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      The Vizsla originated in Hungary and it is no surprise that Hungarian names are popular among the breed. Choosing a name can be as easy as jotting down some behaviors and characteristics of your puppy and then looking up related words in Hungarian. A few sample names are Almos (meaning sleepy), Kerge (meaning crazy), and Pajti (meaning pal). Another route to take is to look up names related to the appearance of your puppy. The typical Vizsla coat is a goldish-brown shade that has popularized many color-derived names. A few of the more common options include Copper, Rusty, and Penny. Since the Vizsla makes an excellent pointer, many are bred for sporting and are given hunting related names like Remi, Hunter, and Ruger. Due to their loyal and affectionate nature, the breed is found more and more as a family pet. Borrowing the name of a favorite pet from a book or tv show is an increasingly popular option.
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Image Comment
Micah Photo of Micah for Vizsla Names She just looks like a Micah to me.
Mercy Photo of Mercy for Vizsla Names Protector,loyal,friendly & loving
Danger Photo of Danger for Vizsla Names Rescue gave him the name Dillinger, and it was too much to say. So, I made it shorter and chose Danger. I have never seen the name Danger on a website, or knew anyone who named their dog this (and my job is as a dog walker/pet sitter). Simple, yet unique.

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Name Reason
Rocky Because they will not move when they sleep with you. Plus, it is a cute name.
Rocky It comes up a lot in Vizsla dog names.
Mercy Protector
Budgie Big chunkie framed
Dasher Fun-loving, loyal, fast, and smart. Great name for a vizsla boy. Our's owned it for 14 years. RIP
Tessa My vizsla is named Tessa. Perfect for a charming girl that is a spitfire and extremely intelligent.
Summer They are the perfect color for the name
Stella It just fits a visla
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Ember: Story of Vizsla

In the quaint, peaceful town of Willowbrook, surrounded by lush forests and sparkling lakes, there lived a Vizsla named Ember. Ember was a beautiful dog with a sleek, golden-rust coat and an expressive, gentle face. She was known for her boundless energy and her unmatched ability to find anything that was hidden or lost.

Ember's best friend was a young boy named Max, who had been blind since birth. Max and Ember were inseparable, and their bond was unlike any other in Willowbrook. Ember was Max's eyes, guiding him through the world with unwavering loyalty and love.

Together, they would embark on countless adventures, exploring the forests and lakes that surrounded their quiet town. With Ember's keen senses and Max's adventurous spirit, they were an unstoppable duo. The townspeople often watched in awe as they navigated the world with grace and courage.

One day, while Max and Ember were playing near the edge of the forest, they overheard a group of townspeople talking about a valuable family heirloom that had gone missing. The heirloom, a precious locket, had belonged to a kind old woman named Mrs. Thompson, and it held great sentimental value to her.

Max and Ember decided to help Mrs. Thompson find her lost locket, confident in their abilities to locate it. With Ember's exceptional sense of smell and Max's determination, they began their search, retracing Mrs. Thompson's steps through the town.

They searched high and low, but the locket seemed to have vanished without a trace. As the sun began to set, Max and Ember decided to make one last attempt to find the locket, venturing deeper into the forest than they had ever gone before.

As they walked through the thick underbrush, Ember caught a faint whiff of something familiar. She followed the scent, guiding Max through the tangled foliage and into a small, moonlit clearing. There, in the center of the clearing, lay the missing locket, shimmering in the soft moonlight.

Max reached down and carefully picked up the locket, a smile spreading across his face. They had done it – they had found Mrs. Thompson's cherished heirloom. The duo quickly made their way back to the town, eager to return the locket to its rightful owner.

When they arrived at Mrs. Thompson's doorstep, Max held out the locket, and tears filled the old woman's eyes. She embraced Max and Ember, thanking them for their kindness and determination.

The news of Max and Ember's heroic deed spread throughout Willowbrook, and the pair became local legends. They continued to embark on adventures, helping those in need and proving that, together, they could overcome any obstacle.

As the years went by, Max and Ember grew older, but their bond remained as strong as ever. They continued to explore the world hand-in-paw, their love for each other unwavering.

The story of Max, the blind boy, and Ember, the fearless Vizsla, became a cherished tale in Willowbrook. It was a testament to the power of friendship and the incredible bond between humans and their devoted canine companions.

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