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Updated: October 06, 2023
      There are plenty of popular options to choose from when naming a dog with a white coat. Some owners borrow ideas from people with the surname White. Betty, Vanna, Barry, and Jack are all pretty common. Others might choose words that are bound to the color by meaning. Blanco (Spanish), Gwynn (Cornish), and Shiro (Japanese) are typical ideas that fall into this context. Probably the most widely used names are those taken from things that bear a similar hue. Among the top selected are Snow, Cloud, and Cotton. Additional options come from the color’s association with innocence and perfection in Western culture. Due to this symbolism, dogs with a white coat actually earn first impression bonus points. Ideas derived from the positive correlation include Purity, Virtue, and Hope.
Name Reason to Choose
Alabaster This name is inspired by a type of white gypsum
Alaska This name draws inspiration from the white, snowy landscapes of Alaska
Angel The name is often associated with purity and light, often depicted as white
Arctic Arctic is a great white dog name, relating to the cold, white Arctic region
Asher In Hebrew, this name means 'happy,' and it can make people think of the white ashes left after a fire
Aspen This is the name of a popular white-barked tree
Avalanche This name is suitable for white dogs, drawing a comparison with the powerful snow phenomenon
Bianco This name is a nod to the Italian word for white
Biscuit A biscuit is often associated with a light, creamy color
Blanco Blanco is Spanish for white
Bleach It's a humorous name, playing on the bleaching process which turns things white
Blizzard A blizzard is a severe snowstorm, snow being white
Bones A playful name for a white dog, like the white color of bones
Brie Inspired by the white cheese of the same name
Buttermilk This name is reminiscent of a creamy, pale liquid
Cadence It refers to the rhythmic flow of sounds, often associated with white noise
Casper It is the name of a friendly ghost who is traditionally portrayed as white
Chalky Chalk is a soft, white, porous sedimentary rock
Champagne This is a fun choice, referring to the light color of champagne
Chilly Perfect for a white dog, evoking the image of a chilly, snowy day
Cloud Clouds are often depicted as white, fluffy formations in the sky
Coconut When opened, coconuts reveal a white, edible interior
Cotton Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that is typically white
Cream Cream, a pale, off-white color is a gentle, sweet name for a white dog
Crest This name refers to the white peak of a wave
Crystal Crystals are often clear or white, symbolizing purity
Daisy Daisies are traditionally white flowers, making this an excellent choice
Dandelion Named after the flower that turns into a fluffy white seed head
Diamond A diamond is a precious gemstone often seen in a clear white color
Disney Disney is often associated with purity and magic, symbolized by the color white
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Names from White Mythological Creatures

Mythological creatures often have interesting stories attached to them, names like Pegasus, Yeti, or Unicorn can make for unique and intriguing dog names.
Name Description
Aether Aether is the personification of the 'upper sky', space and heaven, often depicted as white in Greek mythology
Alabaster Alabaster is a white stone often mentioned in mythology and ancient texts
Arctic Arctic, referring to the often white, snowy region, is associated with various myths
Asgard Asgard, home of the gods in Norse mythology, is often depicted as a white, shining realm
Avalanche A mythical creature in some cultures is the Avalanche, a white, snow-based entity
Banshee In Irish mythology, the Banshee is often described as wearing white
Blanca Blanca, meaning 'white', is a popular name in Spanish folklore
Casper Casper, the friendly ghost, is known for his white appearance
Drift Drift refers to snow drifts, associated with winter and mythical white creatures
Frost Frost is synonymous with Jack Frost, a personification of winter, often depicted in white
Frostbite Frostbite is a mythical snow beast often depicted as white
Gandalf Gandalf the White is a powerful wizard in the Lord of the Rings mythology
Ghost Ghosts are mythical entities often portrayed as white or translucent
Glacier Glaciers, being white and massive, are often used in myths and legends
Ivory Ivory, being white, is often associated with myths and legends
Moby Moby refers to Moby Dick, the mythical white whale from literature
Myst Myst is a reference to white, mystical fog in various mythologies
Pearl Pearls, often white, are associated with many myths and legends
Pegasus This is the name of the winged horse from Greek mythology, often portrayed in white
Phoenix In some myths, the Phoenix is depicted as a pure white bird
Polaris Polaris, the North Star, is often depicted as a bright, white star in many myths
Selene Selene is the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology, which is often depicted as a white orb
Snowball Snowball is often used to depict mythical white creatures in children's stories
Unicorn Unicorn is a mythical creature often depicted as a white horse with a single horn
Yeti In Himalayan folklore, Yeti is an ape-like creature whose fur is often depicted as white

Names based on White Precious Stones or Metals

Precious stones and metals are often associated with elegance and luxury, names like Pearl, Opal, or Silver can be good choices.
Name Description
Agate A rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, which can be white
Alabaster A type of soft stone that is typically white
Albus Taken from the Latin word for white
Bianco Comes from the Italian word for white
Blanco Derived from the Spanish word for white
Calcite A common rock-forming mineral found in white or colorless
Chalk A soft, white type of limestone
Crystal This name comes from a clear, often white, mineral
Diamond A precious stone known for its sparkle and clear or white color
Flint A hard sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of quartz, often chalky white
Frosty Inspired by the white frost that forms on cold mornings
Gypsum A soft mineral that's often found in white
Ivory Inspired by a white material often used in luxury goods
Jade An ornamental mineral that can sometimes be found in white
Marble Derived from a type of white stone often used in sculpture and architecture
Milky Evokes the color of white milk, a common dairy product
Moonstone A gemstone that, in its white variety, is reminiscent of the moon
Onyx A mineral that can sometimes be found in a white variant
Opal Named after a precious gemstone, which can often appear white
Pearl This name is derived from a lustrous gemstone that's often white
Porcelain A white ceramic material often used for high-quality dishes and ornaments
Quartz A hard mineral that is often colorless or white
Salt Taken from a common white mineral used in our daily life
Silver A precious metal with a soft, white, lustrous transition
Snowflake Inspired by the soft, white flakes that fall from the sky in winter

Names from White Characters in Movies or Books

Famous white characters from movies or books can be a creative source of dog names, such as Gandalf, Elsa, or Olaf.
Name Description
Ahab Taken from 'Moby Dick', a novel about a great white whale
Alabaster A character from 'The Heroes of Olympus' books known for his white hair
Aslan 'The Chronicles of Narnia' series features this lion who symbolizes purity
Belle The 'Beauty and the Beast' protagonist occasionally wears a white dress
Blanca Inspired by Blanca Trueba from 'The House of the Spirits' who dresses in white
Bolt A white dog superhero from the animated movie of the same name
Casper A friendly ghost character who is completely white
Dobby This character, a free elf from 'Harry Potter', had a white pillowcase for clothing
Elsa This character's ice powers in 'Frozen' made everything around her snowy white
Frosty A famous snowman from a holiday classic
Galadriel Elvish queen from 'Lord of the Rings' known for her white attire
Gandalf Inspired by the character from the 'Lord of the Rings' series who wore white robes
Hedwig Harry Potter's pet owl, known for her snowy white feathers
Ivory From the 'Ivory Tower' in the 'Neverending Story' book
Luna Inspired by Luna Lovegood from 'Harry Potter', whose patronus is a white hare
Marley The Labrador Retriever from 'Marley & Me' is yellow, but light enough to pass for white
Marshmallow Giant snowman in the movie 'Frozen'
Moby Short for Moby Dick, the infamous white whale
Nimbus As in the 'Nimbus 2000', Harry Potter's white flying broomstick
Olaf From 'Frozen', a friendly snowman character
Snowball A white rabbit character from 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Storm From X-Men, a character who can control weather and often creates white snowstorms
Tumnus 'The Chronicles of Narnia' character lives in a snowy landscape
Voldemort The antagonist from 'Harry Potter' series known for his chalk-white skin
Yeti A mythical creature often featured in folklore and movies, known for its white fur

Names from White Things in Nature

Nature provides many white things that can be used as dog names, such as Snowflake, Polar, or Lily.
Name Description
Alabaster Derived from the white mineral used for carving decorative items
Bones This name is derived from the white skeletal structures in the body
Casper Inspired by the friendly white ghost from cartoons
Chalk This name harkens back to the white substance used for writing on blackboards
Cloud Brings to mind fluffy white shapes floating in the sky
Coconut Named after the fruit which has white flesh inside
Cotton Reminiscent of the fluffy white plant used in fabrics
Crystal Reminiscent of the clear, sparkling mineral
Daisy Named after the common white garden flower
Dove This name is inspired by the peaceful white bird
Feather Reminiscent of the light, fluffy appendages of birds
Frost A cool name for a white dog, like the icy coating seen on cold mornings
Ivory Derived from the dense, white material that makes up the tusks of elephants
Lightning Named after the bright flash of white light during a storm
Lily Inspired by the delicate and beautiful white flower
Marble Named after the lustrous white stone used in sculptures
Moon Inspired by the bright white celestial body in the night sky
Mushroom This name is inspired by the white fungi found in forests
Pearl This name is inspired by the lustrous gem produced by oysters
Polar A cool name for a white dog, reminiscent of the arctic bear
Popcorn Inspired by the fluffy white snack enjoyed at the movies
Quartz Drawing inspiration from the white mineral found in the earth
Snowflake Reminiscent of the unique icy formations that fall from the sky during winter
Sugar Inspiration drawn from the sweet white granules we add to our coffee
Vanilla A name derived from the aromatic white spice

Names based on White Foods

White foods can provide inspiration for dog names, such as Marshmallow, Coconut, or Sugar.
Name Description
Alfredo A white sauce often used in Italian cuisine
Brie A creamy white cheese from France
Cauliflower Named after the white vegetable
Chalky Derived from a material often used for white coloring
Coconut Namesake of a tropical fruit known for its hard, white interior
Cream Reflects the silky, white color of a dairy product
Eggshell Inspired by the white color of an egg's shell
Garlic A staple in many cuisines, known for its pungent flavor and white color
Ivory Symbolizes the white material from which piano keys are traditionally made
Marshmallow This name is reminiscent of soft, fluffy white treats that melt in your mouth
Meringue Reminiscent of the fluffy, white dessert topping
Milk A creamy drink known for its pure white color
Mozzarella Inspired by the white Italian cheese
Mushroom Inspired by the color of the common white fungi
Parsnip Named after the root vegetable that's white in color
Pearl Reflects the color of precious white gemstones
Popcorn A fun name for a white dog, inspired by the color of popped corn kernels
Rice A staple food that has a white color when cooked
Snowy A common name for white dogs, inspired by the color of snow
Sugar Inspired by the sweet, white crystals used in baking
Tofu This name is inspired by the white bean curd used in Asian cuisine
Vanilla Named after the white ice cream flavor
Whipped Inspired by the color of whipped cream
Whitebait Named after the tiny, white fish used in cooking
Yogurt A creamy, white dairy product
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Casper Photo of Casper for White Dog Names When we first got him all he did was hide. You would see him one minute and the next he was gone under the table's or chairs hiding like a ghost. He's just so friendly that he reminded us of Casper the friendly Ghost. Hence the name Casper. :)

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Snowfall: The Tale of Frost the Lost White Shepherd

In the snowy mountains of Winter's Crest, there lived a beautiful and majestic White Shepherd named Frost. With a coat as white as the snow itself, Frost was a sight to behold, and his loving human family cherished him dearly.

One cold winter's day, as the snow fell softly from the heavens, Frost's family set out on a journey through the mountains to visit their relatives in a neighboring village. Frost, always eager for adventure, accompanied them on their trek, his thick coat keeping him warm against the biting cold.

As they made their way through the snow-covered landscape, the wind began to pick up, and a blizzard quickly descended upon them. The swirling snow and fierce gusts made it nearly impossible to see, and Frost, with his pure white coat, became indistinguishable from the world around him.

In the chaos of the storm, Frost became separated from his family. They called out for him, their voices drowned out by the howling wind, as Frost wandered further and further from the safety of their embrace.

Lost and alone, Frost continued to search for his family, his heart heavy with fear and worry. The blizzard showed no signs of relenting, and the once-familiar mountains seemed like a foreign land, shrouded in a blanket of white.

Despite the harsh conditions, Frost refused to give up hope. His love for his family, combined with his innate intelligence and determination, drove him onward. He used his keen senses and intimate knowledge of the mountains to navigate the treacherous terrain, following the faintest traces of his family's scent.

After days of searching, Frost finally stumbled upon a small cave, its entrance hidden by the heavy snowfall. He sought shelter within, exhausted but determined to press on once the storm had passed. As he lay in the darkness, his thoughts turned to his family, and he vowed that he would find them, no matter the cost.

When the blizzard finally subsided, Frost emerged from the cave, his white coat now a shimmering silver in the sunlight. He resumed his search, his resolve stronger than ever.

As he made his way through the now-tranquil mountains, he encountered other animals who had been lost in the storm. A young hare, a family of birds, and even a timid fawn – all had been separated from their loved ones, and Frost, understanding their pain, offered to help them find their way home.

Together, the motley crew of animals traversed the mountains, each relying on their unique skills and knowledge to aid in the search. Frost's keen sense of smell, the hare's quickness, the birds' aerial perspective, and the fawn's intimate knowledge of the forests all combined to create a formidable search party.

As the days passed, one by one, Frost and his newfound friends succeeded in reuniting each of the lost animals with their families. And with each joyful reunion, Frost's determination to find his own family grew stronger.

Finally, after weeks of searching, Frost caught a familiar scent on the wind. He followed it with renewed vigor, his heart swelling with hope as it led him to the edge of the neighboring village.

There, in the warm embrace of their relatives, Frost's family anxiously awaited his return. As they caught sight of their beloved dog, his coat now a dazzling silver, they rushed to greet him, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Frost, now reunited with his family, knew that his journey had come to an end. He had faced the fury of the storm and the unknown dangers of the mountains, but he had also discovered the power of friendship and the unbreakable bond between loved ones.

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