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Yorkshire Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, gets its name from Yorkshire, England where the breed originated. Abby (meaning joy of the father), Drew (meaning manly), and Haven (meaning safe place) are a few name selections of English origin. Yorkies were bred for use in cotton mills. Names related to cotton products include Terry (terrycloth), Cambric, Twill, and Socks. Famous names in cotton borrowed from the Industrial Revolution include Whitney, Lewis, and Wyatt. Eli Whitney is famous for the invention of the cotton gin. Lewis Paul and John Wyatt are known for the creating the flyer-and-bobbin system as well as the roller spinning machine. The original purpose of the Yorkshire Terrier was to get rid of mice and rats that were taking over the cotton mills. A few popular names taken from fictional mice are Mickey, Mighty, Jerry, and Minnie. Rube is an interesting selection borrowed from Rube Goldberg known for creating complex machines to accomplish a simple task. The game mousetrap is an example of one such machine. Millions of people around the world use a mouse each day to interact with their computers. Bart is a good name idea derived from Douglas Engelbart, the man that invented the mouse.
Name Reason to Choose
Abby It is a cute, feminine name, suitable for a small, adorable breed like a Yorkie
Alden This name has an old-world charm, fitting for a breed with a long, storied history
Alford This classic, noble name suits the Yorkie's dignified and confident demeanor
Alfred An old-school name that suits a Yorkie with a noble and dignified personality
Atomic Atomic suggests a bundle of energy, much like the energetic personality of a Yorkie
Barley The color of a ripe barley field beautifully matches the golden tan of many Yorkies
Bart It's a short, memorable name that's easy for a Yorkie to learn and respond to
Basil Basil is a small, flavorful plant, mirroring the small size and big personality of the breed
Bebe This name, meaning 'baby', suits a Yorkie's small size and sweet nature
Bernard Bernard is a strong, traditional name, reflecting the strong and loyal nature of a Yorkie
Bertie This old-fashioned name is reminiscent of a Yorkie's British heritage
Birch It's a nature-inspired name, perfect for a breed that loves to explore and play outdoors
Bob Being a simple and friendly name, it complements a Yorkie's approachable and sociable nature
Bond This name alludes to the strong bond between Yorkies and their humans
Bones A playful name, perfect for a Yorkie with a high energy level and a love for playtime
Boss Yorkies usually have a big personality, hence this name reflects their confident and dominant attitude
Bracken Bracken is reminiscent of the breed's English heritage, as it is a common plant in the UK
Brain Brain is a smart, ingenious character, reflecting the intelligent nature of a Yorkie
Brisby Brisby is a character known for his courage and determination, much like a Yorkie
Bronte Named after the famous English literary sisters, this name is perfect for a Yorkie with a poetic spirit
Buckram The strength and resilience of buckram fabric echo the Yorkie's tenacious personality
Cambric It's a type of fine, lightweight fabric, mirroring the Yorkie's delicate and luxurious coat
Cassie A classic name that's perfect for a friendly and lovable Yorkie
Chai This name is fitting for a Yorkie due to the breed's small size and sweet temperament, similar to the comforting beverage
Charlie This name is well suited for a playful and adventurous Yorkie
Chelsea It's a stylish, cosmopolitan name that fits well with the Yorkie's fashionable reputation
China This name represents delicate beauty, just like a petite and adorable Yorkie
Chintz Chintz is a fancy, decorative fabric, just like the Yorkie is a fancy, decorative breed
Chuck Chuck is a sturdy, all-American name, reflecting the Yorkie's strong and courageous nature
Cinderella Yorkies are elegant and often pampered, much like the famous princess, making this a fitting name
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Names Based on Famous Yorkshire Terriers

There are many famous Yorkshire Terriers from history and pop culture that can inspire a name.
Name Description
Boo For fans of Boo, the famous Yorkie on Instagram
Brandy A nod to Brandy, a Yorkshire Terrier who holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest dog in the world
Bridget Bridget was owned by the famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones
Buddy Buddy, a Yorkie, was owned by the famous singer Miley Cyrus
Daisy Inspired by Daisy, the Yorkie who played in the TV series 'Blindspot'
Dolce Dolce was the Yorkie owned by the famous basketball player LeBron James
Enzo Enzo was the Yorkie who starred in the film 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'
Gucci Named after Gucci, the Yorkie owned by the famous designer Valentino
Honey Honey was the beloved Yorkie of the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor
Huddersfield Named after the Huddersfield station, where a Yorkie named Station Jim lived
Lucky Lucky was the Yorkie belonging to the famous actress, Nicole Richie
Lucy Lucy was the Yorkie of the celebrity Barbra Streisand
Midge Midge, a Yorkie, was the smallest dog to serve in the police force
Oliver Tribute to Oliver, a Yorkie who starred in the TV show 'As Time Goes By'
Pasha Pasha was one of the three Yorkies owned by First Lady Patricia Nixon
Pistol Inspired by Pistol, one of Johnny Depp’s Yorkshire Terriers
Rocky Rocky was one of the Yorkies that belonged to Britney Spears
Scamp Scamp, a Yorkie, was owned by the famous singer Madonna
Smoky In honor of the most famous Yorkie who served as a war dog in World War II
Spike Spike was owned by Joan Rivers, who often featured him on her show
Sydney Sydney was the Yorkie of the famous actress Audrey Hepburn
Tosca Tosca, another one of Patricia Nixon's dogs, also deserves some recognition
Tricky A tribute to Tricky, a Yorkie who lived in the White House during Richard Nixon’s presidency
Vicky Inspired by the Yorkie who starred in the movie 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Whiskey In honor of Whiskey, a Yorkie who served in the military

Names Reflecting Personality

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their adventurous and tenacious personalities, and names that reflect these traits can be a good fit.
Name Description
Bouncer Ideal for an energetic dog who loves to play
Cuddlebug For a Yorkie who loves to snuggle up with its owner
Frolic Captures the playful nature of your pet
Giggles For a Yorkie who brings joy and laughter into your life
HipHop For a Yorkie who loves to jump around and is always energetic
Jumper Captures the spirit of a dog who loves to leap and jump
Merry A perfect name for a cheerful and happy pet
Mischief A great name for a dog who's always getting into things
Munchkin Great for a Yorkie who is small but full of character
Nibbles Perfect for a Yorkie who loves to chew on things
Peppy Captures the vivaciousness that your pet exhibits
Pipsqueak A cute nickname for your tiny, yet spirited dog
Pixie Perfect for a small dog with a magical personality
Prance For a Yorkie who walks with a spring in its step
Prowler Describes a dog with a curious nature
Rascal Ideal for a Yorkie with a mischievous streak
Rover Perfect for a Yorkie who loves to roam around
Sassy A perfect name for a dog with a cheeky personality
Scamper For a Yorkie who loves to run and play
Snuggles For a Yorkie who loves to cuddle up and be cozy
Sparky Perfect for a dog with an electric, lively personality
Squirt For a Yorkie who may be small, but is full of energy
Wanderlust For a Yorkie who loves to explore
Whirlwind Ideal for a pet that never seems to run out of energy
Zippy For a dog who is always on the move

Names Based on Coat Color

Yorkshire Terriers have distinctive blue and tan coats, which can inspire beautiful names.
Name Description
Biscuit This name suits a Yorkie with a light golden brown coat
Bran This name suits a Yorkie with a rich, brown color coat
Brownie A dark-coated Yorkie could be named after this sweet treat
Caramel This name fits a Yorkie with a coat resembling the golden color of caramel
Chestnut For a Yorkie with deep, red-brown fur, similar to a chestnut
Cocoa A Yorkie with a brown coat might remind you of a hot cup of cocoa
Copper This is a good fit for a Yorkie with a reddish-brown coat
Espresso Named after the dark, rich color of an espresso coffee, perfect for a dark-coated Yorkie
Fudge This sweet treat has the same color as a chocolate-colored Yorkie
Ginger A good fit for a Yorkie with a reddish-brown coat
Hazel This name suits a Yorkie with a light brown coat
Honey Honey is a sweet name for a Yorkie with a golden coat
Latte Perfect for a Yorkie with a creamy, coffee-colored coat
Malt For a Yorkie with a coat the color of malted grains
Mocha A delicious blend of brown and cream - just like many Yorkies!
Peanut A name that suits a little Yorkie with a light brown coat
Pecan A Yorkie's brown coat may remind you of a pecan shell
Pumpernickel For a Yorkie with a dark coat, like the color of pumpernickel bread
Raisin For a Yorkie with a dark brown coat, similar to a raisin
Russet This name is ideal for a Yorkie with a reddish-brown coat
Snickers Reminiscent of the mixed chocolate and caramel color of the candy bar
Tawny This name is ideal for a Yorkie with a warm, light brown coat
Toffee Because the Yorkie's coat color is reminiscent of the candy
Truffle A Yorkie's coat can mimic the rich color of a truffle
Twix A Yorkie's coat can resemble the color of this popular candy bar

Small or Petite Names

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed, so names that reflect their size can be fitting and cute.
Name Description
Atom An atom is the smallest unit of matter, making it a great name for a petite pup
Bean Beans are small and so it's a fitting name for a Yorkie
Biscuit A cute name for a petite dog, as biscuits are small and sweet
Bitsy It's a cute name for a small Yorkie, emphasizing its diminutive size
Button Ideal for a small Yorkie, just like a cute, small button on a shirt
Cub A term for a young, small animal, ideal for a Yorkie puppy
Dot A cute name for a small Yorkie, as dots are tiny and cute
Inch An amusing name for a small Yorkie, indicating its size
Jewel This name highlights the dog's precious and small nature
Mini Perfect for a petite Yorkshire Terrier
Mite Because it's small and energetic, just like a mite
Nano A scientific term for 'very small', perfect for a petite Yorkie
Niblet An adorable name for a tiny Yorkshire Terrier
Peanut This name is great for a tiny Yorkie with a nutty brown color
Pebble A name that emphasizes the small size and toughness of the dog
Pico A Spanish word for 'small', perfect for a tiny Yorkie
Pip This name means 'seed' in old English, emphasizing the small size of the dog
Runt This name is endearing for a small Yorkshire terrier
Smidge A cute term for a small amount, perfect for a small dog
Speck This name emphasizes the small and unique nature of the dog
Tad Short for 'tadpole', it's a cute name for a small Yorkie
Teenie It's ideal for a tiny Yorkie, emphasizing its size
Tic A playful name that underscores the small size of the dog
Tinker Derived from 'tinkerbell', it's perfect for a small, playful pet
Twiggy Named after the thin model, this name is fitting for a small and slender dog

Classic British Names

Yorkshire Terriers originated in Yorkshire, England, so classic British names can be a charming nod to their roots.
Name Description
Archibald A traditional British name that gives off an aura of nobility
Arthur Inspired by the legendary British King Arthur
Beatrice A name that echoes the British royal family, like Princess Beatrice
Cecil A classic English name that has been used for centuries
Dorothy It has been a favoured name in the British Isles for many generations
Edmund This name is reminiscent of Edmund Spenser, a noted British poet
Elizabeth A name reflecting the reigning British queen, Queen Elizabeth II
Florence Named for Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing
George A name that reflects Britain's royal lineage, such as King George VI
Harriet It's a classic English name that's been popular for centuries
Henry A common name among British monarchs, such as King Henry VIII
Isabella This name has been popular in England since the Middle Ages
James A name with royal connotations, such as King James I
Katherine A name associated with several British royals, including Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Leo A traditional British name that has been used for centuries
Margaret Named after Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to have served as a British prime minister
Mildred A classic British name that has a touch of vintage charm
Nigel This quintessentially British name is perfect for a Yorkshire Terrier
Oliver Evokes the classic British novel 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens
Penelope A name that has been popular in British literature and society
Quentin Reminds one of Quentin Blake, the British illustrator
Richard Associated with several English kings, such as Richard the Lionheart
Sophie Popular in the British royal family, including Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Victoria A moniker reminiscent of Queen Victoria, a significant figure in British history
Winston This name harkens back to the influential British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill
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Guppy the puppy Photo of guppy the puppy for Yorkshire Terrier Names I own an aquarium company so Guppy the Puppy was the perfect name for this little guy :)
Mystery Photo of Mystery for Yorkshire Terrier Names When we found our yorkie (possibly silkie) he was laying on the ground, starved and horribly matted. Vet said he was only 20% of what his weight should be, basically a skeleton with skin. Because we knew nothing about him, he became our 'Mystery Man' and is the best dog ever!

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The Nimble Adventures of Tiny Tessa

In the bustling city of Newborough, there lived a small and spirited Yorkshire Terrier named Tessa. Known for her boundless energy and remarkable agility, Tessa was quite the local celebrity in her neighborhood. Her human, a kind and elderly woman named Mrs. Rutherford, doted on her beloved companion and took immense pride in Tessa's extraordinary nimbleness.

One sunny afternoon, Mrs. Rutherford took Tessa to Newborough's annual pet talent show, a grand event that attracted pet owners and their talented companions from all over the city. Mrs. Rutherford had been training Tessa for weeks, confident that her agile Yorkie would dazzle the audience and judges alike.

As Tessa and Mrs. Rutherford waited backstage, they watched as a parade of talented pets performed remarkable feats on stage. From a dancing poodle to a skateboarding bulldog, the competition was fierce. Yet, Mrs. Rutherford remained optimistic that Tessa's agility would win the day.

Finally, it was Tessa's turn to take the stage. The audience watched with bated breath as the tiny Yorkie darted across the stage, weaving through an intricate obstacle course at a lightning-fast pace. Tessa leaped over hurdles, navigated winding tunnels, and balanced expertly on a narrow beam, never once faltering in her steps. The audience erupted in applause, awestruck by the nimble Yorkie's performance.

But Tessa's time in the spotlight was interrupted when a loud commotion erupted backstage. A mischievous parrot had managed to unlatch its cage and was now flying high above the stage, taunting its frantic owner below. The chaos quickly spread, as the parrot's antics spooked the other animals and sent them scrambling in all directions.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Tessa sprang into action. With her keen agility, she nimbly dodged the panicked pets and made her way towards the parrot, who had perched itself atop a tall, precarious stack of equipment. Tessa scaled the mountain of crates and speakers, her small frame and quick reflexes proving to be the perfect match for the challenge.

As Tessa reached the top, she found herself face to face with the rogue parrot. With a gentle bark, she managed to coax the bird back onto its owner's outstretched arm. The once chaotic scene had been restored to order, and the audience cheered even louder than before, praising Tessa for her bravery and skill.

Having won the hearts of the audience and judges, Tessa was declared the winner of the Newborough Pet Talent Show. But more importantly, she had shown everyone the power of agility, courage, and determination, even in the smallest of packages.

From that day on, Tessa became known as "Tiny Tessa, the Nimble Yorkie of Newborough." Her adventures would become the stuff of local legend, inspiring pet owners and their companions to embrace their unique talents and face any challenge, no matter how daunting it may seem.

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