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      The distinct appearance of black or brown spots on a white coat make Dalmatians easily distinguishable from other breeds. This look is also the source of many typical Dalmatian names like Checkers, Oreo, and Domino. Dalmatians are commonly associated with Firefighting. This association originated when fire engines were moved by horses. The Dalmatian’s job was to nip at the heels of the horses to keep them moving. While their practical use as a fire dog has been replaced by mechanical parts, the breed remains as the mascot to many fire departments. For this reason, names related to fire and extinguishing are popular choices. Chief, Arson, Hazard, and Vollie are few options that fit this bill. Another common Dalmatian affiliation is with beer. The Budweiser beer wagon is typically shown to be carried by a team of Clydesdale’s that is accompanied by a Dalmatian. The breed was once utilized by brewers to protect the wagon during deliveries. Some favored names related to Budweiser and beer in general include Abbey, Bud, Barley, Hops, Rocky, Orval, Mash, and Porter.
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Duke Photo of Duke for Dalmatian Names When we adopted Duke it was his name - but it definitely suits him! Also, there is The Duke in Moulin Rouge, our wedding song was Come What May!
Dollie Photo of dollie for Dalmatian Names She looks like a little doll.

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Flo Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters :)
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Blaze: A Firehouse Dalmatian Tale

In a cozy town where the people knew their neighbors by name and kindness was abundant, there stood a red-brick firehouse that had been a pillar of the community for generations. Inside this firehouse, among the brave firefighters who dedicated their lives to protecting the town, lived a spirited Dalmatian named Blaze.

Blaze had been part of the firehouse family since he was just a small pup, brought in by the fire chief, Captain Thompson, who believed that a firehouse was incomplete without a loyal Dalmatian by its side. The firefighters adored Blaze, who had a distinctive coat covered in perfectly symmetrical spots, and his presence brought joy and camaraderie to the team.

Blaze wasn't just a mascot; he played an essential role at the firehouse. He was trained to respond to the sound of the alarm and would eagerly leap onto the fire truck, ready to accompany the crew to any emergency. Blaze had an uncanny ability to sense danger and would often bark to warn the firefighters of unseen hazards.

Over time, Blaze became a familiar and beloved sight in the town. His black-spotted, white coat and confident stride were easily recognizable as he accompanied the firefighters on their daily routines, visiting schools to teach fire safety and participating in community events.

One fateful day, as the firehouse crew went about their duties, the alarm suddenly blared, signaling a fire at the town's elementary school. The firefighters, with Blaze at their side, quickly geared up and raced to the scene. When they arrived, they found the school engulfed in flames, with thick smoke billowing out of the windows.

As the firefighters worked tirelessly to battle the blaze, Captain Thompson noticed that one of the teachers, Ms. Anderson, was frantically searching for a missing student. Little Timmy, a shy and quiet boy, had become separated from his classmates during the evacuation.

Without hesitation, Blaze leaped into action, his keen sense of smell guiding him through the thick smoke and chaos. He followed Timmy's scent through the smoldering hallways, ignoring the intense heat and his own fear.

As Blaze reached a classroom near the back of the school, he found Timmy huddled under a desk, terrified and coughing from the smoke. With a gentle nudge of his nose, Blaze encouraged the young boy to follow him, promising to lead him to safety.

Together, Blaze and Timmy navigated the treacherous hallways, the brave Dalmatian using his instincts and training to avoid the worst of the fire. As they finally emerged from the burning building, they were met with cheers and tears of relief from the gathered crowd.

Ms. Anderson rushed forward, enveloping both Timmy and Blaze in a grateful embrace. Captain Thompson looked on with pride, knowing that Blaze had not only saved the young boy's life but had also shown the town the true meaning of courage and loyalty.

From that day forward, Blaze was celebrated as a hero in the town. His story of bravery and dedication spread far and wide, inspiring countless others to appreciate the unwavering bond between humans and their canine companions. And at the firehouse, Blaze continued to serve as a symbol of hope, reminding everyone of the power of love, loyalty, and a Dalmatian's fearless heart.

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