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Weimaraner Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Weimaraner owners often select German names that are consistent with the breed’s roots. Among the top German names are Emery, Heidi, and Luther. Weims have been nicknamed ‘grey ghost’ by some due to their unique coats. Casper and Slimer are a couple of ghost-themed names. Names derived from the breed’s distinctive grey color include Asher, Dusk, and Silver. Finding the right name for your pup can be as easy as visiting the local bar. Many cool choices can be taken from types of alcohol. Skyy, Cirrus, and Rain are a few vodka inspired ideas. Booker, Castle, and Barton come from whiskeys. For the beer enthusiasts there is Bud, Guiness, Amstel, and Foster.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace Reflects the breed's intelligence and quick learning ability
Amstel Named after a famous European beer, this name reflects the breed's European heritage
Apollo Apollo is the name of the Greek god of sun and light, matching the luminous grey coat of the Weimaraner
Archie This name suits a friendly, social Weimaraner
Asher This name brings to mind the breed's characteristic ash-gray coat
Atlas A strong name for a strong breed
Aurora For a dog with a captivating, shining personality
Barton A dignified name that reflects the breed's noble bearing and stature
Blaze This name is appropriate for a Weimaraner due to their high energy and playful nature
Blitz A nod to their German heritage as 'Blitz' means 'lightning' in German
Blur This name is ideal for a Weimaraner because they are known for their agility and speed
Booker A strong and distinguished name, much like the breed itself
Breeze It reflects the breed's speed and agility
Bud A friendly, approachable name that matches the Weimaraner's friendly nature
Casper This name is reminiscent of the friendly ghost, a nod to the Weimaraner's friendly nature and ghostly gray coat
Castle This name reflects the breed's German origins, as Germany is known for its castles
Chrome Chrome is a fitting name for a Weimaraner due to the breed's metallic grey coat
Cirrus This is a type of cloud, which can be a fun name for a Weimaraner with a soft, gray coat
Clay This name is suitable because the breed often has a coat color similar to the color of clay
Comet Their speed and energy give rise to this name
Cricket Reflecting the energetic nature of this breed
Dove This name mirrors the gentle and loving nature of Weimaraners
Drake It reflects a Weimaraner’s noble and powerful demeanor
Dusk It's a name that reflects the breed's beautiful gray coat, similar to the color of the sky at dusk
Dusty The name 'Dusty' suits a Weimaraner because of the breed's grey coat, which can sometimes look like it's dusted with color
Echo Their keen hearing and quick responses make this a suitable name
Eden A nod to the breed's German origin, as Eden is a popular German name
Emery This name suggests grit and determination, mirroring the energetic and driven nature of Weimaraners
Falcon Their agility and keen senses make this a suitable name
Flint Their strength and resilience give rise to this name
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Intelligent names

Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs, so names that reflect this trait can be fitting.
Name Description
Archimedes The name embodies the breed's inherent smartness and curiosity
Aristotle A name signifying wisdom and knowledge, perfect for the thoughtful Weimaraner
Babbage This name signifies analytical intelligence, perfect for the insightful Weimaraner
Copernicus This name represents pioneering intelligence, perfect for the innovative Weimaraner
Curie Named after the Nobel laureate, this name mirrors the Weimaraner's intellectual capacity
Darwin Named after the famous biologist, it reflects the Weimaraner's adaptability
DaVinci Inspired by the genius polymath, it reflects the Weimaraner's multifaceted intelligence
Edison Named after the famous inventor, it suits the inventive nature of the Weimaraner
Einstein This name pays homage to one of the most famous scientists, reflecting the Weimaraner's notable intelligence
Euclid A name that signifies mathematical intelligence, reflecting the breed's problem-solving abilities
Feynman Reflecting the breed's inquisitive nature, this name is inspired by the renowned physicist
Fibonacci This name signifies mathematical intelligence, perfect for the insightful Weimaraner
Galileo Inspired by the renowned astronomer, it signifies the breed's insightful nature
Gauss Reflecting the breed's intelligence and sharp understanding, this name is inspired by the famous mathematician
Hawking A tribute to the brilliant physicist, signifying the breed's keen intelligence
Hubble Named after the famous astronomer, it reflects the Weimaraner's insightful nature
Kepler This name represents pioneering intelligence, perfect for the innovative Weimaraner
Newton Named after Sir Isaac Newton, it reflects the intellectual characteristics of the breed
Pascal A name that signifies logical intelligence, reflecting the breed's problem-solving abilities
Plato This name signifies philosophical wisdom, reflecting the breed's pondering nature
Pythagoras This name reflects the Weimaraner's intelligence and sharp understanding
Sherlock This name mirrors the Weimaraner's problem-solving skills and curious nature
Socrates A name that signifies wisdom, perfect for the thoughtful Weimaraner
Tesla Inspired by the innovative inventor, this name suits the Weimaraner's creative problem-solving abilities
Winston Named after Churchill, it mirrors the Weimaraner's strategic thinking

Energetic names

Weimaraners are known for their high energy, so names that reflect this trait can be appropriate.
Name Description
Blitz German for 'lightning', perfect for a vivacious Weimaraner
Bolt This name is inspired by the speed and energy of a lightning bolt
Breeze Perfect for a dog that moves quickly and effortlessly
Dart Great for a dog that loves to run and play
Dash Great for a dog that loves to run
Flash Great for a fast and lively Weimaraner
Flicker For a dog that is always moving, like a flickering flame
Frisky Perfect for an energetic and playful Weimaraner
Gusto Perfect for a dog that lives life with enthusiasm
Jazz It's lively and energetic, like this breed
Jet Ideal for a fast, energetic Weimaraner
Pulse Perfect for a dog with a lot of life and vitality
Quiver For a dog constantly on the move and full of energy
Ripple Inspired by the energetic movement of water
Rocket Suggestive of a dog with a lot of energy and speed
Rush Ideal for a dog that loves to move quickly
Scamper Ideal for a Weimaraner that loves to run and play
Spark This name is for a dog that lights up a room with its energy
Sprint Perfect for a dog that loves to run
Turbo It's symbolic of speed and energy
Vigor Perfect for a Weimaraner full of energetic life
Vortex Symbolic of a whirlwind of energy
Whirl Ideal for a dog that is always on the move
Zippy It's a synonym for fast and energetic
Zoom Suggests a dog that loves to run and play

Color-specific names

Weimaraners are known for their unique gray color, so names that reflect this can be a good match.
Name Description
Ash It symbolizes the ash-grey color of the Weimaraner’s coat
Charcoal Perfect for a Weimaraner with a dark grey coat
Cinder Inspired by the ash-grey color of some Weimaraners
Dove Inspired by the light, dove-gray color of some Weimaraners
Foggy This name is inspired by the foggy-gray color of the Weimaraner’s coat
Graphite Represents the Weimaraner’s dark grey coat color
Grayson A trendy name that hints at the Weimaraner’s grey color
Iron Perfect for a Weimaraner with a coat color similar to iron
Misty Perfect for a Weimaraner with a light, misty shade of grey
Mouse This name is inspired by the mouse-gray color of the Weimaraner’s coat
Nickel Reflects the Weimaraner’s silver-grey color, similar to a nickel
Oyster This name is inspired by the color of oyster shells, similar to the Weimaraner’s coat
Pebble This name can reflect the grayish color of pebbles, like the Weimaraner’s coat
Pewter Refers to the Weimaraner’s distinctive grey color, which is similar to the color of pewter metal
Pigeon This name is inspired by the pigeon-gray color of the Weimaraner’s coat
Platinum Refers to the light, shiny, silver-grey color of some Weimaraners
Shadow Perfect for a Weimaraner with a darker shade of gray coat
Shale Perfect for a Weimaraner with a coat color similar to shale rock
Silver This name is a direct reflection of the Weimaraner’s shiny, silver-grey coat
Slate Perfect for a Weimaraner with a coat color similar to slate rock
Smoky This name is inspired by the smoky-gray color of the Weimaraner’s coat
Steel This name is a nod to the Weimaraner’s steel-gray coat
Sterling Inspired by the sleek, shiny coat of the Weimaraner that can be likened to sterling silver
Stone Refers to the Weimaraner’s coat color, which can be similar to the color of stones
Thunder This name is a nod to the Weimaraner’s dark grey coat, reminiscent of stormy skies

Hunting names

Weimaraners are hunting dogs, so names related to hunting can be suitable.
Name Description
Arrow Named after a weapon used in hunting
Blaze A blaze is a trail marking in hunting, making it a fitting name
Blitz This name reflects the speed and intensity of a hunting dog
Bolt A fast runner, much like a hunting Weimaraner
Brave Hunting requires a lot of bravery
Chase Hunting often involves chasing the prey
Dash This name reflects the agility and speed during a hunt
Falcon Another bird of prey, symbolizing a dog's hunting prowess
Gunner A term used in hunting to describe a good shooter
Hawk Named after a bird of prey, known for its hunting skills
Hunter This name is directly linked to the purpose of hunting
Pounce Pouncing is a common hunting technique used by many animals
Quiver A quiver holds arrows, a hunting weapon
Ranger This name is inspired by park rangers who protect wildlife
Rifle A common tool used in hunting
Rush This name reflects a hunting dog’s quick movements
Saber Much like a hunting weapon, a saber-toothed cat was a prehistoric hunter
Scout Scouting is an essential part of hunting
Sharp A reference to a hunting dog's keen senses
Sniper Relates to precision, just like a hunting dog
Stealth Stealth is crucial in hunting
Strike Symbolizes the moment a hunter captures their prey
Talon Talons are used by birds of prey to catch their victims
Tracker Relates to the dog's ability to follow a trail during a hunt
Trapper Trapper refers to a hunter who uses traps

German names

Weimaraners originated in Germany, so it's fitting to give them a German name.
Name Description
Adler This name means eagle in German, reflecting the Weimaraner's keen hunting skills
Bär The Weimaraner's strength and tenacity are mirrored in this name, which means bear in German
Blitz Blitz is a German term for lightning, reflecting the breed's agility and speed
Ehrlich This name means honest, reflecting the breed's loyal and straightforward nature
Freitag This name means Friday in German, suitable for a Weimaraner bringing joy at the end of the week
Friedrich This name is a common German name, suitable for a purebred Weimaraner
Glück This name means luck, suitable for a Weimaraner bringing happiness into the home
Heinrich This traditional German name can be a nod to the breed's German origins
Held This name means hero, reflecting the breed's brave and protective nature
Himmel This name means sky, mirroring the breed's light blue eyes
Kaiser This name translates to emperor, reflecting the Weimaraner's noble and commanding presence
Klug This name means clever, reflecting the breed's high intelligence
König The name means king, suitable for a breed as regal as the Weimaraner
Liebe This name means love, reflecting the breed's affectionate nature
Mutig This name means brave, reflecting the Weimaraner's fearless nature
Ritter Ritter means knight, reflecting the breed's protective nature
Schatten The name translates to shadow, reflecting the breed's grey coat
Schnell The name means fast, reflecting the breed's athletic abilities
Sieg This name means victory, reflecting the breed's strong spirit
Stolz This name means proud, reflecting the breed's confident demeanor
Tapfer This name means brave, reflecting the Weimaraner's courageous nature
Träumer This name means dreamer, reflecting the breed's often calm and thoughtful demeanor
Wald This name means forest, a place where Weimaraners love to explore
Wunder Wunder means wonder, reflecting the breed's curious nature
Zauber This name means magic, reflecting the Weimaraner's enchanting personality
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The Whimsical Weimaraner Wraith: A Story of Luna

In the quaint village of Graystone, tales of a mysterious ghost had captivated the townspeople for generations. The apparition was said to haunt the old mansion atop a hill, casting an eerie presence over the town. The residents lived in fear of the ghost, and the once-grand estate fell into disrepair, shrouded in rumors and dread.

Enter Luna, a graceful Weimaraner with a sleek silver coat that shimmered in the moonlight. She belonged to the newly arrived Cartwright family, who had decided to purchase and restore the old mansion, undeterred by the ghostly tales that surrounded it. The family was confident that the stories were nothing more than superstition, and they set to work breathing life back into the historic home.

Luna loved exploring the vast estate, her long legs and boundless energy allowing her to navigate the sprawling grounds with ease. One evening, as the full moon cast its silvery glow over Graystone, Luna ventured farther than ever before, her curiosity piqued by the shadows that danced through the trees.

As Luna trotted gracefully through the village, her silver coat blending seamlessly with the moonlit surroundings, she caught the eye of a group of children. The youngsters, raised on stories of the elusive ghost, immediately assumed that the ethereal figure before them was the fabled specter of Graystone. Their imaginations running wild, they raced home to tell their families of the ghostly sighting.

News of the ghost's appearance spread like wildfire, and soon, the entire village was abuzz with whispers and fear. Luna, unaware of the panic she had caused, continued her nightly explorations, her captivating presence only fueling the townspeople's terror.

Determined to solve the mystery once and for all, the village elders gathered together and devised a plan to capture the elusive ghost. Armed with lanterns and a net, they set out under the cover of darkness, their hearts pounding with equal parts fear and determination.

As they approached the old mansion, they spotted Luna, her silvery coat glistening in the moonlight. They hesitated for a moment, the elegant Weimaraner's beauty taking their breath away. But as Luna turned to face them, her eyes glowing with curiosity, the elders steeled themselves and launched their net, trapping the unsuspecting dog.

Just as the village elders were about to claim victory over the ghost, the Cartwright family emerged from the mansion, having heard the commotion outside. They explained to the stunned villagers that the so-called ghost was, in fact, their beloved Weimaraner, Luna.

The villagers, embarrassed by their mistake but relieved to learn the truth, released Luna from the net and apologized profusely for their actions. As the air of mystery that had hung over Graystone for generations finally dissipated, the townspeople embraced Luna and the Cartwright family, grateful for the opportunity to shed their fears and superstitions.

From that day on, Luna became a beloved member of the Graystone community, her ethereal beauty and gentle nature admired by all who met her. The old mansion was fully restored, and the village began to thrive once more, the shadow of the ghostly legend replaced by the warmth and friendship of its newest residents. And so, the whimsical Weimaraner wraith of Graystone became a symbol of hope and unity, reminding the townspeople of the importance of seeking the truth and looking beyond the tales that had once held them captive.

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