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Black And Tan Coonhound Names

Updated: March 30, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page filled with creative and unique monikers that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of a certain distinctive breed. This breed, known for its striking black and tan coat and exceptional hunting skills, originates from the United States and is esteemed for its adaptability and endurance. We understand that naming your new furry friend can be a daunting task, but we're here to make it easier for you.

Every name on this list has been carefully chosen to reflect the unique qualities and personality traits of this breed. Whether your new companion is playful, loyal, or has a strong hunting instinct, we have a name that suits them perfectly. From traditional to modern, from common to unique, our vast collection of names will help you find the perfect match for your new family member. So, without further ado, let's dive in and find that perfect name for your loyal companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Amber This name reflects the dog's tan markings
Apache The Apache tribe is known for their bravery and strength, much like the Coonhound
Badger Badgers often have black and tan coloring, much like the Coonhound
Bandit Bandits are often depicted wearing black, much like the Coonhound's black fur
Bean A cute name for a dark-colored pup, like a coffee bean
Bear Perfect for a large, strong Black And Tan Coonhound
Beaver Beavers often have a black and tan coloring, much like the Coonhound
Biscuit A cute name for a dog with a warm, tan coat
Bison Bisons have a black and tan coloring, much like the Coonhound
Bobcat Bobcats have a tan color, similar to the tan fur on the Coonhound
Bongo Bongo drums often have a black and tan color, like the dog's fur
Bosco An Italian word for 'forest', ideal for a dog who loves the outdoors
Boulder Boulders often have a variety of colors, including black and tan, much like the dog's coat
Brandy A rich, warm name for a Black And Tan Coonhound
Bruno A strong name for a large, powerful Black And Tan Coonhound
Buck A buck is a male deer, often with a tan color, similar to the tan fur on the Coonhound
Burnt This name is a playful reference to the dog's black fur
Caramel A delicious name for a sweet and lovable Coonhound
Caribou Caribous often have a black and tan coloring, much like the Coonhound
Caviar Caviar is a delicacy that is black, just like the dog's fur
Chai Chai is a type of tea with a color that matches the dog's coat
Charcoal A name that matches their dark, glossy coat
Cheetah Cheetahs have a tan color, similar to the tan fur on the Coonhound
Chestnut This name is inspired by their brownish, nutty shade
Chesty This name is a nod to the dog's tan chest
Chip This name is a playful reference to the dog's mixed black and tan color, like a chocolate chip
Cinder Cinder is a dark, gritty substance, like the black parts of the dog's coat
Coal A nod to the breed's darker fur
Cocoa Inspired by their chocolatey color
Coffee A name inspired by the rich, dark drink
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Celebrity Names

Names of famous celebrities or their pets can be a fun and unique choice for a Black and Tan Coonhound.
Name Description
Bardot A glamorous name for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a lot of charm and beauty
Beyonce Named after the famous singer, this name suits a sassy and independent Black and Tan Coonhound
Brando Perfect for a dog with a strong and charismatic presence
Cher A great name for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a flamboyant and glamorous personality
Clint This name is great for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a tough and no-nonsense personality
Clooney A fitting name for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a debonair and suave personality
Denzel This name would suit a charismatic and intelligent Black and Tan Coonhound
Depp A fitting name for a dog with a quirky and unpredictable personality
Drake This name is perfect for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a smooth, cool personality
Elvis For a dog with a flamboyant personality and a love for music
Freddie Named after Freddie Mercury, this name is perfect for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a vivacious and flamboyant personality
Gaga An ideal name for a Black and Tan Coonhound with a unique and eccentric personality
Hagrid A fitting name for a larger Black and Tan Coonhound, as Hagrid is a giant in the Harry Potter series
Hanks A wonderful name for a loyal and friendly Black and Tan Coonhound, just like actor Tom Hanks
Hepburn A classic name for a classy and elegant Black and Tan Coonhound
Jagger For a Black and Tan Coonhound with a cool, rock-n-roll vibe
Ledger For a Black and Tan Coonhound with a deep and introspective personality
Madonna For a dog that's a trendsetter and always in the spotlight
Monroe This name would suit a beautiful and charismatic Black and Tan Coonhound
Oprah This name is fit for a dog with a larger-than-life personality
Pitt For a dog that's charming and good-looking
Rihanna A great name for a dog with a distinctive and unforgettable personality
Stallone This name is perfect for a strong and determined Black and Tan Coonhound
Streep Meryl Streep's versatility can inspire a multi-talented Black and Tan Coonhound
Swift For a fast and agile Black and Tan Coonhound

Color Based Names

These names are inspired by the breed's distinct black and tan coloration.
Name Description
Bear The mix of fur colors can remind people of a bear
Biscuit This name is a cute nod to the dog's brown markings
Brandy This name represents the brownish elements of the dog's coat
Charcoal Charcoal represents the dark black elements of the dog's coat
Chestnut This name reflects the brownish part of the dog's fur
Cinder The greyish-black cinders match the dark parts of the dog's coat
Cocoa It's a playful nod to the dog's chocolatey brown markings
Coffee Coffee's black and brown blend is reminiscent of the Coonhound's coat
Ebony This name references the deep black hue of the dog's coat
Espresso The name is a playful nod to the dog's dark brown and black hues
Fudge The name is a sweet reminder of the dog's brownish black color
Hazelnut This name matches the light brown parts of the dog's coat
Hershey The name is a fun reference to the dog's chocolate-tan hue
Ink Ink is deeply black, like parts of the dog’s fur
Licorice The dog's black fur is reminiscent of black licorice candy
Mocha This name is inspired by the blend of brown and black on the dog
Onyx The dog's coat shines like a polished onyx gem
Pepper It's a fun representation of the dog's speckled black and brown coat
Pumpernickel This name reflects the dark, rich color of the dog's coat
Raven The dog's black fur can remind one of a raven's feathers
Sable This name reflects the black part of the coat
Shadow This name matches the dog's dark black coat
Smoky A nod to the dog's black and greyish coat
Twilight The name refers to the dark, mysterious colors of twilight, like the dog's coat
Umber Umber is a natural brown earth pigment, similar to the dog's color

Hunter Names

These names are inspired by the breed's original purpose as hunting dogs, and can include names of famous hunters or hunting terms.
Name Description
Arrow Represents speed and accuracy, just like a hunting dog
Bandit Perfect for a cunning and adventurous Coonhound
Blaze Reflects the fiery spirit and speed of a hunting dog
Bolt Perfect for a quick and agile Coonhound
Buckshot A tough and bold name for a Coonhound
Bullet Perfect for a swift and precise Coonhound
Eagle An ideal name for a Coonhound with keen senses and a strong hunting instinct
Falcon Named after a bird of prey known for its hunting abilities
Hawkeye A name that signifies a sharp vision, perfect for a Coonhound
Hunter A direct reference to the dog's hunting abilities
Jaguar A fast and agile creature, like a Coonhound
Lynx Named after a wild cat known for its hunting prowess
Muzzle A playful name for a Coonhound with a keen sense of smell
Outlaw Captures the adventurous spirit of hunting dogs
Pistol Ideal for a fast and accurate Coonhound
Prowler Captures the stealthy nature of a hunting Coonhound
Quiver Inspired by archery, a classic hunting tool
Ranger Signifies a dog who loves to explore and hunt
Rifle A robust name for a strong and fast hunting dog
Saber A strong and sharp name for a Coonhound
Scout An ideal name for a dog that excels in tracking
Sniper A name that implies precision, great for a Coonhound
Tracker A suitable name for a Coonhound known for their tracking abilities
Trapper An ideal name for a Coonhound known for their trapping skills
Viper Named after a swift and dangerous creature, like a Coonhound

Southern Names

The Black and Tan Coonhound originates from the southern United States, and these names reflect that heritage.
Name Description
Bayou Bayou is a term used in the South, particularly in Louisiana, to describe a body of water
Beignet A nod to the famous Southern dessert, especially popular in New Orleans
Biscuit Biscuits are a beloved Southern staple, making this a fun and Southern-inspired name
Boone Named after Daniel Boone, a famous Southern frontiersman
Buck Reminiscent of hunting, a popular pastime in the South
Cajun Representing the unique Southern Louisiana culture
Cash After Johnny Cash, a beloved Southern musician
Cotton Cotton has a significant history in the Southern states
Dixie A classic Southern name, Dixie alludes to the Southern States
Dolly Inspired by Dolly Parton, a Southern country music icon
Grits Grits are a traditional Southern dish, making this an unmistakably Southern name
Gumbo Named after the classic Southern dish, popular in Louisiana
Huckleberry A nod to the classic Southern novel, Huckleberry Finn
Jambalaya A delicious Southern dish popular in Louisiana
Julep Inspired by the popular Southern cocktail, the mint julep
Magnolia Named after the beautiful Southern tree, Magnolia is a popular name in the South
Mason Mason jars are iconic in the South, used for canning and serving sweet tea
Memphis Named after the famous Southern city, known for its music and culture
Nashville A tribute to the music city in Tennessee, a Southern state
Peaches Georgia, a Southern state, is known for its peaches
Pecan Pecans are a Southern staple, used in many traditional desserts
Presley Inspired by Elvis Presley, a Southern music legend
Rebel Rebel captures the Southern spirit of independence and resilience
Savannah Honoring the historic Southern city in Georgia
Whiskey Whiskey, especially bourbon, has a strong Southern heritage

Nature Inspired Names

These names are inspired by the outdoors and nature, reflecting the breed's love for hunting and exploring.
Name Description
Birch Resembles the black and white contrast of a birch tree
Canyon The dog's depth and grandeur are like a canyon
Cedar The reddish-brown bark of a cedar tree reflects the Coonhound's tan color
Coal The black color of coal matches the dog's coat
Dusk The dog's coat is as dark as the twilight sky
Eclipse Matches the dog's dark coat and its unique traits
Flint The Coonhound's hardy and resilient nature is like flint
Fog The dog's mysterious and elusive nature is like fog
Jasper Named after the gemstone which is often found in brownish-red shades
Jet The dog's speedy nature and dark coat are like a jet
Marble The dog's smooth, multicolored coat is like marble
Moss A Coonhound's earthy tones are similar to the color of moss
Night A Coonhound's dusky color is reminiscent of the night sky
Obsidian The black sheen of this volcanic glass mirrors the Coonhound's coat
Onyx Named for the black gemstone that matches the dog's coat
Oreo A perfect fit for a black and tan colored dog
Pebble The Coonhound's smooth coat is like a river-washed pebble
Raven The shiny black coat of a raven is similar to the Coonhound's
Sequoia The large and enduring trees mirror the Coonhound's stature and spirit
Shadow The dog's dark coat is like a shadow in the night
Sierra For the mountain ranges that share the Coonhound's rugged beauty
Slate The Coonhound's coat is as smooth and dark as slate
Storm Reflects the dog's energetic and lively nature
Thunder Pays homage to the dog's powerful bark
Woods Named for the dog's hunting origins in the woods
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