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Wheaten Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier came from Ireland where its primary role was in herding and protecting livestock. If you are having trouble coming up with a name for your new Wheaten puppy, many great options can be derived from this Terrier’s Irish roots. Another idea is to take the herding origin and look into names related to farming and ranching. Often referred to as a Wheatie, the Wheaten Terrier is well-known for its soft coat. For a puppy, the coat can vary in color greatly, but as the pup begins to mature the coat will end up a wheat or white color. For this reason, it is best to avoid color related names based on the coat of a puppy.
Name Reason to Choose
Abban An Irish name to honor the breed's heritage
Abby A sweet and friendly name for a breed with a similar disposition
Ackley A British name that suits the breed's noble demeanor
Aidan This name is of Irish origin, fitting the breed's country of origin
Ainsley This unisex name is a great fit for this friendly and sociable breed
Amber Refers to the golden color of the breed’s coat
Ambiance This graceful name suits the breed's elegant demeanor
Ashling This Irish name suits the breed's origin
Bailey A versatile name that is great for a sociable and friendly Wheaten Terrier
Bandit A great name for a sneaky and playful dog
Barclay This name is suitable for a friendly and outgoing breed like the Wheaten Terrier
Barley It's a reference to the breed's wheat-colored fur
Barlowe A unique name, for a unique breed
Barra An Irish name that suits the breed's heritage
Bee The breed's buzzing energy makes this name fitting
Belle A beautiful name for a beautiful breed
Berach This name is of Irish origin, reflecting the breed's lineage
Berkley Perfect for a Wheaten Terrier as it has an air of sophistication and elegance
Biscuit A classic dog name that matches the breed's coat color
Blondie A fun and playful name that reflects the light golden coat of Wheaten Terriers
Bozley A fun and energetic name, fitting for this lively breed
Brandy Perfect for a Wheaten Terrier with a warm and comforting personality
Bristol This name's British origin makes it suitable for a breed popular in the UK
Buck It's a strong, masculine name suitable for a sturdy breed like the Wheaten Terrier
Buddy Wheaten Terriers are known for being great companions, making Buddy a fitting name
Buster It's a common, friendly name for dogs and suitable for this energetic breed
Caitlin An Irish name fitting for this Irish breed
Caramel A delicious name for a dog with a caramel-colored coat
Cash A cool and modern name for a breed with a lively personality
Champ This name represents the terrier's sporty and competitive nature
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Food-inspired Names

Wheaten Terriers have a coat color that could be associated with various foods, inspiring names like Honey, Caramel, or Cookie.
Name Description
Biscuit Represents a pet with a golden, crunchy exterior and a soft, warm heart
Butterscotch Ideal for a dog with a sweet disposition and a coat as shiny as caramel
Caramel For a dog with a smooth, golden coat and a sweet disposition
Cinnamon A spicy name for a dog with a warm, reddish coat
Cookie Perfect for a pet that's as irresistible and cherished as a sweet treat
Crumbles A name for a dog with a slightly messy but loveable character
Cupcake Fits a cute, loveable, and irresistibly sweet pet
Ginger A zesty name for a dog with a fiery spirit
Honey Perfect for a pet with a sweet personality and a golden coat
Jellybean Suitable for a colorful and sweet-natured pet
Latte For a dog that brings energy and comfort, much like a morning coffee
Marshmallow Fits a dog that's as soft and sweet as a fluffy, sugary delight
Mocha Fits a dog with a brown coat and an energizing personality
Muffin For a pup that's as sweet and fluffy as a freshly baked treat
Nugget For a small, golden, and precious pet
Olive Ideal for a dog with a peaceful and friendly nature
Peanut Perfect for a small and energetic furball
Pecan Fits a dog with a shiny brown coat and a tough, sturdy character
Pepper Ideal for a dog with a lively and spicy character
Popcorn For a pet that's as fun and exciting as a movie night
Pumpkin A pet that brings joy and warmth, just like the fall season
Sesame Suitable for a small, light-colored dog with a big personality
Taffy Describes a pet that's as delightful and sweet as candy
Truffle For a pet that's as rare and cherished as a gourmet treat
Waffles For a dog that's as comforting and loved as a breakfast treat

Famous Dog Names

Choosing a name from a famous dog in literature, movies, or history can be a fun and unique way to name a Wheaten Terrier.
Name Description
Balto Named after the heroic sled dog from the animated film 'Balto'
Beethoven A nod to the lovable St. Bernard from the popular film series
Benji This name is inspired by the stray dog character from the 'Benji' film series
Bolt This name pays tribute to the superhero dog character from the movie 'Bolt'
Bruno This is a nod to the bloodhound from 'Cinderella'
Buddy It refers to the golden retriever who starred in the 'Air Bud' films
Chance This name is inspired by the young bulldog from 'Homeward Bound'
Dodger A name inspired by the charismatic mongrel from 'Oliver & Company'
Goofy This name pays tribute to the iconic Disney character
Gromit This is inspired by the intelligent dog from 'Wallace & Gromit'
Hooch This is a nod to the dogue de Bordeaux from the movie 'Turner & Hooch'
Lady A tribute to the refined cocker spaniel from 'Lady and the Tramp'
Lassie This name pays homage to the iconic collie from the famous television series
Marley This name is inspired by the mischievous Labrador retriever from 'Marley & Me'
Max Named after the loyal dog from 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'
Odie This name is a nod to the loveable beagle from the 'Garfield' comics
Perdita A name paying homage to the dalmatian mother from '101 Dalmatians'
Pluto Named after Mickey Mouse's loyal dog from the Disney franchise
Pongo This name is inspired by the dalmatian father from '101 Dalmatians'
Rin Tin Tin Named after the famous German Shepherd from the silent film era
Shadow This name is a nod to the wise golden retriever from 'Homeward Bound'
Snoopy A beloved beagle character from the 'Peanuts' comic strip
Spike A tribute to the bulldog from the 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons
Toto This is a tribute to the brave cairn terrier from 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp This is inspired by the street-smart mutt from 'Lady and the Tramp'

Personality-based Names

Wheaten Terriers are known for their friendly and lively personality, which could inspire names that reflect their character.
Name Description
Blithe They are known for their carefree and joyful attitude
Bouncy They are known for their springy gait
Champ Their athletic nature makes them winners in any physical activity
Cheerful This breed is known for its consistently happy demeanor
Fiesta Their personality is always like the life of a party
Frolic This breed loves to play and have fun
Giddy Their energetic nature can often seem like they're always excited
Gusto They do everything with great enthusiasm
Jester Their playful antics can often be the source of amusement
Jolly They are known to always be in a good mood
Jovial They are known for their friendly and outgoing personality
Jubilant They always seem to be in a celebratory mood
Jubilee Their exuberance can often feel like a celebration
Lively This breed is known for its vivacious spirit
Merry Wheaten Terriers are always in high spirits
Mirthful Their cheerful disposition brings joy to everyone around them
Peppy This breed is always full of energy
Perky Their alert and lively nature is one of their distinctive traits
Pizazz This breed has a lot of charm and appeal
Rascal They can be mischievous at times
Sprightly This breed is energetic and playful
Sunny Wheaten Terriers are known for their cheerful demeanor
Vibrant They have a lively and spirited personality
Waggly Their tail is often seen wagging in joy
Zestful Wheaten Terriers are known for their zest for life

Nature-inspired Names

Wheaten Terriers have a beautiful wheaten (similar to golden wheat) coat, which could inspire names based on nature or colors.
Name Description
Aspen A great name for a dog with a white or light-colored coat, like the bark of an Aspen tree
Berry Perfect for a small, sweet Wheaten Terrier with a colorful personality
Birch Birch trees are known for their bright and cheerful disposition, much like a Wheaten Terrier's personality
Breeze For a Wheaten Terrier that moves swiftly and gracefully
Cedar A strong and robust name for a resilient Terrier
Cloud For a fluffy Wheaten Terrier that's as light and cheerful as a cloud
Coral A beautiful name for a dog with a coat the color of pink coral
Daisy A cheerful and bright name for a Terrier that brings joy wherever it goes
Fern For a dog that is delicate but hardy, much like a fern plant
Hazel Perfect for any Wheaten Terrier with a coat the color of hazelnuts
Holly For a Terrier that brings joy and cheer, much like holly during the holiday season
Maple A great name for a dog with a coat the color of maple leaves in the fall
Meadow This name reflects the breed's love for running and playing in open fields
Moss A cool name for a dog with a coat the color of green moss
Orchid For a dog with an exotic and alluring appeal
Pebble Ideal for a small but sturdy Wheaten Terrier
Pine Suitable for a dog with a robust and resilient personality
Rain For a dog that loves playing outdoors, regardless of the weather
River This name is suitable for a Terrier that loves to splash around in water
Rose This name is suitable for a beautiful and charming Wheaten Terrier
Sage For a Wheaten Terrier that carries an air of wisdom and calm
Sky For a Terrier that loves to run and play under the open sky
Spruce Perfect for a dog with a sprightly and energetic personality
Thistle Thistles are tough yet beautiful, a trait shared by many Terriers
Willow For a Wheaten Terrier that is both elegant and flexible

Irish Names

Wheaten Terriers have an Irish heritage, so it would be fitting to choose a name that reflects their origin.
Name Description
Bailey This name has Irish origin meaning 'law enforcer' which suits the Wheaten Terrier's protective nature
Brennan Originating from Ireland, it translates to 'little drop', fitting for a small, active breed like the Wheaten Terrier
Cormac The ancient Irish name meaning 'charioteer' can reflect the Wheaten Terrier's energetic personality
Darcy With its Irish origin meaning 'dark', it's an ironic but adorable choice for a light-colored Wheaten Terrier
Eamon This Irish name translates to 'rich protector', a great match for the protective Wheaten Terrier
Finn An Irish name meaning 'fair', it could refer to the Wheaten Terrier's fair coat
Gallagher This name meaning 'foreign helper' in Irish is apt for a Wheaten Terrier who loves to help around the house
Hogan An Irish name meaning 'young', reflecting the youthful spirit of the Wheaten Terrier
Ian The Irish translation for 'John', a classic and simple choice for a Wheaten Terrier
Kieran An Irish name that means 'little dark one'. It's a playful, ironic choice for a light-colored Wheaten Terrier
Liam A popular Irish name that's a great choice for a loyal and loving Wheaten Terrier
Malone An Irish surname, it can be a unique and stylish name for a Wheaten Terrier
Nolan An Irish name meaning 'noble', a great fit for a dignified Wheaten Terrier
Oscar This Irish name meaning 'deer lover' could suit a Wheaten Terrier with a love for chasing wildlife
Patrick Named after the patron saint of Ireland, it's a fitting choice for an Irish breed like the Wheaten Terrier
Quinn This Irish name means 'wise', a trait often associated with the intelligent Wheaten Terrier
Ronan An Irish name meaning 'little seal', a cute choice for a playful Wheaten Terrier
Seamus An Irish form of 'James', it's a classic choice for a Wheaten Terrier
Tiernan This Irish name means 'little lord', perfect for a Wheaten Terrier who rules the house
Uilliam This is the Irish form of 'William', a noble name for a Wheaten Terrier
Vaughn An Irish name meaning 'small', a fitting choice for a smaller breed like the Wheaten Terrier
Wiley This Irish name meaning 'tricky' could suit a mischievous Wheaten Terrier
Xavier While not traditionally Irish, this name has been adopted in Ireland and can be a unique choice for a Wheaten Terrier
Yeats Named after the famous Irish poet, a cultured choice for a Wheaten Terrier
Zane This name of Irish origin means 'God is gracious', a sweet sentiment for a beloved Wheaten Terrier
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Duke Photo of Duke for Wheaten Terrier Names
Eowyn Photo of eowyn for Wheaten Terrier Names It it a name of an elf princess from The Lord of the Rings.
Macy grey Photo of macy grey for Wheaten Terrier Names She is unique like the singer Macy Grey, and it's a beautiful name as she is a beautiful dog.
Merlin Photo of merlin for Wheaten Terrier Names Just thought the name fit him

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User Recommendations

Other guests recommend these names for a Wheaten Terrier.
Name Reason
Jack Jack Duggan, the wild colonial boy
Maggie Our beautiful girl, Maggie Lynn, was in our lives for 13 years. The name fit her sweet disposition, fierce loyalty, and love of her family.
Hunter Fun to say
Tasker My old wheaten terrier was called Tasker and it was a really good name.
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Finnegan the Brave: A Tale from the Land of Mystika

In the enchanting land of Mystika, a place where mythical creatures roamed and magic filled the air, there lived a spirited Wheaten Terrier named Finnegan. With his tousled golden fur and boundless energy, Finnegan was a beloved member of his village, known for his playful antics and friendly demeanor.

One day, as Finnegan frolicked through the lush meadows surrounding the village, he stumbled upon a peculiar sight: a small, shimmering pond nestled among the vibrant wildflowers. As he approached, he noticed that the water sparkled with an otherworldly glow, hinting at the magical nature of the hidden oasis.

Unable to resist the lure of the mystical pond, Finnegan dipped his paw into the water, feeling a sudden surge of energy coursing through his body. As the magic took hold, he realized that he had been granted the extraordinary gift of speech, allowing him to communicate with both the magical creatures and humans who inhabited the land of Mystika.

Word of Finnegan's newfound ability spread quickly, and he soon found himself sought after for his wisdom and unique perspective. His advice was sought by kings and queens, wizards and warriors, and all manner of enchanted beings.

One day, Finnegan was summoned by Queen Elara, the ruler of a neighboring kingdom, who sought his help in solving a dire crisis. A fearsome dragon had taken up residence in her lands, terrorizing the villagers and threatening the delicate balance of peace that existed between the humans and magical creatures.

Finnegan, eager to use his gift for the greater good, accepted the challenge and set off on a quest to confront the dragon. Along the way, he encountered a diverse array of magical creatures, each of whom provided him with valuable insight and assistance in his journey.

At last, Finnegan reached the dragon's lair, a towering mountain that loomed over the once-peaceful kingdom. With a deep breath, he bravely entered the cavernous den, determined to face the fearsome beast and restore harmony to the land.

As he approached the slumbering dragon, Finnegan used his gift of speech to communicate with the massive creature, attempting to understand the reason behind its reign of terror. To his surprise, he discovered that the dragon was not a heartless monster, but a lonely, misunderstood being who had lost its way.

Moved by the dragon's plight, Finnegan vowed to help the creature find a new home, where it could live peacefully without posing a threat to the kingdom. Together, they journeyed through the realm of Mystika, forging an unlikely friendship that transcended the boundaries between species.

In the end, Finnegan and the dragon discovered a secluded sanctuary where the dragon could reside in peace, far from the fear and prejudice it had faced in the past. As they bid farewell, Finnegan knew that he had not only saved the kingdom but also helped a friend in need.

Upon his triumphant return, Finnegan was hailed as a hero, his bravery and wisdom celebrated by all who knew him. And as he continued to use his gift of speech to foster understanding and unity among the diverse inhabitants of Mystika, the story of Finnegan the Brave became a beloved tale, passed down through the generations as a testament to the power of friendship, courage, and the magic of a little Wheaten Terrier with a big heart.

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