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Updated: October 06, 2023
      Many typical names among the Westie stem from its characteristic white coat. Names like Casper, Powder, Aspen, and Dove are a few favorites. Almond is a pretty common name that arose from the Westie’s almond shaped eyes. As with many breeds, owners like to seek out names that match their puppy's origins. There are many excellent Scottish names that can be proudly engraved on any Westie’s name tag. Conan, Taran, and Ceana are just few examples. Other well-rooted names come from cities in Scotland like Paisley, Dundee, or Perth. Yet another honorable idea is to name a puppy after key players in the development of the breed. Edward Donald Malcolm, Niall Campbell, and Robert Goelet each lent an important hand in the Westie’s history and would be honored to share a name as well.
Name Reason to Choose
Aberdeen Aberdeen is a Scottish city, which represents the Westie's heritage
Ainsley A Scottish name meaning 'one's own meadow'
Alba The Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, a patriotic name for a Westie
Almond Almonds have a white core, which could be a nod to the white fur of a Westie
Angel Angels are usually depicted as white and pure, just like the color of Westie's fur
Archie A popular name in Scotland
Argyle Inspired by the pattern often associated with Scotland, a stylish name for a Westie
Aspen Aspen trees are often covered in snow, a white substance, which is a nod to the Westie's white coat
Bagpipes A fun and quirky name, paying homage to the Scottish musical instrument
Barley Named after the grain used in Scottish whisky, a fitting name for a golden Westie
Belle A beautiful name for a beautiful breed
Bianco This name is Italian for 'white', which refers to the color of Westie's coat
Biscuit This name is perfect for a Westie due to their light, golden-brown coat resembling the color of a biscuit
Blanco In Spanish, Blanco means white, synonymous with the Westie's fur color
Blizzard Their white coat is like a snow blizzard
Bobbie It's a friendly, cute name that matches the sociable personality of a Westie
Bonnie Scottish for beautiful, a fitting name for a lovely Westie
Braveheart A reference to the famous Scottish movie
Brodie A Scottish name that's both strong and cute, perfect for a Westie
Cadence A musical term that can connote the rhythmic energy of a playful Westie
Cairn After the Cairn Terrier, a close cousin of the Westie
Campbell This is a well-known Scottish surname, an ode to the breed's origin
Casper This is a famous ghost character often associated with a white color, similar to the Westie's coat
Ceana Originates from Scotland, the homeland of Westies, which makes it a fitting name
Chalky Their white fur can remind you of chalk
Charlie A friendly and affectionate name, just like a Westie
Chloe A chic and fashionable name for a chic and fashionable breed
Cloud Their fluffy coat resembles a cloud
Clyde Named after the River Clyde in Scotland, emphasizing the breed's Scottish heritage
Coco A cute, affectionate name that suits a Westie's lovable character
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Size-Inspired Westie Names

Despite their small size, Westies are known for their big personalities. Names inspired by their size can be both cute and ironic.
Name Description
Biscuit A small, delicious treat, just like a cute Westie
Bonsai A name referring to the miniature trees, showing the small stature of the Westie
Button A cute name that emphasizes a Westie's small size and cuteness
Elf Elves are small and magical creatures, just like a Westie
Jellybean A sweet treat-inspired name that suggests the small size and sweetness of a Westie
Micro Because of their small size, this name is a fun, tech-inspired choice
Minnow This is a cute, aquatic-inspired name for a tiny Westie
Morsel This name is a playful nod to the Westie's petite size
Munchkin A sweet name for a small and adorable Westie
Nibble A playful name that highlights the petite size of a Westie
Nugget A gold nugget is small but valuable, just like a Westie
Peanut This name is a classic choice for tiny dogs
Pebble A name that symbolizes the small size and solid nature of a Westie
Pickle Pickles are small, and this name adds a dash of fun and quirkiness
Pint This name conveys that a Westie is small, similar to a pint-sized glass of beer
Pip Inspired by small seeds, suggesting the petite size of a Westie
Pixie A magical, small mythical creature, fitting for a small, enchanting Westie
Poppet A British term of endearment for a small person or animal
Runt A cute term often used to describe the smallest in the litter
Shortcake A dessert-inspired name that signifies the small stature of a Westie
Sprout Sprouts are small but full of life, just like a Westie
Squirt A name that suggests the small size and playful nature of a Westie
Tater Tot A food-inspired name that emphasizes the small and cute nature of a Westie
Teacup Westies are small, like adorable teacups
Thimble Referring to the small sewing tool, it's a great name for a petite Westie

Traditional Scottish Westie Names

West Highland White Terriers, or Westies, originated in Scotland. Traditional Scottish names can honor their heritage and add a touch of authenticity.
Name Description
Alastair It's a Scottish variant of Alexander, meaning 'defender of the people.'
Angus It's a common Scottish name, often associated with strength and vigor
Brodie An authentic Scottish name, it's derived from a place in Moray, Scotland
Bruce Famous in Scotland due to Robert the Bruce, a national hero
Callum This name is of Scottish Gaelic origin and means 'dove.'
Dougal This name has Irish and Scottish origins, meaning dark stranger
Duncan This name means 'brown warrior', originating from Scotland
Ewan This is a traditional Scottish name that means 'young warrior.'
Fergus Originating in Scotland, it translates to 'man strength.'
Fraser This Scottish surname turned first name is popular across the country
Gordon It's a Scottish name that refers to a 'spacious fort.'
Gregor This name is of Scottish origin and connotes 'watchful or alert.'
Hamish This is the Scottish equivalent of James and means supplanter
Ivor This name of Scottish origin means 'archer.'
Kerr This Scottish name refers to 'someone who lives near a patch of wet ground.'
Lachlan It's a traditional Scottish name, initially used to describe the Vikings
Mac This is a popular prefix in Scottish surnames, symbolizing son of
Malcolm A regal Scottish name, it's been borne by several Scottish kings
Mungo A fun and unique Scottish name, it's also the name of Glasgow's patron saint
Nairn Named after a town and a river in Scotland, it's a unique choice
Rory A Scottish name that means 'red king.'
Ross Inspired by a place in Scotland, it means 'peninsula' in Gaelic
Struan Originating in Scotland, it means 'stream.'
Stuart An old Scottish name, it means 'steward or guardian.'
Wallace It's a classic Scottish name, most famous due to the Scotsman William Wallace

Famous Character Westie Names

Naming your Westie after a famous character from movies, books, or TV shows can add a touch of fun and nostalgia. It can also reflect your personal interests.
Name Description
Asta Asta is a terrier from 'The Thin Man' series, a classic choice for a Westie
Beethoven From the movie 'Beethoven', this name is ideal for a Westie with a strong and bold personality
Bolto Named after the lead dog from the animated movie 'Balto', it suits a Westie with a heroic spirit
Clifford A character from children's literature, Clifford is a great name for a large-hearted Westie
Dodger A character from 'Oliver and Company', Dodger is a great name for a Westie with a playful and adventurous personality
Droopy An animated character known for his calm demeanor, Droopy would be a fun name for a laid-back Westie
Dug Inspired by the dog in the movie 'Up', Dug is a great name for a lovable and loyal Westie
Goofy A character from Disney, Goofy is a perfect name for a Westie with a fun-loving and silly personality
Gromit From the animation 'Wallace and Gromit', this name is perfect for a smart and loyal Westie
Lady A character in 'Lady and the Tramp', Lady is fitting for a graceful and loving Westie
Lassie From the movie 'Lassie', this name perfectly fits a Westie who is loyal and brave
Marley Marley, from 'Marley & Me', is a great name for a Westie with a big heart and lots of energy
Max Max is the dog in 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', a fitting name for a Westie with a heart of gold
Milo From the movie 'The Mask', Milo is a great name for a Westie with a mischievous yet loyal personality
Pippin A character from 'The Lord of the Rings', Pippin is ideal for a brave and adventurous Westie
Pluto As one of Mickey Mouse's companions, Pluto is a great name for a faithful Westie
Pongo From '101 Dalmatians', Pongo is a perfect name for a Westie with a lively and adventurous spirit
Scooby Scooby, from 'Scooby-Doo', is a fun name for a Westie who loves solving mysteries
Scrappy Inspired by 'Scooby-Doo', Scrappy is a fitting name for a Westie with a brave and energetic personality
Simba A character from 'The Lion King', Simba is a strong and courageous name for a Westie
Snoopy This name is from the comic strip 'Peanuts' and is perfect for a Westie with a playful personality
Snowy A character from 'The Adventures of Tintin', Snowy is a brave and loyal companion
Toto This name is borrowed from the beloved canine character in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp Inspired by 'Lady and the Tramp', Tramp is ideal for a Westie with a mischievous streak
Winnie A character from 'Winnie the Pooh', this name suits a sweet and friendly Westie

Food-Inspired Westie Names

Westies are known for their hearty appetites. Food-inspired names can be adorable and fitting for these little gourmands.
Name Description
Biscuit Ideal for a golden and fluffy pet
Caramel Ideal for a sweet and smooth companion
Chai For a pup with a warm and spicy personality
Cinnamon Perfect for a warm and spicy character
Cocoa For a Westie with a warm personality
Cookie Perfect for a sweet and comforting Westie
Cupcake For a Westie that is as sweet as dessert
Fudge For a Westie that is as sweet as candy
Ginger After the zesty spice, ideal for a pup with a lively spirit
Honey For a Westie that is as sweet as nectar
Marshmallow Perfect for a fluffy and cuddly Westie
Mochi For a sweet and soft Westie, after the Japanese rice cake
Noodle Ideal for a playful and wiggly pup
Nutmeg For a pup with a unique and sweet personality
Olive Ideal for a pup that brings a unique flavor to your life
Peanut For a small and energetic pup
Pepper A classic spice for a Westie with a little bit of kick
Peppermint For a refreshing and lively pup
Pickles If your Westie has a bit of a sassy side
Popcorn Perfect for a poppin' personality
Pumpkin For a Westie with a warm and comforting nature
Raisin Ideal for a darkly coated and sweet pup
Saffron For a Westie with a unique and high-value presence
Truffle Ideal for a precious and rare companion
Waffle Perfect for a soft and comforting companion

Nature-Inspired Westie Names

Westies are fun-loving and energetic dogs that enjoy outdoor adventures. Names inspired by nature can capture their free-spirited personality.
Name Description
Aspen A name for a Westie as strong and sturdy as an aspen tree
Autumn A serene name for a Westie with a calm and gentle demeanor
Birch For the white bark of the birch tree, reflecting the Westie's white coat
Blossom For a Westie that brightens your day, just like a blooming flower
Breeze The Westie's speedy nature makes them as fast as a breeze
Cedar For the robust and strong nature of Westies
Daisy A delicate yet resilient flower, much like a Westie
Fern A name for Westies that love to explore the undergrowth
Flint A nod to the Westie's hardy and resilient nature
Maple For a Westie as sweet and beloved as maple syrup
Meadow For a Westie that loves to run and play in open spaces
Moss A soft, gentle name for a Westie with a soft, gentle nature
Pebble For small and playful Westies, just like a small stone skipping across a pond
Rain For Westies that love to play outside, no matter the weather
Raven A striking name for a Westie with a bold and adventurous spirit
River For the Westie's flow of energy and love for water
Rose For a Westie as precious and cherished as a rose
Sage A name for a wise and discerning Westie
Skye Inspired by the wide, open spaces Westies love to explore
Snow A name to reflect the Westie's pure, white fur
Sprout Perfect for a young, energetic Westie, always growing and exploring
Storm For a Westie with an energetic and electric personality
Thistle For a Westie as brave and resilient as a thistle
Willow For a Westie that is flexible and adaptable, just like a willow tree
Wren For a Westie as lively and spirited as a wren bird
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Akasha Photo of akasha for Westie Names I just liked the name
Sherlock Photo of sherlock for Westie Names I wanted a name to reflect my Westie's heritage and my own interest in English mysteries. After discovering the beloved character of Sherlock Holmes was based on a real life Scottish doctor, the answer was obvious. Plus the meaning of the name Sherlock is 'fair haired'. Not to mention the fact the name perfectly fits my nosy little detective who is compelled to investigate anything new in his tracks.

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Piper because we like it, and it sounds Scottish
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Angus Saves the Day: A Westie Story

In a peaceful neighborhood lined with picket fences and fragrant gardens, there lived a West Highland White Terrier named Angus. Angus was a small dog with a big heart, his snow-white coat always immaculate, and his dark eyes filled with warmth and curiosity.

Angus loved his human family, but he also had a soft spot for his elderly neighbor, Mrs. Green. Mrs. Green was a sweet, gentle woman who lived alone since her husband had passed away and her children had moved far away. She would often sit on her porch, sipping tea and watching the world go by, a smile on her face whenever she saw Angus playing in the yard next door.

One warm summer morning, Angus was playing fetch with his favorite squeaky toy when he noticed that Mrs. Green's door was slightly ajar. This was unusual, as she was always very careful about keeping her home secure. Sensing that something was amiss, Angus trotted over to investigate.

As he approached the door, Angus heard a faint sound coming from inside the house. It was a soft whimpering, almost too quiet to hear, but Angus's sharp ears picked up the distressing noise. He nudged the door open with his nose and cautiously made his way inside.

Angus followed the sound, his heart pounding in his chest as he padded through the dimly lit hallway. He finally found Mrs. Green lying on the floor of her living room, her face pale and her breathing labored. She had fallen and was unable to get up or call for help.

Angus knew that he needed to act quickly. He raced back to his own house, barking loudly and scratching at the door until his family came rushing outside to see what was wrong. He led them to Mrs. Green's house, his urgent barks making it clear that there was no time to waste.

As they entered the living room and saw Mrs. Green lying on the floor, Angus's family immediately understood the gravity of the situation. They called an ambulance, and while they waited for it to arrive, they gently comforted Mrs. Green and made sure she was as comfortable as possible.

The ambulance arrived swiftly, and the paramedics praised Angus for his quick thinking and heroism. They carefully lifted Mrs. Green onto a stretcher, reassuring her that she was in good hands and would soon be on her way to the hospital.

As the days went by, Angus would often sit on the porch, keeping a watchful eye on Mrs. Green's house and awaiting her return. When she finally came home, she had nothing but gratitude and love for the little Westie who had saved her life.

From that day on, Angus and Mrs. Green shared a special bond, their friendship forged in the face of adversity and the unwavering loyalty of a small white dog with a heart of gold. And as they sat together on the porch, basking in the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees, they knew that they would always be there for one another, watching over each other as the world went by.

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