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Chow Chow Names

      Songshi and Quan are a couple of good Chow Chow names with some history. The breed is referred to as Songshi Quan in China which literally means “puffy lion dog”. With an appearance that some describe as that of a puffy lion, it is no surprise that lion related names are a popular choice among owners. Famous lion names like Simba (from the’ Lion King’), Leo (the MGM lion), Aslan (from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’), and Moonracer (from ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’) are favorites. Detroit Lions fans have another slew of lion-related options including Barry (after Barry Sanders ), Layne (after Bobby Layne), and LeBeau (after Dick LeBeau). Since the Chow Chow originated in China, Chinese names are often given to the breed. Mei ling, Satsuki, and Yanlin are common examples. Other names that have ties to the breed’s roots are borrowed from Chinese emperors. A few names inspired by Chinese rulers include Chengzu, Genghis, and Tang.
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Story of a Chow Chow named Simba

In the ancient city of Beijing, there lived a magnificent Chow Chow named Simba. Simba was a proud and regal dog, with a thick coat of golden fur and a mane that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. From the moment he was born, Simba had a unique and unusual trait: he believed that he was a lion.

Simba's owners, the Huang family, were amused by their furry friend's delusions, but they never discouraged him. Instead, they indulged his fantasies, treating him like a king and showering him with love and attention.

Each day, Simba would strut through the streets of Beijing, his head held high and his tail swishing back and forth. As he passed by other dogs and their owners, he would let out a low, rumbling growl, a warning to those who dared to challenge his authority.

Despite his lion-like demeanor, Simba was a beloved member of the Huang family, and they adored him for his quirky personality and lovable nature. They even took to calling him "the Lion King," a fitting tribute to their majestic and proud Chow Chow.

One day, as Simba was out on his daily walk, he heard a strange sound coming from a nearby alleyway. It was a pitiful cry, a helpless animal in need of assistance. Simba didn't hesitate. With a mighty roar, he charged down the alleyway, his paws pounding against the pavement.

As he drew closer, Simba could see that the cries were coming from a small kitten, trapped in a tangle of branches and leaves. Without hesitation, Simba used his powerful jaws to gently free the kitten from its prison.

From that day on, Simba and the kitten, whom he named "Nala," became inseparable. Simba took it upon himself to be Nala's protector, watching over her as she grew stronger and more confident.

Together, Simba and Nala roamed the streets of Beijing, their unlikely friendship inspiring the people they encountered along the way. They became known as the "Lion King and Queen," a symbol of courage, strength, and compassion.

As the years went by, Simba never lost his belief that he was a lion, but he had come to understand that there was more to life than just being regal and commanding. He had learned the value of friendship and kindness, and he knew that he had a higher purpose in life than simply ruling over the other dogs.

The story of Simba, the Chow Chow who believed he was a lion, became a beloved legend in Beijing, a testament to the power of love, compassion, and the enduring bond between animals and humans. And as he and Nala continued to roam the streets of the city, they knew that they were more than just a dog and a cat; they were a symbol of hope, a reminder that even the smallest creatures can make the biggest impact on the world.

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