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Updated: May 15, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page where you will discover some of the most fitting and unique names for your new Vizsla puppy. This Hungarian hunting dog breed, known for its distinct golden-rust coat, is a lively, intelligent, and affectionate companion. They have a noble and robust appearance, complemented by their playful and energetic nature. Their unique characteristics call for an equally distinctive name that suits their personality and looks.

As you embark on the exciting journey of naming your Vizsla, we aim to provide a helpful guide to inspire you. Whether you are drawn towards traditional Hungarian names, names inspired by their beautiful coat color, or names reflecting their agile and energetic temperament, we have you covered. We believe that every Vizsla deserves a name that matches their unique charm and vibrant personality.

So, whether you've just welcomed a Vizsla into your family or are planning to do so, our list of names will provide a great starting point. We invite you to explore and find that perfect moniker that your Vizsla will proudly carry throughout their life.

Name Reason to Choose
Afonya Afonya is a sweet Hungarian name, perfect for a lovable Vizsla
Alkony This Hungarian name, meaning 'dusk', suits a Vizsla with a darker coat
Almos This Hungarian name reflects the Vizsla's origins from Hungary, making it a fitting choice
Amber A beautiful name reflecting the color of a Vizsla's coat
Ambrus This Hungarian name is ideal for a Vizsla, connecting the dog to its cultural heritage
Ammo A cheeky nod to the Vizsla's origins as a hunting dog
Apollo Apollo was the Greek god of sun, light, and music which suits the Vizsla's lively and bright personality
Attila Attila, a powerful Hungarian name, reflects the strength and courage of the Vizsla breed
Auburn This name is a nod to the breed's signature reddish-brown coat
Autumn The Vizsla's coat color is similar to the warm hues of fall foliage
Barbar This name, referring to 'barbarian' in Hungarian, suits a Vizsla with a bold and adventurous spirit
Bear A strong and playful name like this could be chosen for a Vizsla because of their athletic and playful nature
Bell A sweet and simple name befitting the Vizsla's gentle and affectionate nature
Belle A beautiful name for a breed known for its grace and elegance
Bence Bence is a popular name in Hungary, making it a great choice for a Hungarian breed like the Vizsla
Bianka Bianka is a graceful and feminine Hungarian name, perfect for a female Vizsla
Biscuit It's a cute and warm name, reflecting the Vizsla's golden coat
Blaze Speaks to the Vizsla's energetic spirit and reddish coat
Bolt For the fast and energetic Vizsla
Boomer It's an energetic name for these active dogs
Brandy A warm, rich name that matches the Vizsla's coat color
Bravo This name captures the breed's bravery and courage
Breeze The Vizsla's agile and swift movement is like a breeze
Bueller This name captures the Vizsla's playful, outgoing nature
Butter It's a sweet and smooth name for these gentle dogs
Cadbury Because of their sweet nature and brownish coat, a name associated with a famous chocolate brand is fitting
Caramel The warm color of a Vizsla's coat might bring to mind this sweet, golden confection
Charlie A classic, friendly name perfect for the sociable Vizsla
Chase Great for a Vizsla that loves to pursue things
Che Che is a short, sharp name, mirroring the agile and quick characteristics of the Vizsla breed
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Famous Vizsla Names

There may be famous or well-known Vizslas that could provide inspiration for a name
Name Description
Apollo Named after the Greek god of the sun, bright and energetic like the breed
Bowie Paying homage to the iconic rockstar, as Vizslas are known for their lively and spirited personality
Charlie A popular choice for Vizslas due to being friendly and approachable, much like the breed itself
Dakota This name reflects the breed’s adventurous spirit
Elvis Perfect for a Vizsla with a rock n roll attitude
Freddie In honor of the charismatic Queen front-man, Freddie Mercury
Ginger A nod to the breed's beautiful reddish coat
Hercules Symbolizes the breed’s strength and athleticism
Indiana For the dog that loves to explore and go on adventures
Juno A strong and powerful name for a female Vizsla, named after the Roman goddess
Koda This name is perfect for a loyal and friendly Vizsla
Luna A great choice for a Vizsla with a calm and gentle temperament
Merlin For a Vizsla with a mysterious or magical aura
Nero A strong and commanding name, perfect for a Vizsla with a protective nature
Otis A cute and friendly name, ideal for a loving and affectionate Vizsla
Pepper A spicy and energetic name, just like the breed itself
Quincy This unique name is perfect for a one-of-a-kind Vizsla
Rusty This color-related name perfectly suits a Vizsla’s coat
Simba A regal name for a Vizsla, symbolizing strength and courage
Tango An energetic and lively name, perfect for a Vizsla
Ursa A great name for a female Vizsla, inspired by the constellations
Vixen A sassy and spirited name, ideal for a female Vizsla
Winston A noble and dignified name, perfect for a Vizsla
Xena A strong and powerful name for a female Vizsla, inspired by the famous warrior princess
Zeus This name signifies strength and power, just like the breed

Color-inspired Names

Vizslas have a unique golden rust color, names inspired by their color could be a good choice
Name Description
Amber Amber is a golden color, just like the Vizsla's coat
Auburn This name is a reference to the reddish-brown color of a Vizsla's coat
Brandy This name is inspired by the rich, warm color of a Vizsla
Burgundy This wine-inspired name refers to the deep red tones in a Vizsla's coat
Caramel A Vizsla's coat can be a similar shade to caramel
Cardinal This name is a reference to the reddish hue of a Vizsla's coat
Cherry Cherry refers to the red undertones of a Vizsla's coat
Chestnut Chestnut is a reddish shade of brown, like the Vizsla's coat
Cinnabar Cinnabar is a bright red mineral, reflecting the Vizsla's coat color
Clay Clay is an earthy color, like the Vizsla's coat
Copper This name is inspired by the reddish-brown color of a Vizsla's coat
Crimson Crimson is a rich, deep red color, much like the Vizsla's coat
Ginger The color of Vizslas is often compared to that of ginger
Hazel This color-inspired name is a nod to the light brown shades in a Vizsla
Henna This name is inspired by the reddish-brown dye, fitting for a Vizsla
Mahogany Mahogany is a dark, reddish-brown wood, similar to a Vizsla's coat color
Paprika Paprika pays homage to the dog's Hungarian roots and its reddish coat
Rosewood Rosewood is a reddish-brown wood, similar to a Vizsla's coat color
Ruby Ruby is a beautiful red color, just like a Vizsla's coat
Russet This term denotes a reddish-brown color, fitting for a Vizsla
Rusty Rusty is a reference to the reddish hue of a Vizsla's coat
Sandy This name refers to the light, warm tones in a Vizsla's coat
Sienna Sienna is a rich, earthy color that fits a Vizsla's coat
Tawny Tawny refers to a light brown to brownish-orange color, like a Vizsla's coat
Vermilion Vermilion is a brilliant red color, similar to the Vizsla's coat

Athletic Names

Vizslas are active and athletic dogs, a name that denotes strength and energy would be suitable
Name Description
Ace Great for a breed that excels in dog sports
Blitz This signifies the breed's energetic and fast-paced nature
Bolt This signifies the lightning fast movements of the breed
Chaser This breed loves to chase and retrieve
Dash Signifies the breed's quickness
Dasher This breed dashes quickly in open spaces
Falcon Represents the agility and swiftness of the breed
Flash This breed is as fast as a flash
Fleet This breed is known for its agility and quick movements
Glider Represents the smooth and steady movements of the breed
Hurdle This breed is known for its jumping abilities
Jet This breed is as fast and powerful as a jet
Jogger Perfect for a breed that loves long jogs
Jumper These dogs are known for their jumping skills
Pacer This breed sets a strong pace during long runs
Racer This breed is known for their speed
Rocket This breed is known for its speedy nature
Runner Emphasizes the breed's natural running abilities
Scout For a breed known for its exploring and hunting skills
Sprinter This breed is known for its quick bursts of speed
Streak This breed is known for its fast and sudden movements
Swift This breed is known for its quickness on its feet
Turbo Perfect for a breed that's quick and energetic
Zephyr The breed is as swift as a west wind
Zip This breed is known for its quick, zippy movements

Nature Names

Vizslas are known for their love of the outdoors, a name inspired by nature could be a great fit
Name Description
Aster Named after a beautiful, star-shaped flower
Birch Captures the essence of the tall, slender birch trees
Breeze Reflects the gentle and calm demeanor of the dog
Brook Evokes the soothing sound of a flowing stream
Canyon An homage to the nature's grand formations
Clay An earthy name that signifies flexibility and resilience
Coral Inspired by the vibrant and diverse coral reefs
Dawn Inspired by the serene beauty of the sunrise
Dusk Reflects the tranquil beauty of sunset
Fern A name inspired by the lush, green ferns in forests
Flint Depicts a resilient and strong character, like the hard rock
Glacier A name that signifies strength and perseverance
Hazel A nod to the charming hazel trees in the wild
Holly Named after the vibrant and cheerful holly plant
Maple Inspired by the majestic maple tree
Meadow Evokes images of vast, open fields, signifying freedom
Petal Inspired by the delicate and beautiful blooms of nature
Pine Inspired by the evergreen and resilient pine trees
Quartz Depicts the dog's sparkling and crystal clear personality
Ridge A strong name inspired by the nature's mountainous formations
River A reference to the beautiful, flowing waters of nature
Shadow For a dog with a mysterious or stealthy personality
Slate A sturdy and enduring name inspired by the nature's rock formations
Storm For a dog with a powerful and energetic personality
Thistle A unique name inspired by the resilient and beautiful thistle plant

Hungarian Names

Vizslas are a breed from Hungary and it might be fitting to use a Hungarian name
Name Description
Agnes A feminine Hungarian name, fitting for a gentle Vizsla
Arpad The name of a famous Hungarian leader, it would be fitting for a Vizsla, known for their noble and regal bearing
Bela This name is of Hungarian origin and very common in Hungary. It suits a Vizsla due to its strong, masculine sound
Bence A popular name in Hungary and it would suit a Vizsla with its strong and robust sound
Elod An old Hungarian name that complements the ancient lineage of the Vizsla breed
Eszter A gentle yet sturdy Hungarian name, perfect for a female Vizsla
Ferenc It's a traditional Hungarian name that suits the noble and dignified nature of the Vizsla
Gabor A common name in Hungary, it would be fitting for a Vizsla due to its masculine sound
Gyula It's a Hungarian name linked to nobility, ideal for the dignified Vizsla
Hajnal A Hungarian name meaning 'dawn', it reflects the Vizsla's energetic nature and zest for life
Imre In Hungary, this name is associated with bravery and strength, much like the Vizsla breed
Istvan The Hungarian variant of 'Stephen', it's befitting for a Vizsla due to its noble connotations
Jozsef Named after the patron saint of Hungary, it is apt for a Vizsla, a breed originating from the same country
Kincso In Hungarian, it means 'treasure', perfect for a beloved Vizsla
Laszlo It's a popular Hungarian name, and its strong consonants fit the robust nature of the Vizsla breed
Miklos A traditional name in Hungary and fits the Vizsla breed's noble and regal bearing
Orsolya A Hungarian name that would suit a female Vizsla with its soft and gentle sound
Piroska A traditional Hungarian name that would beautifully suit a female Vizsla
Reka A dainty Hungarian name that would be fitting for a female Vizsla
Sandor A name of Hungarian origin, it reflects the strength and courage of the Vizsla breed
Tibor A name of Hungarian origin, it mirrors the strength and courage of the Vizsla breed
Vilmos A traditional Hungarian name that suits the noble and dignified nature of the Vizsla
Zoltan A strong, masculine Hungarian name, perfect for a Vizsla
Zsolt Being a traditional Hungarian name, it's perfect for a Vizsla. It exudes a sense of strength and determination
Zsuzsa A popular Hungarian name that would be perfect for a female Vizsla due to its gentle sound
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Micah Photo of Micah for Vizsla Names She just looks like a Micah to me.
Mercy Photo of Mercy for Vizsla Names Protector,loyal,friendly & loving
Danger Photo of Danger for Vizsla Names Rescue gave him the name Dillinger, and it was too much to say. So, I made it shorter and chose Danger. I have never seen the name Danger on a website, or knew anyone who named their dog this (and my job is as a dog walker/pet sitter). Simple, yet unique.

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Rocky Because they will not move when they sleep with you. Plus, it is a cute name.
Rocky It comes up a lot in Vizsla dog names.
Mercy Protector
Budgie Big chunkie framed
Dasher Fun-loving, loyal, fast, and smart. Great name for a vizsla boy. Our's owned it for 14 years. RIP
Tessa My vizsla is named Tessa. Perfect for a charming girl that is a spitfire and extremely intelligent.
Summer They are the perfect color for the name
Stella It just fits a visla
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