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Whippet Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Being a member of the sighthound family, Whippets were bred for speed. Many owners choose fast names that can keep up with the pace of their dog. Supercars provide an excellent source of speed related names. Aston, Audi, Bentley, and Shelby are a few common vehicle themed dog names. A fun source of names can be found by turning the clock back on television. Many nostalgic names can be borrowed from sitcom stars of the 90’s. Elaine, Jackie, and Cosmo are names taken from ‘Seinfeld’. The ‘Friends’ series lends us names like Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica. Danny, Tanner, and Becky are star characters from ‘Full House’. Other fun names can be found by exploring the phrase “Whip It” which sounds similar to the name of the breed. In 2009, Fox Searchlight released a roller derby movie titled ‘Whip It’ under the direction of Drew Barrymore. Dog name ideas taken from characters in the film include Corbi, Amber, Shania, and Colby. Devo is another good option taken from the band that wrote the 80’s hit song “Whip It”.
Name Reason to Choose
Aero This name is inspired by the whippet's aerodynamic shape
Amber A gemstone name reflecting the precious and exquisite nature of a Whippet
Arrow The whippet's slim and sleek physique resembles an arrow
Aston It's a name of a British luxury sports car brand, conveying the sleekness and speed of a Whippet
Audi A name that reflects the Whippet's German heritage and it's swift, agile nature
Becky Another Full House character, representing the loyal and caring temperament of a Whippet
Bentley Reflects the elegance and class of a Whippet
Blaze The Whippet's lightning-fast speed is similar to a blaze
Blitz This name is a nod to the whippet's impressive speed
Blurr Whippets move so fast, they can become a blur
Bolt The speed of a whippet is often compared to a lightning bolt
Borland This name reflects the Whippet's origin in the UK, as it's a common British surname
Breeze This name is inspired by the whippet's light and graceful movement
Bubbles The name Bubbles reflects the bubbly and playful personality of Whippets
Buck This name connotes strength and agility, which are characteristic traits of a Whippet
Bullet This name reflects the Whippet's impressive acceleration
Bundy This name is fun and playful, resembling a Whippet's energetic personality
Chandler Named after a Friends character, mirrors a Whippet's goofy and loving nature
Chase Whippets are natural chasers, given their origin as hunting dogs
Cheeta Named after one of the fastest animals on earth
Cheetah Whippets are known for their speed, just like cheetahs
Cocoa This name suits a Whippet with a deep brown coat
Cohen A surname-turned-first-name that has a sophisticated vibe, just like a Whippet
Colby A name that is both strong and sweet, just like a Whippet
Comet Comets are fast and dazzling, much like whippets
Connor It's a strong, traditional name, which can reflect a Whippet's athletic abilities
Cooper It's a popular and appealing name, suitable for a Whippet's friendly and sociable demeanor
Corbi An unusual name to match a Whippet's unique personality
Cosmo Another character from Seinfeld, highlighting the lighthearted personality of a Whippet
Cotton This name reflects the soft and gentle nature of Whippets
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Friendly and Affectionate Names

Whippets are known for being friendly and affectionate. Names that represent these traits would be suitable.
Name Description
Blossom Fits a Whippet who is always blooming with love and affection
Bubbles Perfect for a bubbly and outgoing Whippet
Buddy Perfect for a lovable and sociable Whippet who loves to be around people
Candy Perfect for a Whippet who is as sweet as candy
Champ Perfect for a Whippet who loves to play and is always winning your heart
Cheerio Perfect for a happy and friendly Whippet who always lifts your mood
Cuddles A warm and welcoming name for a Whippet who loves to snuggle
Cupcake Fits a Whippet who is sweet and delightful
Doodles Fits a Whippet who loves to have fun and is always entertaining
Frosting Fits a Whippet who tops off your life with sweetness and love
Giggles Fits a Whippet who is playful and always cheerful
Hugs Fits a Whippet who loves to show affection
Jellybean Perfect for a Whippet who's as colorful and sweet as a bag of jellybeans
Jubilee Perfect for a Whippet who brings joy and celebration into your life
Lovebug Ideal for a Whippet who is full of love and affection
Muffin Perfect for a Whippet who is as sweet and soft as a freshly baked muffin
Pebbles Fits a Whippet who is small but filled with boundless affection
Pumpkin Perfect for a Whippet who is as sweet and welcoming as a pumpkin pie
Smiley For a Whippet who always seems to be beaming with joy
Snuggles Perfect for a Whippet who loves to curl up with you
Sunny Fits a Whippet who brings sunshine into your life with their loving and warm personality
Sweetie Ideal for a Whippet who is as sweet as they come
Twinkles Fits a Whippet who has a twinkle in their eye and a lot of love to give
Waffle Perfect for a Whippet who is as sweet and loved as a delicious waffle
Wiggles This name fits a Whippet who is always excited to see you

Elegant Names

Whippets have a sleek and elegant appearance. Names that convey these characteristics could be considered.
Name Description
Anastasia Captures the refined and princess-like aura of Whippets
Arabella This name carries an old-world charm that's perfect for a graceful breed like the Whippet
Aurelia A golden name for a Whippet with a radiant and elegant presence
Beau A short, sweet name that captures the beauty of this elegant breed
Caspian An elegant name for a Whippet with a royal and majestic aura
Cecily A delicate and refined name, perfect for the elegant Whippet
Eleanor A timeless name that perfectly embodies the elegance and grace of the Whippet breed
Evangeline A refined name that matches the elegance and beauty of the Whippet breed
Felicity A joyous name that matches the Whippet's cheerful and lively nature
Gabriel A classic name that suits the angelic and gentle nature of Whippets
Genevieve A classy name that's perfect for a breed as elegant as the Whippet
Giselle Reminiscent of the famous ballet, it reflects a Whippet's graceful and delicate movements
Isabella A royal name for a Whippet with a regal and dignified demeanor
Julian A dignified name that perfectly complements a Whippet's noble character
Lilliana A beautiful, elegant name that matches the delicate beauty of the Whippet breed
Maximilian A grand name that suits the majestic and stately presence of Whippets
Oliver A classic, elegant name that suits the Whippet's refined and noble character
Penelope A classic name that reflects the Whippet's timeless elegance
Raphael Reminiscent of the archangel, it suits a Whippet's peaceful and serene character
Sebastian A sophisticated name for a Whippet that carries itself with dignity and grace
Sebastian A sophisticated name for a Whippet that carries itself with dignity and grace
Serena An elegant name that matches the serene and gentle nature of the Whippet breed
Theodore A dignified name that perfectly complements a Whippet's noble character
Valentino Inspired by the iconic fashion designer, it suits a Whippet's sleek and fashionable appearance
Vincent A stately name for a Whippet with a confident and majestic presence

Small Size Names

Whippets are smaller breed of dogs. Names that reflect their delicate size could be fitting.
Name Description
Bean This name is a cute fit for a small and speedy Whippet
Blitz A name that suits the speed and agility of the breed
Bolt This name is a nod to the Whippet's incredible speed
Breezy Whippets are known for their swift movement, and this name invokes that sense of speed
Dash An apt representation of the breed's speed, yet still adorable for a smaller dog
Flash A fitting name for a Whippet, as they are so fast, they're often just a flash
Gusto Whippets are known for their energetic personality, making this name a perfect fit
Jet This name suggests speed and fits the small size of a Whippet
Mini A name that reflects the smaller stature of this breed
Mite A cute name that reflects the small size of the dog
Nimble Whippets are agile dogs, a trait captured by this name
Peewee A whimsical name reflecting the small size of the breed
Pico Pico means small in Spanish, a perfect fit for a small Whippet
Pip Perfectly fitting for a Whippet, the name is short and swift, reflecting their speed
Rush This name is a playful nod to the Whippet's speed
Scoot This name captures the Whippet's playful nature and agile movement
Sprint This name is a nod to the Whippet's racing origins
Swift A name that implies speed, perfect for a Whippet
Tiny This name is a straightforward reference to the small size of the dog
Twiggy This name references both the thin physique of a Whippet and the small size
Velo This name, short for velocity, reflects the Whippet's speed
Wisp This name captures the delicate and lightweight nature of Whippets
Zip Reflects the Whippet's quick and zippy nature
Zippy This name is a fun and playful way to represent the Whippet's quick movement
Zoom An apt name for a Whippet, embodying their speed and agility

Fast and Agile Names

Whippets are known for their speed and agility. Names that reflect these traits would be appropriate.
Name Description
Aero Short for aerodynamic, a term associated with fast movement and efficiency
Blitz A term often used in sports implying fast and aggressive action
Bolt Inspired by the famous animated film character, this name signifies speed and agility
Bullet Signifies speed and directness, just like the breed's running style
Dart This name is associated with quick, sudden movements
Dash Reminiscent of short, fast runs
Express Associated with fast delivery, a fitting name for a Whippet
Flash Suggests a dog's quick movements
Flicker Reminiscent of quick, erratic movements, just like a Whippet in action
Gusto This name is associated with enthusiasm and vigor, traits of a Whippet
Haste Denotes speed, a fitting name for a fast Whippet
Jet Named after the fast-flying aircraft, a perfect representation of the breed's speed
Jiffy Implies something done quickly, a fitting name for a speedy Whippet
Nimbus Named after the fast-moving clouds, reflects the breed's swift movements
Pacer Suggests a dog that sets a steady, fast pace
Quickstep Inspired by the fast-paced dance, a fitting name for a lively Whippet
Rocket This implies a burst of speed, perfect for a Whippet
Scamper Associated with quick, light movements, perfect for a Whippet
Sprint A perfect name for a dog known for its quick sprints
Tornado Reflects the breed's whirlwind speed
Velocity A scientific term for speed, an apt name for a speedy dog
Vroom Onomatopoeic term for a fast-moving vehicle, a fun name for a Whippet
Windy Reflects on the breed's swift speed, similar to a gust of wind
Zephyr Named after the Greek god of the west wind; perfect for a fast and agile Whippet
Zip A term often used to describe speed and energy

Traditional English Names

Whippets originated in England and therefore traditional English names would be a suitable option.
Name Description
Alfred Alfred the Great, a well-known English king, made this name popular
Alice A popular English name, made famous by the character Alice in Wonderland
Anne A traditional English name, borne by Queen Anne
Arthur A classic English name, often associated with King Arthur and his round table
Beatrice A classic English name, often linked to Beatrice from Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'
Catherine A name of English origin, Catherine was the name of several queens
Charles Common amongst English royalty, it's a classic choice
Edward This name hails from Old English and was carried by multiple kings
Eleanor A traditional English name, it was borne by the wife of King Henry III
Elizabeth This name is linked to the current Queen of England
Emma A classic English name, Emma of Normandy was a queen consort of England
George It's a regal English name, shared by many kings
Henry Numerous English kings made this name popular
Isabella This name is linked to Queen Isabella of England
James James is an English name popular among Scottish and English kings
Margaret Famous English monarch Queen Margaret made this name popular
Mary It is a traditional English name, favored by English queens
Matilda This traditional English name belonged to a powerful queen of England
Oliver Oliver is a traditional English name that has been popular throughout history
Richard This name has been popular amongst English kings
Robert This name has been popular amongst English royalty
Thomas This name has a long history in England and was popular among saints and philosophers
Victoria This name is linked to Queen Victoria, a long-reigning English monarch
William A name of English origin shared by many kings
Winston This name is associated with the famous British leader, Winston Churchill
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Story of a Whippet named Breeze

Once upon a time in the quaint little village of Windyridge, there lived an extraordinary Whippet named Breeze. Breeze was known far and wide for her incredible speed and agility. With her sleek, slender build and a coat that shimmered like silver, Breeze was truly a sight to behold.

Breeze lived with her loving owner, Amelia, a kind-hearted young girl who was fascinated by the world of canine athletics. Amelia had always dreamt of entering Breeze into the prestigious Windyridge Dog Racing Championship, but they had never had the opportunity to participate in the event.

One fateful day, a poster announcing the upcoming championship caught Amelia's eye. The grand prize was a generous donation to the local animal shelter and a chance to compete in the National Dog Racing Tournament. Filled with excitement, Amelia knew that this was the opportunity they had been waiting for.

In the weeks leading up to the race, Amelia and Breeze trained tirelessly, honing the Whippet's speed and endurance. They would rise with the sun and sprint through the winding country roads, Amelia riding her bicycle alongside her loyal companion.

As the day of the championship drew near, a buzz of anticipation filled the village. News of Breeze's remarkable abilities had spread, and the villagers eagerly awaited the chance to witness her speed firsthand.

On the day of the race, the entire village gathered at the Windyridge racetrack. The air was electric with excitement as the competitors took their places at the starting line. Breeze, her coat glistening in the sun, stood poised and ready, her eyes fixed on the finish line.

The starting pistol fired, and the race began in a blur of fur and flying paws. Breeze shot forward like a bolt of lightning, her powerful muscles propelling her through the course with breathtaking speed. The crowd cheered as the Whippet effortlessly navigated the track, her lithe body weaving gracefully around every turn and hurdle.

As Breeze approached the finish line, it was clear that she was in a league of her own. With one final burst of speed, she crossed the line, setting a new Windyridge record and securing her place as the champion. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Amelia embraced her beloved companion, their eyes brimming with pride and joy.

In the days that followed, Breeze's victory became the talk of the village, and her story spread far and wide. The tale of the extraordinary Whippet and her devoted owner inspired countless others to follow their dreams, no matter the odds.

Together, Amelia and Breeze continued their journey, competing in races across the country and using their success to support animal shelters and raise awareness for canine athletes. Breeze's unmatched speed and Amelia's unwavering dedication had not only brought them victory but had also touched the hearts of people everywhere, leaving a lasting legacy of love, determination, and the incredible bond between a girl and her dog.

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