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American Bulldog Names

Updated: May 15, 2024

Welcome to an exclusive collection of monikers perfect for your bold and beautiful canine companion. The names curated on this page are inspired by the sublime strength and tenacity of a unique breed that has its origins in the United States. This breed, known for its muscular build, courage, and loyalty, deserves a name that's as impressive and commanding as its personality.

With a diverse range of themes, you will find a wide variety of names that capture the essence of this breed's spirit. From names that echo their power and sturdy nature to ones that reflect their warm and loving hearts, you can find a name that perfectly matches your four-legged friend's character. So, get ready to explore and find the perfect title for your faithful friend.

Whether you're looking for something traditional or more unique, there's a name on this list that will surely resonate with you and your furry friend. Remember, the name you choose is a significant part of your bond with your pet, so take your time and enjoy the journey of finding the most fitting name for your loyal companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Ace Ideal for an American Bulldog that excels in everything they do
Admiral A title that showcases authority and respect, ideal for a strong and dominant American Bulldog
Adonis Originating from Greek mythology, it denotes beauty and desire, reflecting the breed's attractive physical features
AJ This short, catchy name is easily memorable, making it a perfect fit for an American Bulldog
Ajax This name is inspired by a Greek mythological hero, showing strength and bravery, which are characteristics of American Bulldogs
Alistair An elegant and sophisticated name suitable for a well-mannered American Bulldog
Altair Named after the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, it signifies the strong and luminous nature of the breed
Anker A German term for anchor, reflecting the stability and resilience of American Bulldogs
Apache It's inspired by the Native American tribe, marking the American origin of the breed
Apollo This Greek god represents light and healing, reflecting the breed's bright personality and therapeutic presence
Arsen It's a Greek name meaning virile, which suits the muscular build of an American Bulldog
Aspen A name inspired by nature, perfect for an American Bulldog that loves the outdoors
Athena An ancient goddess known for her wisdom and courage, an apt name for a brave and intelligent American Bulldog
Bandana This name is inspired by the typical American cowboy accessory, reflecting the breed's rugged charm
Bandit A slightly mischievous name, perfect for an American Bulldog with lots of personality
Basil A name with Greek origins denoting royal, kingly, which fits the regal bearing of the breed
Bear A fitting name for a large, cuddly Bulldog
Bentley A luxurious, classy name that can reflect the pedigree and superior breed of an American Bulldog
Berserk For an American Bulldog with an unstoppable energy and playful nature
Biff This name's fun and energetic vibe matches the lively spirit of American Bulldogs
Bingo It is a fun, playful name that reflects the breed's friendly personality
Blade For a sharp and agile American Bulldog
Blanco A name that translates to 'white', ideal for a white-coated American Bulldog
Blaze Ideal for an American Bulldog with a fiery spirit
Blitz For an American Bulldog with a fast, energetic personality
Blizzard Suggestive of a powerful storm, perfect for an American Bulldog with a strong personality
Bolt This name represents the breed's agility and speed
Boomer A slang term for a powerful explosion, which suits the robust and energetic American Bulldog
Bowser Inspired by a popular video game character, this name might suit an adventurous and playful bulldog
Bradford A distinguished name that could be associated with the strength and tenacity of American Bulldogs
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Names Based on Origin

American Bulldogs originate from the United States. Names that reflect this origin or American culture can be a good fit.
Name Description
Bama A common nickname for Alabama
Boone Named after American pioneer, Daniel Boone
Brooklyn Based on the popular borough in New York City
Cheyenne The name of a Native American tribe
Dakota This is a name in homage to the Dakota people and states
Denver This name is based on the capital city of Colorado
Hollywood The famous district in Los Angeles known for its film industry
Hudson Named after the Hudson River in the United States
Indiana This name pays tribute to the midwestern state
Jazz A music genre that originated in the United States
Justice This name represents a core value of the American judicial system
Liberty An iconic term symbolizing American freedom
Lincoln A name that pays tribute to the 16th president of the United States
Mason A reference to the Mason-Dixon line, a symbol of the cultural boundary between the North and South of the US
Monroe Named after the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe
Orlando Named after the popular city in Florida
Patriot A term often associated with American pride and history
Phoenix This name reflects the capital city of Arizona
Raleigh This name refers to the capital city of North Carolina
Rocky Inspired by the Rocky mountain range
Savannah This is a well-known city in Georgia
Sooner This name is inspired by the settlers of Oklahoma
Texan This name is inspired by the large, southern state of Texas
Vegas Named after the vibrant city in Nevada
Yankee It's a colloquial term for people from the United States

Names Based on Color

American Bulldogs come in a variety of coat colors, which can provide inspiration for unique and descriptive names.
Name Description
Amber Perfect for an American Bulldog with a coat resembling the golden color of amber
Ash Resembles the grey color of ash
Blanco Ideal for a dog with a pure white coat
Charcoal Resembles the dark grey color of charcoal
Chestnut Derived from the reddish shade of brown seen in chestnuts
Cloud Ideal for a dog with a fluffy white coat
Cocoa Stems from the brown shade of cocoa
Copper Perfect for a dog with a reddish or copper-colored coat
Ebony Inspired by the dark, black color of the ebony wood
Goldie Perfect for an American Bulldog with a coat resembling the color of gold
Hazel Inspired by the warm brown color of hazelnuts
Inky Ideal for a dog with a coat as black as ink
Ivory Inspired by the pale shade of some American Bulldogs
Jade Perfect for a dog with a unique, greenish coat
Jet Perfect for a dog with a deep black coat
Mocha Inspired by the rich brown color of mocha coffee
Onyx Great for a dog with a shiny black coat, just like the gemstone
Pearl Symbolizes the pure white color of a pearl
Rusty Perfect for a dog with a reddish-brown coat
Sandy Inspired by the light brown color of sand
Shadow Ideal for a dog with a dark or black coat
Silver Stems from the shiny grey shade of silver
Smokey Resembles the grey color of smoke
Snowy Inspired by the pure white color of snow
Vanilla Inspired by the light, creamy color of vanilla

Names Inspired by Famous Bulldogs

There are many famous American Bulldogs in pop culture and history, and naming your dog after them can be a great tribute.
Name Description
Beast Mark Zuckerberg's pet Bulldog
Bosco A famous canine character in 'Bosco Adventure'
Brutus The mascot of Ohio State University
Buddy The lovable Bulldog in 'Air Bud'
Bully The mascot of Mississippi State University
Butkus Rocky Balboa's loyal canine companion in the 'Rocky' series
Chance Inspired by the adventurous American Bulldog from the movie 'Homeward Bound'
Chesty After the official mascot of the US Marine Corps
General The Bulldog mascot of Georgetown University
Hercules The unforgettable pet from 'The Sandlot'
Hooch The slobbery dog from 'Turner and Hooch'
Jake The dog in the 'Adventure Time' series
Luiz The comical character from 'Rio' animation
Max The moniker of the Bulldog in 'The Pacifier'
Meatball Adam Sandler’s pet in real life
Otis Bulldog character from 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis'
Pudsey From the talented dog who won Britain's Got Talent
Rocky Inspired by the mascot of Western Illinois University
Roscoe Named after the Bulldog in the movie 'Legally Blonde'
Rufus The first Bulldog to win Westminster Dog Show
Smokey The live mascot of the University of Tennessee
Spike Drawn from the tough Bulldog in 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons
Tyson Inspired by the Bulldog in the film 'Snatch'
Uga The live mascot of the University of Georgia
Yale After the mascot of Yale University

Names Based on Personality

American Bulldogs have distinct personalities, often described as confident, friendly, and loyal. Names that mirror these traits can be a good choice.
Name Description
Barkley For a bulldog who loves to express himself vocally
Brave A testament to a bulldog's courageous spirit
Buddy For the bulldog who's the ultimate companion
Champ For the bulldog who's a winner in your eyes
Chewy A name for a bulldog who loves to chew on toys
Chill For the bulldog who loves to relax
Dopey For a bulldog with a lovable, goofy character
Grunt For a bulldog who makes unique noises
Huffy For a bulldog with a comical grumpy demeanor
Jester For the bulldog who loves to entertain
Jolly Captures the happy-go-lucky nature of a playful bulldog
Loyal A testament to a bulldog's faithful nature
Mighty Perfect for a bulldog with a strong presence
Munchkin A cute name for a bulldog with a soft and sweet demeanor
Pouncer For a bulldog who loves to jump and play
Pudgy A name that reflects a bulldog's unique body shape
Rascal For a bulldog with a mischievous streak
Rumble Perfect for a bulldog with a big bark
Snooze A name for a bulldog who loves his nap time
Snore A humorous nod to a bulldog's love for sleep
Snuggle For a bulldog who loves to cuddle
Squish A name that captures a bulldog's love for cuddles
Stubborn Reflects a bulldog's determined character
Waggy For a bulldog with a tail that never stops moving
Wrinkle A humorous name for a bulldog with wrinkly skin

Names Based on Size

American Bulldogs are known for their large and muscular physique, so names that reflect this characteristic can be fitting.
Name Description
Atlas Symbolizes strength and size, like the mythical Titan who held up the sky
Boulder It indicates raw strength and size
Brawny For a strong, large muscular dog
Brick This signifies both physical size and strength
Colossal A name reserved for a dog of impressive size
Dynamo For a large dog with lots of energy
Elephant It's a cute name for a big, gentle dog
Giant A no-brainer for a large dog
Goliath Perfect for a large, powerful dog, as it signifies strength
Grizzly Perfect for a large dog with a gruff exterior but a soft heart
Hefty It's a playful name for a large, solid dog
Hulk Ideal for a large, muscular dog, as it symbolizes strength
Jumbo It's a fun name for a big, lovable dog
Jupiter Perfect for a large dog as it's the biggest planet
Mammoth For a dog with a large, imposing size, like the prehistoric creature
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', perfect for a large dog
Moose This name is a nod to the dog's big size, just like the animal
Mountain A name that signifies a large, unmovable presence
Rex Latin for 'King', perfect for a large regal dog
Sumo It signifies a large, hefty stature
Tank This name represents a big, solid presence
Thor For a large dog with a strong and powerful presence
Titan Represents a larger-than-life presence, perfect for a big dog
Whale It's a fun name for a big, friendly dog
Zephyr For a large dog that moves with surprising grace
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User Images

Other visitors to our site submitted the following American Bulldog Names photos:
Image Comment
Rex Photo of Rex for American Bulldog Names Rex means king
Billie Bleu Photo of Billie Bleu for American Bulldog Names I'm a fan of blues music and her full name is Billie Bleu Holiday
Bronx Photo of Bronx for American Bulldog Names we chose Bronx because we wanted an irish feel but unique at the same time. Plus we thought it would run well with my mothers 4 yr old lab Harlee....At the park...Bronx and harlee!
Lola Photo of Lola  for American Bulldog Names
Gunney Photo of gunney for American Bulldog Names He’s the boss or thinks he is.
Bubba Photo of Bubba for American Bulldog Names
Zahara Photo of Zahara for American Bulldog Names
Junior Photo of Junior for American Bulldog Names
Roho Photo of Roho for American Bulldog Names Roho was the name of a burly gambler who lived in our town.
Leonidas Photo of leonidas for American Bulldog Names We didn't have a name picked out for him actually at that time we got him. The family and I were watching the movie "300".. We noticed every time the king Leonidas would yell. He would stand up walk over to the t.v. and sits there. Even at times he would bark.. We didn't think of it at first. But then my boyfriend wanted to turn up the volume but ended up hitting the wrong button causing him to start over. While finding where we last left off. King Leonidas yells again and he comes, popping his head up and this time he got excited and starting bark while doing all types of turns and puppy flips and butt in the air.. Then it dawned on us that he has chosen his own name. Leonidas it was.. He has lived up to the name since.
Debow Photo of Debow for American Bulldog Names
Bolo Photo of bolo for American Bulldog Names Well I have a Dog named Abramond so I decided that since my first dogs name starts with an 'A' my second would start with a 'B'. Then I wanted a name that was shorter but sounded tough so I decided on Bolo.
Abramond Photo of abramond for American Bulldog Names He's an American Bulldog so I wanted to resemble that and I knew he was going to be big. So I thought of the American Tank the Abrams. The people I got him from, their son named him Diamond because he has a diamond on his back. I want to pay homage to their sons choice. So I combined Abram with Diamond and made Abramond, pronounced A-Bra-Mond.
Chops Photo of chops for American Bulldog Names He tells it all
Snorre Photo of snorre  for American Bulldog Names Snorre
Tess Photo of Tess for American Bulldog Names My American bulldog Tess . No idea why I chose the name. But it suits her. I am picking up a new American bulldog female pup and have no idea what to call it.

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Andy Cute, easy to say, and just stays in your heart forever
Miss liberty Stands strong &loyal
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