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Zambia Dog Names

Updated: July 08, 2024

Welcome to a unique compilation of monikers inspired by the rich culture and history of Zambia. This Southern African country, known for its rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, has a wealth of inspiration to offer when it comes to naming your furry friend. The locale is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, diverse wildlife, and rich tapestry of ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language and traditions.

Delve into a collection that reflects not only the physical attributes of Zambia but also its spirit, resilience, and warmth. These names are infused with the essence of Zambia's traditions, languages, key landmarks, and notable wildlife. Whether you're seeking a name that embodies strength, expresses character, or reflects the beauty and diversity of Zambia, this page is your guide. Let the breath-taking beauty and spirited culture of Zambia inspire the perfect name for your canine companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Aloe After the Aloe plant, common in Zambia's flora
Bantu Bantu languages are widely spoken in Zambia
Baobab Baobab trees are native to Zambia
Bemba This is a major ethnic group in Zambia
Biko This name means 'warrior' in the native Bemba language
Bongo This is a type of antelope found in Zambia
Chadiza This is a town in Eastern Zambia
Chaga Chaga is an ethnic group native to East Africa
Chavuma Inspired by Chavuma, a town in Northwestern Zambia
Cheetah Inspired by the fastest animal in Africa
Cheta A shorter version of 'cheetah', a fast animal native to Africa
Chibombo Inspired by Chibombo, a town in Zambia
Chifu This name means 'chief' in Swahili
Chilanga This is a town in Zambia, located in the Lusaka Province
Chililabombwe Named after Chililabombwe, a town in Zambia's Copperbelt Province
Chingola Named after Chingola, a city in Zambia's Copperbelt Province
Chinsali Named after Chinsali, a town in Zambia
Chipata Inspired by Chipata, the third-largest city of Zambia
Chipili Named after Chipili, a town in Luapula Province, Zambia
Chitenge A traditional African fabric
Chitimukulu This is the title of the supreme chief of the Bemba people
Chobe Chobe is a river flowing between Zambia and Botswana
Choma Inspired by Choma, a city in Zambia
Chui This name means 'leopard' in Swahili
Congo Congo is a neighboring country to Zambia
Copper Zambia is known for its copper mines
Duma This name means 'cheetah' in Swahili
Eland It's a large antelope species found in Zambia
Elephant Elephants are common in Zambia's national parks
Fahari This name means 'pride' in Swahili
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Zambian Leaders Names

These names are inspired by the leaders of Zambia, symbolizing the country's political history.
Name Description
Banda Pays tribute to Rupiah Banda, fourth president of Zambia
Chikwanda In honor of Alexander Chikwanda, former Finance Minister of Zambia
Chiluba Inspired by Frederick Chiluba, Zambia's second president
Chona Paying homage to Mainza Chona, first Prime Minister of Zambia
Hichilema In reference to Hakainde Hichilema, current president of Zambia
Kabimba In honor of Wynter Kabimba, Zambian politician and former Minister of Justice
Kalaba After Harry Kalaba, Zambian politician and former Foreign Minister
Kambwili In tribute to Chishimba Kambwili, a prominent Zambian politician
Kapwepwe Named after Simon Kapwepwe, Zambian freedom fighter
Kaunda Honors Kenneth Kaunda, first president of independent Zambia
Lewanika After Lewanika, the Lozi King who played a key role in Zambian history
Lungu In honor of Edgar Lungu, Zambia's sixth president
Masebo After Sylvia Masebo, a well-known Zambian politician
Miti After Ackim Miti, Zambian football legend
Mulonga After Elijah Mudenda, Zambia's second Prime Minister
Mumba After Nevers Mumba, a prominent Zambian politician and pastor
Munkombwe In memory of Daniel Munkombwe, veteran Zambian politician
Mushala In honor of Adamson Mushala, a well-known Zambian rebel leader
Musokotwane In tribute to Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, a notable Zambian economist and politician
Mwanawasa After Levy Mwanawasa, president of Zambia from 2002 to 2008
Nalumango After Mutale Nalumango, prominent Zambian politician
Nkumbula After Harry Nkumbula, leader of the African National Congress in Zambia
Sata Taken from Michael Sata, fifth president of Zambia
Shamenda In honor of Fackson Shamenda, Zambian politician and trade unionist
Wina After Inonge Wina, Zambia's first female Vice-President

Zambian Rivers and Lakes Names

These are names inspired by the numerous lakes and rivers in Zambia, symbolizing the country's natural beauty.
Name Description
Bangweulu Named after the Bangweulu Wetlands, a unique water system that supports a diverse range of wildlife
Chambeshi The origin of this name is the Chambeshi River, the furthest source of the Nile
Chilengwa A tribute to the Chilengwa River, a small stream in the Copperbelt Province
Chisola Named after the Chisola River, a tributary of the Luangwa River
Itezhi Inspired by the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam, a reservoir on the Kafue River
Kabompo Named after the Kabompo River, one of Zambia’s major rivers
Kafue Named after the Kafue River, one of the three major tributaries of the Zambezi
Kalungwishi This name comes from the Kalungwishi River, a watercourse in northern Zambia
Kasanka Named after the Kasanka River, a waterway in the Kasanka National Park
Luangwa Inspired by the Luangwa River, a major tributary of the Zambezi River
Luapula Named after the Luapula River, which forms part of the Congo River basin
Lufupa A nod to the Lufupa River, a tributary of the Kafue River
Lukanga An homage to the Lukanga Swamp, a wetland area in central Zambia
Lukulu A nod to the Lukulu River, a tributary of the Zambezi River
Lunga Taken from the Lunga River, a watercourse in northern Zambia
Lungwebungu After the Lungwebungu River, a stream in western Zambia that feeds into the Zambezi
Mansa Derived from the Mansa River, a stream in the Luapula Province
Mulungushi This name is derived from the Mulungushi River, located in central Zambia
Mumbwa A tribute to the Mumbwa Caves, a significant archaeological site near the Kafue River
Munyati Named after the Munyati River, a small tributary of the Zambezi River
Mushili A tribute to the Mushili River, a small watercourse in the Copperbelt Province
Mweru Inspired by Lake Mweru, located on the border of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ngombe Taken from the Ng'ombe Ilede River, a historical archaeological site in southern Zambia
Senga Inspired by the Senga River, a minor tributary of the Luangwa River
Tanganyika Derived from Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest freshwater lake

Zambian Wildlife Names

Zambia is rich in biodiversity. These names are inspired by the unique animals found in Zambia.
Name Description
Bemba An homage to the Bemba tribe, the largest ethnic group in Zambia
Cheetah A fast and agile animal found in Zambia
Chibemba The language spoken by the Bemba tribe
Chilanga A town in Zambia, representing local pride
Chipembele The Bemba word for rhinoceros, an impressive animal
Chitemene A traditional system of farming in Zambia
Chitenge A fabric commonly worn, reflecting vibrant Zambian style
Elephant A symbol of strength and wisdom, found in Zambia's wildlife
Hippo A homage to the large population of hippos in Zambia's rivers
Impala The Impala is a fast-running antelope found in Zambia
Kafue Named after the Kafue National Park, the largest in Zambia
Kasanka A wildlife rich national park in Zambia
Kopje A term for a small hill, referencing Zambia's diverse landscape
Kwacha Inspired by the national currency, symbolizing value
Lechwe A type of antelope native to Zambia
Lion Symbolizing courage, lions are part of Zambia's wildlife
Litunga The title of the ruler of the Lozi people, symbolizing strength
Lozi A tribute to the Lozi people of western Zambia
Lusaka The capital city of Zambia
Mosi Local beer brand, symbolizing cheerfulness
Mukuni An ancient village in Zambia, representing heritage
Ndola A city in Zambia, symbolizing love for home
Nshima Zambia's national dish, representing cultural pride
Zambezi The name of the river that runs through Zambia
Zebra An animal commonly seen in Zambia's national parks

Zambian City Names

These names are inspired by the cities and towns in Zambia, providing a geographic connection to the country.
Name Description
Chililabombwe An uncommon name derived from a Zambian city, fit for a unique dog
Chingola Naming your pet after a city in Zambia shows your love for the country
Chipata This city's name is a nice pick for a small, energetic dog
Choma A simple, catchy name from a Zambian city, easy for dogs to respond to
Kabwe This unique name is inspired by the city of Kabwe in Zambia
Kafue This city is renowned for its national park, a great name for nature-loving dogs
Kalulushi This city's name has a unique sound, great for a dog with a distinctive personality
Kapiri This city's name is short and simple, great for a smart, quick-learning dog
Kasama From a city in the northern part of Zambia, a unique name for any dog
Kitwe It's the second-largest city in Zambia, a strong name for a dog
Livingstone This city is named after the famous explorer, making it a great name for adventurous dogs
Luanshya A city in Zambia that would make a beautiful name for a female dog
Lusaka This is the capital city of Zambia, a popular choice for pet names
Mansa This city's name is short and simple, good for a friendly, approachable dog
Mazabuka This city's name is unique and has a nice rhythm, great for any dog
Mongu This city's name is short and catchy, making it suitable for a small pet
Monze This city's name is distinctive and has a nice ring to it, suitable for any dog
Mpika This city's name is unique and has a nice rhythm, making it a good dog name
Mufulira This city has a unique name, perfect for your distinctive dog
Mumbwa This city's name is unique and catchy, perfect for a playful dog
Ndola This city is one of Zambia's commercial centers, a unique name for a pet
Petauke A city in Zambia with a unique name, perfect for an adventurous dog
Samfya This city's name is unique and simple, making it a great choice for a dog name
Sesheke This city's name is unique, making it an interesting choice for a dog name
Solwezi This Zambian city has a powerful sounding name, great for a strong dog

Traditional Zambian Names

These names are derived from traditional Zambian languages, reflecting the culture and heritage of Zambia.
Name Description
Bangweulu It's a lake in Zambia, making this a good name for a water-loving dog
Bwalya This name means 'the one who keeps on returning' and is ideal for a loyal dog
Chanda It's a common Zambian name meaning 'God is great', suggesting a dog with a strong, noble character
Chibwe It means 'rock', perfect for a strong, reliable dog
Chilufya This name means 'one who follows the season', fitting for a dog that loves the outdoors
Chilumba It translates into 'boat', making it a great name for a water-loving dog
Chishimba Named after the famous Zambian waterfall, it's a great name for a dog with a strong and vibrant spirit
Kafue Named after the Kafue River in Zambia, it's a fitting name for a dog that loves water
Kalulu Inspired from the traditional Zambian folklore character 'Kalulu the hare', this name suits a quick and clever dog
Kambole This name means 'small stone', suitable for a small dog
Lewanika Inspired by the ancient Zambian king, this name fits a noble and majestic dog
Lubasi It means 'life', perfect for a dog that brings joy and life to a home
Mosi This translates to 'first born', a great name for the first dog in a family or the oldest dog in a pack
Muchinshi This name translates to 'visitor', ideal for a friendly and sociable dog
Mukuka It means 'smoke' in Bemba language, fitting for a grey or fast dog
Mumba This name means 'secret', ideal for a quiet, mysterious dog
Musonda This name means 'rain', suitable for a dog with a soothing and calm presence
Mwamba It means 'rock', suggesting a strong, steadfast dog
Ndeke It means 'bird', a great name for a fast or agile dog
Nkole It means 'show off', a fun name for a dog that loves attention
Nkumbu This name means 'rain'. It's suitable for dogs with a calm and soothing presence
Sikalongo This name means 'long journey', ideal for a dog that loves exploring
Sokontwe Inspired by a traditional game, this name fits a playful and energetic dog
Sumbu It means 'sharp', a fitting name for an intelligent, alert dog
Tembo This name means 'elephant', ideal for a large and strong dog
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