred syllable in Buddhism, reflecting the spiritual origins of the breed
Padma This breed's beauty and grace is akin to a lotus, which 'Padma' translates to
Quipa A nod to the breed's quick and agile nature
Rinchen This name means 'precious,' mirroring how owners view their Tibetan Terriers
Shambhala In Tibetan culture, it's a mythical kingdom, reflecting the breed's regal nature
Tara A Buddhist deity known for compassion, mirroring the breed's empathetic nature
Utpala This name means 'blue lotus,' symbolizing the breed's elegance and grace
Vajra A spiritual symbol in Buddhism, reflecting the breed's Tibetan heritage
Wangchuk Translates to 'mighty,' reflecting the breed's robust nature despite its size
Xanti A unique name reflecting the breed's distinctive look and personality
Yonten This name means 'good qualities,' mirroring the positive traits of the Tibetan Terrier
Zopa Translates to 'patience,' which owners often need when training this intelligent breed

Famous Tibetan Figures

Naming the dog after famous Tibetan figures can be a fun and interesting way to honor the breed's cultural background.
Name Description
Choden Taken from the Tibetan spiritual term meaning 'one who is devout'
Choekyi Derived from Tenzin Choekyi, a prominent Tibetan human rights activist
Dolma Inspired by Tara (Dolma in Tibetan), a female Bodhisattva in Tibetan Buddhism
Drukpa Named after Drukpa Kunley, a famous Tibetan Buddhist teacher
Gyatso Originates from Tenzin Gyatso, the current Dalai Lama
Karmapa Inspired by the Karmapa Lama, the head of one of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism
Lhamo Inspired by the revered title given to the Dalai Lama, a spiritual figure in Tibetan Buddhism
Lingpa Pays tribute to Jigme Lingpa, a famous Tibetan tertön or 'treasure revealer'
Lobsang Honors Lobsang Sangay, the president of the Central Tibetan Administration
Milarepa Named after a famous Tibetan yogi and poet
Ngawang Drawn from Ngawang Wangyal, a lama and pioneer in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West
Norbu Reflects the name of Norbu Thundrup, a renowned Tibetan writer
Padma Taken from Padmasambhava, an influential figure in Tibetan Buddhism
Palden Comes from Palden Thondup Namgyal, the last king of Sikkim of Tibetan descent
Rinchen Reflects the name of a famous Tibetan scholar, Gendun Rinchen
Rinpoche A term used in Tibetan Buddhism to denote 'precious one', often given to high lamas
Tashi Embodies the name of Tashi Wangchuk, a Tibetan language rights activist
Tenzin Derived from Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th and current Dalai Lama
Thubten Originated from Thubten Gyatso, the 13th Dalai Lama
Trinley Derived from Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa Lama
Trungpa Inspired by Chögyam Trungpa, a significant figure in the propagation of Tibetan Buddhism
Tsangyang Comes from Tsangyang Gyatso, the 6th Dalai Lama who was also a famous poet
Tsultrim Comes from Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, born as Diane Perry, known by her Tibetan name Tsultrim, a famous Buddhist nun
Yeshe Resonates with Yeshe Tsogyal, a notable female figure in Tibetan Buddhism
Zopa Resonates with Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist scholar

Buddhist Names

Buddhism is a significant part of Tibetan culture. Buddhist-inspired names can reflect the dog's origins and the peace-loving nature of the breed.
Name Description
Bodhi Buddhist term for understanding or enlightenment
Chenrezig Bodhisattva of compassion in Tibetan Buddhism
Dalai Inspired by the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism
Dharma In Buddhism, this denotes the collection of teachings of the Buddha
Drukpa A school of Buddhism prevalent in Tibet
Jampa A Tibetan Buddhist term for loving-kindness or compassion
Karma A core Buddhist concept referring to the spiritual principle of cause and effect
Lotus Symbolizes purity and enlightenment in Buddhist teachings
Maitreya In Buddhism, Maitreya is predicted to be a future Buddha of this world
Mandala A spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe in Buddhism
Mantra This term refers to a sacred utterance in Buddhism
Milarepa One of Tibet's most famous yogis and poets
Nirvana Represents the ultimate spiritual goal in Buddhism
Om A sacred sound and spiritual icon in Buddhist religion
Padma Another name for the Lotus, a significant symbol in Buddhism
Prajna A Buddhist term for insight into the true nature of reality
Rinpoche A title used in Tibetan Buddhism to denote a precious one
Sangha Denotes the Buddhist community of monks, nuns and lay people
Sutra The word is used to describe a type of religious teaching in Buddhism
Tara A significant figure in Buddhism, known as the mother of liberation
Tenzin Name of the current Dalai Lama and hence a popular Tibetan Buddhist name
Tsultrim A Tibetan Buddhist concept for ethical discipline or moral purity
Vajra A ritual object symbolizing both the properties of a diamond and a thunderbolt in Buddhism
Yogi Refers to a person who practices spiritual discipline in Buddhism
Zen Refers to a school of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation

Nature-Inspired Names

Tibet is known for its beautiful and diverse nature. Names inspired by natural elements can be unique and meaningful.
Name Description
Aspen Named after a stunning type of tree found in cool climates
Birch Reflects the distinctive beauty and resilience of birch trees
Breeze Reflects the light, playful nature of Tibetan Terriers
Canyon Reminds of the grandeur and majesty of natural canyons
Cedar Named after the strong, resilient Cedar tree
Dune Perfect for a dog who loves playing on sandy beaches
Fern Named after the lush, leafy fern plant
Flint Inspired by the tough and resilient stone used to spark fire
Hazel Chosen for the beautiful, warm color of hazel trees
Ivy Inspired by the climbing, evergreen ivy plant
Jasper A type of quartz that comes in many natural colors
Kelp A great name for a dog who loves the water
Lily After the delicate, beautiful lily flower
Meadow Evokes images of wide open fields, a perfect playground for dogs
Moss Reminiscent of the soft, green plant that grows in shady locations
Olive Inspired by the peace-bringing olive tree
Pebble Reminiscent of the small, smooth stones found near streams
Quartz Named after the hard, crystalline mineral
Rain For dogs who love playing in the rain
River Inspired by the tranquil and steady flow of a river
Sage Named after the resilient and aromatic sage plant
Sky Symbolizes the vastness and freedom of the open sky
Thistle Inspired by the small, resilient flower with a beautiful purple hue
Willow Like the flexible and graceful willow tree
Zephyr For a dog as gentle and refreshing as a light breeze

Tibetan Names

Since the breed originated from Tibet, traditional Tibetan names can be a good fit and reflect the dog's heritage.
Name Description
Chenla This Tibetan term means 'great', good for a large or dominant dog
Chenpo In Tibetan, this translates to 'great' or 'large', suitable for a large or powerful dog
Chenrezig Named after the Bodhisattva of Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism, it's suitable for a caring and gentle dog
Chomo This name means 'lady' in Tibetan, ideal for a female Tibetan Terrier
Dawa This Tibetan term means 'moon', perfect for a dog with a serene and calm nature
Dorji Tibetans use this term to express the idea of 'indestructible', apt for a robust and energetic dog
Jampa It's a Tibetan term for 'loving-kindness', a great name for a loving family dog
Jigme This Tibetan term means 'fearless', a great name for a brave and adventurous dog
Karma It's a spiritual term in Tibetan Buddhism, fitting for a dog with a calm demeanor
Kunchen It's a Tibetan word for 'all-knowing', suitable for a dog with a curious nature
Lekshe It's a Tibetan term for 'wise', great for a clever and quick-learning dog
Lhamo This Tibetan term means 'goddess', a fitting name for a female dog with a majestic presence
Mingma In Tibetan, this name means 'charming', ideal for an adorable dog
Norbu In Tibetan language, it translates to 'jewel' or 'precious', perfect for a treasured pet
Pema This name translates to 'lotus' in Tibetan, perfect for a beautiful and graceful dog
Rinchen It's a Tibetan word for 'precious gem', fitting for a valuable family pet
Sampa It's a Tibetan term for 'aspiration', good for a dog with a determined personality
Sonam In Tibetan, this translates to 'merit', perfect for a well-behaved dog
Tashi It's a Tibetan word meaning 'luck' or 'auspiciousness', a suitable name for a lucky family pet
Thubten In Tibetan, this name means 'enlightened', suitable for a dog with an alert and understanding demeanor
Trinley It's a Tibetan word for 'karma', fitting for a dog with a peaceful nature
Tsering This Tibetan word signifies 'long life', a wishful name for a new puppy
Tsomo This Tibetan term means 'lake', ideal for a dog who loves swimming or water
Yangchen This name is associated with 'melodious voice' in Tibetan, a nice name for a vocal dog
Zopa This Tibetan term means 'patience', suitable for a calm and patient dog
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Story Kalsang the Tibetan Terrier

High in the mountains of Tibet, amidst ancient monasteries and windswept peaks, there lived a wise and gentle monk named Tenzin. Tenzin spent his days in quiet contemplation and meditation, seeking enlightenment and inner peace. By his side, always, was a faithful and spirited Tibetan Terrier named Kalsang, which meant 'fortunate one' in their native language.

Kalsang was no ordinary dog, for he had been a gift from the gods, sent to Tenzin as a guardian and companion. Born with snow-white fur and eyes that seemed to hold the wisdom of the ages, Kalsang possessed an extraordinary ability to sense the spiritual energy of those around him. Together, Tenzin and Kalsang formed a bond that transcended the boundaries of the physical world, their souls intertwined as they journeyed toward enlightenment.

The days at the monastery were filled with prayer, meditation, and reflection, as Tenzin and Kalsang sought to understand the mysteries of the universe. Kalsang would sit patiently by Tenzin's side as the monk chanted ancient mantras, his soulful eyes fixed on his master's serene face.

Each morning, as the sun rose over the majestic mountains, Tenzin and Kalsang would embark on a pilgrimage through the rugged landscape, traversing narrow paths that wound through the peaks and valleys. They would visit sacred shrines and pay their respects to the deities that watched over the land, Kalsang's presence a constant reminder of the divine connection that bound them.

As the years passed, Tenzin's wisdom grew, and so too did Kalsang's spiritual awareness. The Tibetan Terrier began to develop an uncanny ability to communicate with the creatures of the mountains, from the tiniest insects to the mighty yaks that roamed the slopes. It was said that Kalsang could even hear the whispers of the wind, understanding the secrets it carried from distant lands.

Word of the wise monk and his mystical canine companion soon spread throughout the region, and pilgrims from far and wide journeyed to the monastery to seek Tenzin's guidance and catch a glimpse of the remarkable Kalsang. The pair welcomed all who came, sharing their wisdom and offering solace to those in need.

One day, a great storm descended upon the mountains, bringing with it howling winds and blinding snow. The monastery was cut off from the outside world, and the monks feared for the safety of their fellow villagers who were trapped in the storm's icy grip.

Tenzin, knowing that Kalsang's unique abilities could help guide the villagers to safety, entrusted the Tibetan Terrier with a mission of great importance. As Tenzin whispered a prayer for guidance and protection, Kalsang ventured into the storm, his heart filled with purpose and courage.

With his keen senses and unyielding determination, Kalsang navigated the treacherous terrain, locating the lost villagers one by one. He led them through the blizzard, guided by the unwavering connection he shared with Tenzin and the divine forces that watched over them.

When the storm finally subsided, the villagers found themselves safely sheltered within the walls of the monastery, their gratitude for Kalsang's bravery immeasurable. Tenzin and Kalsang had become a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of love, loyalty, and the divine bond that connected all living beings.

In the years that followed, Tenzin and Kalsang continued to share their wisdom and spiritual guidance with all who sought it, their bond only growing stronger as they journeyed side by side toward enlightenment. And in the sacred mountains of Tibet, the story of the wise monk and his mystical Tibetan Terrier would be passed down from generation to generation, their tale serving as a reminder of the power of faith, the strength of the human-animal bond, and the incredible potential that lay within the hearts of all living beings.

As Tenzin grew older, Kalsang remained by his side, his fur now tinged with gray, but his spirit just as vibrant as ever. The bond they shared had only deepened, their souls forever intertwined. Tenzin knew that his time on this earthly plane was drawing to a close, but he found solace in the knowledge that Kalsang would carry on their legacy, inspiring others with his wisdom and unwavering devotion.

When the day finally came for Tenzin to leave this world, Kalsang stayed by his side, their hearts connected until the very end. As Tenzin's spirit ascended toward the heavens, Kalsang gazed at the sky, his soulful eyes filled with both sorrow and gratitude for the time they had spent together.

The monks of the monastery, inspired by the bond Tenzin and Kalsang had shared, vowed to continue their teachings and spread their message of love, compassion, and the sacred connection between all living beings. They cared for Kalsang as one of their own, honoring his role as a guardian and a symbol of the divine.

Kalsang continued to serve as a guide and protector for the monastery, his presence a comforting reminder of the enduring bond he had shared with Tenzin. He lived out the remainder of his days surrounded by love and reverence, his spirit forever linked to the wise monk who had been his dearest friend and companion.

And so, in the ancient mountains of Tibet, the legend of Tenzin and Kalsang lived on, their story inspiring countless souls to seek a deeper understanding of the world around them and the divine connections that bound them all together in a tapestry of love, loyalty, and enlightenment.

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