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Uzbekistan Dog Names

Updated: June 08, 2024

Uzbekistan, a country with a rich cultural heritage and unique traditions, offers a wide range of fascinating and distinctive names for your beloved canine companion. The country's long history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant culture provide a wealth of inspiration for dog owners seeking a unique and meaningful name for their pet.

The Uzbek language, which is a part of the Turkic family of languages, is filled with words that denote strength, bravery, beauty, and other admirable qualities. These names are not only reflective of the country's culture and traditions, but they also carry a sense of depth and significance that transcends geographical boundaries. The names listed in the subsequent page are imbued with the spirit of Uzbekistan, and they provide an excellent way to honor the country's heritage while also giving your dog a name that stands out.

Whether you have roots in Uzbekistan, appreciate its culture, or simply want a unique and meaningful name for your dog, the following list will provide you with a wealth of options. Each name is accompanied by a brief description of its origin and meaning, helping you find the perfect match for your canine companion. So, delve into the wonderful world of Uzbek names and find the perfect moniker for your beloved pet.

Name Reason to Choose
Akmal It's a popular male name in Uzbekistan meaning 'perfect'
Alisher It's a popular boys' name meaning 'high, noble'
Anvar This name is common in Uzbek culture, referencing a person who is bright or luminous
Avaz It's a popular male name in Uzbekistan
Bahodir It signifies bravery and courage
Baxtiyor This name means 'fortunate' in Uzbek
Begim In Uzbek, Begim means a princess, suitable for a regal female dog
Bekzod Popular among boys, it means 'owner of the leader'
Bekzot This name signifies strong character and leadership
Chinara It refers to a type of tree found in Uzbekistan
Chinor It's inspired by the Chinor tree, native to Uzbekistan, representing strength and resilience
Chorshanbe This name is inspired by a day of the week in Uzbek
Cjamol This name is inspired by the beauty of Uzbekistan's nature
Daler It's a popular name in Uzbekistan meaning 'brave'
Davlat It refers to 'state' or 'country' in the Uzbek language
Dildora This name means 'pearl of the heart' in Uzbek, perfect for a cherished pet
Dilshod It is a common name for boys in Uzbekistan, meaning 'content heart'
Diyor This name stands for 'light' in the Uzbek language
Eldor Eldor is a popular male name in Uzbekistan, meaning 'generous'
Elyor This name is often used in the country and is considered to be of good luck
Erkin This name means 'free' in Uzbek
Farruh It's a common male name in Uzbekistan
Feruza It means 'turquoise' in Uzbek, often used for girls
Firuz A popular name referring to 'successful'
Firuza It references the color turquoise and is often given to pets with blue eyes
Fozil It means 'virtuous' or 'righteous' in Uzbek
Gul This name, meaning 'flower' in Uzbek, is fitting for a beautiful pet
Gulistan This name is inspired by the word for 'rose garden' in Uzbek
Gulnora This name translates to 'flower of pomegranate'
Gulom It means 'servant'
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Uzbek Language Words

Choosing a name from the Uzbek language can be a unique and beautiful way to name your pet, while also paying homage to the country's language and culture.
Name Description
Asal In Uzbek, Asal means 'honey,' a sweet name for a lovable pet
Baxt This Uzbek word translates to 'luck,' a fitting name for a lucky charm like your dog
Davron It's a popular male name in Uzbekistan, often used for dogs too
Eshik Translates to 'door,' symbolizing new beginnings
Firuz This name means 'successful' in Uzbek, perfect for a dog that always gets its way
Gul Gul translates to 'flower' in Uzbek, ideal for a beautiful pet
Hayot For a dog that brings life (Hayot) to your home
Ijod Meaning 'creation,' a name for a dog with a creative spirit
Javon Javon means 'youth' in Uzbek, suitable for a playful, young-at-heart canine
Kuch This name translates to 'street,' ideal for a rescue dog who found a home
Laziz Laziz means 'delicious' in Uzbek, a fun, unusual name for a pet
Mehr If your dog is the 'love' of your life, Mehr is the perfect name
Nur Nur means 'light' in Uzbek, fitting for a pet that lights up your life
Odam Odam translates to 'man,' a strong name for a masculine dog
Poyezd A name for dogs that love travel, as it translates to 'train.'
Qalb Qalb means 'heart' in Uzbek, ideal for a dog you love dearly
Rohat Rohat means 'comfort,' suitable for a dog that brings peace and comfort
Suv Suv means 'water' in Uzbek, perfect for a dog that loves swimming
Toza Toza, meaning 'clean,' is a unique name for a well-groomed pet
Umid Umid translates to 'hope,' a meaningful name for an inspiring pet
Vatan Vatan means 'homeland,' a strong name for a loyal pet
Xush Xush translates to 'happy,' perfect for a cheerful dog
Yulduz Yulduz means 'star' in Uzbek, suitable for a dog that shines in your life
Zamin Zamin means 'earth,' a grounding name for a down-to-earth pet

Uzbekistani Landmarks

Uzbekistan is home to many beautiful and historic landmarks. These can provide unique and meaningful names for your dog.
Name Description
Andijan This is after Andijan, a city known for its handicrafts and silk production
Bukhara This ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage site
Chirchiq This is after Chirchiq, a city located in the Tashkent Region
Fergana This is after Fergana Valley, known for its fertile lands and beautiful landscapes
Gulistan This is after Gulistan, a city known for its beautiful gardens
Hisor This is after Hisor, a city with a historic fortress
Jizzakh This is after Jizzakh, a city known for its beautiful landscapes
Karakalpakstan Named after the Republic of Karakalpakstan, an autonomous region in Uzbekistan
Khiva This is after Khiva, a city with well-preserved medieval architecture
Kizilkum Named after the Kyzylkum Desert, one of the largest sand deserts in the world
Kokand This is after the city of Kokand, known for its palace and mosques
Margilan This is after Margilan, a city famous for its silk weaving
Namangan This is after Namangan, a city known for its cultural heritage
Navoi This is after Navoiy, an important industrial city
Nukus This is after Nukus, the sixth-largest city in Uzbekistan
Pamir This is after the Pamir Mountains, part of the 'Roof of the World'
Registan Named after the famous Registan Square in Samarkand
Samarkand This is after the city of Samarkand, which is known for its rich history and architecture
Shahrisabz This town is the birthplace of Amir Timur, the great conqueror
Syr Named after the Syr Darya River, one of the longest rivers in Central Asia
Tashkent This is the capital city of Uzbekistan and a major cultural hub
Termez This is after Termez, a city with rich history located on the southern border
Urgut This is after Urgut, a city famous for its bustling bazaar
Zeravshan Named after the Zeravshan River, a major water source in the region
Zomin This is after Zomin, a town surrounded by picturesque mountains

Famous Uzbekistani People

Choosing a name of a famous person from Uzbekistan can be a great conversation starter and a nod to someone you admire.
Name Description
Akmal Akmal Shorakhmedov is a famous footballer
Anvar Taken from Anvar Sanayev, a famous actor
Artur Artur Taymazov is a prominent Uzbekistani wrestler
Aziza In honor of Aziza Niyazmetova, a celebrated actress
Bahodir Bahodir Nasimov is a famous Uzbekistani footballer
Bakhodir A tribute to Bakhodir Jalolov, a famous Uzbek boxer
Dilshod Dilshod Mansurov is a renowned Uzbekistani wrestler
Elbek Elbek Shukurov is a renowned footballer
Feruza Feruza Jumaniyozova is a popular pop singer
Gafur Inspired by Gafur Rakhimov, a notable businessman and sports sponsor
Iroda Named for Iroda Tulyaganova, a renowned tennis player
Islom Named for Islom Karimov, the first President of Uzbekistan
Jahongir Jahongir Artikhodjayev is the mayor of Tashkent
Malika Inspired by Malika Kalontarova, a well-known Tajik-Uzbek dancer
Munira Named after Munira Mirza, a famous British political advisor of Uzbek descent
Murod Murod Khalmukhamedov is a well-known Uzbekistani footballer
Nodira Nodira Kholova is a prominent Uzbekistani chess player
Otabek Otabek Mahkamov was a well-known Uzbek singer
Ravshan After Ravshan Irmatov, a famous football referee
Ruslan Ruslan Chagaev is a famous Uzbekistani boxer
Rustam Named after Rustam Kasimdzhanov, a celebrated Uzbekistani chess player
Sevara Sevara Nazarkhan is a famous Uzbekistani musician
Shavkat After Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the current President of Uzbekistan
Sitora Sitora Farmonova is a well-known actress and singer
Yulduz In honor of Yulduz Usmonova, a prominent Uzbekistani pop singer

Uzbekistani Cuisine

Uzbekistan is known for its delicious food. Naming your dog after a favorite dish can be a fun and personal touch.
Name Description
Beshbarmak Beshbarmak is a meat dish traditionally served in Uzbekistan
Chalop Chalop is a popular cold soup in summer in Uzbekistan
Chuchvara Inspired by a type of dumplings in the Uzbek cuisine
Ghovurma Ghovurma is a lamb stew, a traditional dish in Uzbekistan
Halva Halva is a sweet treat in Uzbekistan
Katik Katik is a type of yogurt in Uzbekistan
Kazy Kazy is a type of sausage commonly consumed in Uzbekistan
Kebab This name is inspired by the ubiquity of kebabs in Uzbek cuisine
Khanum This is a type of rolled pasta, a staple in Uzbekistan
Khash Inspired by a traditional soup eaten for breakfast in Uzbekistan
Kompot Kompot is a popular fruit drink in Uzbekistan
Kutabi Kutabi is a type of pancake filled with greens, popular in Uzbekistan
Lagman Lagman is a popular noodle soup in Uzbekistan
Manti Manti is a type of dumplings, commonly consumed in Uzbekistan
Mastava Mastava is a traditional rice soup in Uzbekistan
Naryn Naryn is a dish made with hand-rolled noodles and horse meat in Uzbekistan
Non Non is a type of bread that's a staple in Uzbekistan
Plov Plov is the national dish of Uzbekistan, a popular rice dish
Samsa Samsa is a pastry filled with meat, common in Uzbekistan
Shashlik Shashlik is a popular kebab dish in Uzbekistan
Sherbet Sherbet is a popular drink in Uzbekistan
Shurpa Shurpa is a traditional soup in Uzbekistan
Sumalak Inspired by a sweet paste, traditionally eaten during Nowruz in Uzbekistan
Tandir Tandir is a traditional bread in Uzbekistan
Tuzlama Tuzlama is a traditional lamb stew in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Cities

Naming your dog after a city in Uzbekistan can be a unique way to pay tribute to the country's rich culture and history.
Name Description
Andijan An industrial city in Uzbekistan, great for a hardworking dog
Bekabad A city in Uzbekistan, perfect for a loyal and steadfast dog
Bukhara A city in Uzbekistan famous for its historic center
Chirchiq A city known for its rivers, great for a dog that loves water
Fergana A city in eastern Uzbekistan, a fitting name for a peaceful dog
Gulistan A city in Uzbekistan, a good fit for a beautiful and blossoming dog
Jizzakh A city in Uzbekistan with rich agricultural history, suits a dog that loves the outdoors
Karakalpak A city in Uzbekistan, a great choice for a black-haired dog
Karshi An ancient city, it's a cool name for a dog with an old soul
Khiwa A city with a historic walled town, a good name for a protective dog
Kokand A city in Uzbekistan that has a royal history, suitable for a noble dog
Margilon A city known for its silk production, suitable for a silky-haired dog
Namangan One of the major cities in Uzbekistan, reflects a sweet and friendly nature
Navoiy A city known for its industry, exemplifies a strong and robust character
Nukus A city known for its art, perfect for an artistic or creative dog
Piskent A city in Uzbekistan, perfect for a dog with a playful nature
Qarshi A city known for its history, perfect for a dog with a strong character
Qibray A small city in Uzbekistan, great for a small or petite dog
Samarkand Second largest city in Uzbekistan, known for its rich history
Shahrisabz A city in Uzbekistan, perfect for a cheerful and lively dog
Tashkent Capital city of Uzbekistan, a strong name for a dog
Termez An ancient city, it's a great name for a dog that loves exploring
Urgench A city with a rich historical background, ideal for a dog with a noble spirit
Yangiyul A city in Uzbekistan, perfect for a dog with a youthful spirit
Zarafshan A city in Uzbekistan, a fitting name for a precious or cherished dog
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