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American Bulldog Names

      The American Bulldog, or Bully, is a strong and athletic dog that is commonly adopted for working or as a family protector. For this reason, many of the top names for males have a sporty or powerful theme that reflects their build and personality. Historical military figures, Greek gods, and sports teams are common sources from which to derive this type of name. Females hold a greater variety of names, but stronger choices like Athena and Xena are also semi-popular. Because the American Bulldog’s coat is typically white with patches of varying colors, names like Aspen and Blanco have become favorites. This list is made up of the most prominent American Bulldog names among owners today.
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User Images for American Bulldog Names

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Image Comment
Rex Photo of Rex for American Bulldog Names Rex means king
Billie Bleu Photo of Billie Bleu for American Bulldog Names I'm a fan of blues music and her full name is Billie Bleu Holiday
Bronx Photo of Bronx for American Bulldog Names we chose Bronx because we wanted an irish feel but unique at the same time. Plus we thought it would run well with my mothers 4 yr old lab Harlee....At the park...Bronx and harlee!
Lola Photo of Lola  for American Bulldog Names
Gunney Photo of gunney for American Bulldog Names He’s the boss or thinks he is.
Bubba Photo of Bubba for American Bulldog Names
Zahara Photo of Zahara for American Bulldog Names
Junior Photo of Junior for American Bulldog Names
Roho Photo of Roho for American Bulldog Names Roho was the name of a burly gambler who lived in our town.
Leonidas Photo of leonidas for American Bulldog Names We didn't have a name picked out for him actually at that time we got him. The family and I were watching the movie "300".. We noticed every time the king Leonidas would yell. He would stand up walk over to the t.v. and sits there. Even at times he would bark.. We didn't think of it at first. But then my boyfriend wanted to turn up the volume but ended up hitting the wrong button causing him to start over. While finding where we last left off. King Leonidas yells again and he comes, popping his head up and this time he got excited and starting bark while doing all types of turns and puppy flips and butt in the air.. Then it dawned on us that he has chosen his own name. Leonidas it was.. He has lived up to the name since.
Debow Photo of Debow for American Bulldog Names
Bolo Photo of bolo for American Bulldog Names Well I have a Dog named Abramond so I decided that since my first dogs name starts with an 'A' my second would start with a 'B'. Then I wanted a name that was shorter but sounded tough so I decided on Bolo.
Abramond Photo of abramond for American Bulldog Names He's an American Bulldog so I wanted to resemble that and I knew he was going to be big. So I thought of the American Tank the Abrams. The people I got him from, their son named him Diamond because he has a diamond on his back. I want to pay homage to their sons choice. So I combined Abram with Diamond and made Abramond, pronounced A-Bra-Mond.
Chops Photo of chops for American Bulldog Names He tells it all
Snorre Photo of snorre  for American Bulldog Names Snorre
Tess Photo of Tess for American Bulldog Names My American bulldog Tess . No idea why I chose the name. But it suits her. I am picking up a new American bulldog female pup and have no idea what to call it.

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Name Reason
Andy Cute, easy to say, and just stays in your heart forever
Miss liberty Stands strong &loyal
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Buster: An American Bulldog Tale

In the sprawling, sun-drenched countryside of Georgia, where lush pastures and rolling hills stretched as far as the eye could see, there lived an American Bulldog named Buster. Buster was a powerful and muscular dog, with a broad chest, strong jaws, and an unwavering gaze that spoke of his determination and courage.

Buster belonged to a cattle rancher named Hank, who had been breeding and raising American Bulldogs for many years. Hank recognized the breed's incredible strength and tenacity, and he knew that Buster was destined for greatness as a catch dog – a dog trained to catch and hold livestock, particularly unruly cattle.

From the moment Buster was old enough to learn, Hank began training him to become the best catch dog the ranch had ever seen. Day after day, they worked together in the fields, Hank teaching Buster the art of tracking, catching, and holding cattle with his powerful jaws.

As the months passed, Buster's skill and confidence grew. His ability to catch even the most elusive and stubborn cattle became a thing of legend, as he leaped through the air with incredible agility, gripping the animals firmly but carefully, never causing them harm.

The other ranchers in the area soon caught wind of Buster's extraordinary talent, and they began to seek Hank's help in managing their own unruly cattle. Buster's reputation as a catch dog spread far and wide, and he quickly became a sought-after asset to ranchers all across Georgia.

One day, Hank received a call from a desperate rancher named Sam, whose prized bull had escaped its enclosure and was wreaking havoc on his property. The bull was incredibly strong and aggressive, and Sam knew that he needed the best catch dog around to bring it under control. Without hesitation, Hank and Buster set off to lend their assistance.

Upon arriving at Sam's ranch, the duo was met with a scene of chaos. The bull had torn through fences, destroyed feed troughs, and was now charging at anything that moved. The other ranch hands were scrambling to keep a safe distance, unsure of how to regain control of the situation.

With a quiet nod from Hank, Buster leaped into action, his muscles rippling as he raced towards the rampaging bull. As the bull lowered its massive head to charge, Buster nimbly dodged to the side, using his incredible speed and agility to avoid the powerful horns.

With the bull momentarily off balance, Buster seized the opportunity to leap onto its back, gripping the thick, muscular neck with his powerful jaws. The bull bucked and twisted, trying to throw Buster off, but the courageous American Bulldog held firm, his tenacity and skill shining through.

Slowly, the bull's wild thrashing began to subside, as it realized that it was no match for the steadfast catch dog. With a final, powerful tug, Buster brought the bull to a halt, holding it in place as Hank and Sam moved in to secure the animal and return it to its enclosure.

As they watched the bull safely locked away, Sam turned to Hank with gratitude and admiration in his eyes. Buster had saved his ranch from disaster, and he knew that he had just witnessed the work of a true catch dog legend.

In the years that followed, Buster continued to serve as an invaluable asset to the ranchers of Georgia, his bravery and skill as a catch dog becoming the stuff of legend. And as his story spread across the land, the name of Buster, the fearless American Bulldog, became synonymous with the heart and spirit of a true working dog, inspiring generations to come.

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