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Updated: October 06, 2023

      The distinct appearance of black or brown spots on a white coat make Dalmatians easily distinguishable from other breeds. This look is also the source of many typical Dalmatian names like Checkers, Oreo, and Domino. Dalmatians are commonly associated with Firefighting. This association originated when fire engines were moved by horses. The Dalmatian’s job was to nip at the heels of the horses to keep them moving. While their practical use as a fire dog has been replaced by mechanical parts, the breed remains as the mascot to many fire departments. For this reason, names related to fire and extinguishing are popular choices. Chief, Arson, Hazard, and Vollie are few options that fit this bill. Another common Dalmatian affiliation is with beer. The Budweiser beer wagon is typically shown to be carried by a team of Clydesdale’s that is accompanied by a Dalmatian. The breed was once utilized by brewers to protect the wagon during deliveries. Some favored names related to Budweiser and beer in general include Abbey, Bud, Barley, Hops, Rocky, Orval, Mash, and Porter.
Name Reason to Choose
Ink The black spots of a Dalmatian can remind you of ink spots
Inky A Dalmatian’s black spots can look like ink blots
Iris Named after the goddess of rainbows, because Dalmatians bring color to our lives
Jade A precious name for a precious breed
Jake A simple, strong name to match the Dalmatian's robust and dependable nature
Jazz Because of their energetic and lively personality
Jester As a nod to the fun-loving and playful nature of Dalmatians
Jigsaw The unique pattern on a Dalmatian can fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
Joy Dalmatians are known to bring joy to their owners
Juno A strong name for a powerful, athletic breed
Kaleidoscope The spots on a Dalmatian can create a beautiful pattern, much like looking through a kaleidoscope
Keystone Keystone is a beer brand, a suitable name for a breed tied with beer commercials
Kindle This name is inspired by the breed's black and white coat, reminding one of kindling used to start a fire
Louie It is a classic, friendly name that suits a lovable Dalmatian
Lucky This name is inspired from one of the Dalmatian puppies in the movie 101 Dalmatians
Luna Inspired by the Dalmatian's bright white coat that can shine like the moon
Malty This name is derived from malt, a key ingredient in beer production, referencing the breed's association with beer commercials
Marble The unique pattern on a Dalmatian's coat can look like the swirls in a piece of marble
Mash This name is inspired by the beer brewing process, referencing the breed's history as brewery mascots
Max A simple, yet strong name for a Dalmatian
Miller Miller is a well-known American beer brand, a fitting name for a breed associated with beer commercials
Misty Their white coat can remind you of a misty morning
Molson Molson is a Canadian beer brand, a clever name choice for a breed associated with beer
Mosaic The spots on a Dalmatian can create a beautiful pattern, much like a mosaic
Murphy This name is related to Murphy's Irish Stout, a nod to Dalmatians' brewery mascot role
Nipper It reflects the playful and mischievous side of Dalmatians
Nova For a Dalmatian's bright and shining personality
Orion The constellation Orion has a pattern that can be likened to a Dalmatian's spots
Orval This name is taken from a famous Trappist ale, recalling the breed's brewery history
Pager An homage to the Dalmatian's role in fire departments, as they were historically used as alert dogs
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Names based on Size

As a medium-sized breed, Dalmatians could have names reflecting their size, like Midas (for male) or Mini (for female).
Name Description
Atlas A grand name for a bigger Dalmatian
Bean A cute name for a smaller Dalmatian
Bitty A cute name for a tiny Dalmatian
Boulder This name is great for a larger Dalmatian
Brick Suggests a sturdy, larger Dalmatian
Colossus A name that suggests a larger size
Dot For a Dalmatian on the smaller side
Giant Perfect for a Dalmatian that is larger than average
Goliath For a Dalmatian that is significantly larger than others
Hulk For a mighty, large Dalmatian
Jumbo A playful name for a larger than average Dalmatian
Maxi A playful name for a large Dalmatian
Mighty For a Dalmatian that has a large presence
Mini An adorable name for a petite Dalmatian
Munchkin A cute name for a smaller Dalmatian
Pebble Ideal for a Dalmatian that isn't that big
Pint For a Dalmatian that is small in size
Pip This would work for a Dalmatian of smaller stature
Pudge A playful name for a larger, or chubbier Dalmatian
Runt For a Dalmatian that is smaller than its siblings
Squirt A playful name for a smaller Dalmatian
Teeny A fun name for a tiny Dalmatian
Tiny A suitable choice for a smaller Dalmatian
Titan Suggests a mighty, large Dalmatian
Twiggy For a Dalmatian that is smaller or thinner than its peers

Names based on Origin

Dalmatians originated from Croatia, specifically from a region called Dalmatia. So, Croatian names like Luka, Roko, or Ivana can be considered.
Name Description
Athens A Greek city name to add some historical flair to your Dalmatian's name
Berlin A nod to the breed's popularity in Germany
Bristol This English city name reflects the breed's history in England
Brussels This Belgian city name is a unique choice for a Dalmatian
Budapest This Hungarian city name is a culturally rich choice for a Dalmatian
Copenhagen This Danish city name is a sophisticated choice for a Dalmatian
Dublin This Irish city name adds a Celtic twist to your Dalmatian's name
Dubrovnik This name represents the Dalmatian breed's roots in the Dalmatia region of Croatia
Helsinki This Finnish city name is a quirky choice for a Dalmatian
Lisbon The Portuguese capital is a unique name choice reflecting European origins
London This is a geographical name that reflects the origin and history of the Dalmatian breed in England
Madrid This Spanish city name is a classy choice for a Dalmatian
Marseille An elegant French name for an elegant breed
Milan This Italian city name is a stylish choice for a Dalmatian
Oslo This Norwegian city name adds a Scandinavian touch to your Dalmatian's name
Paris A chic French name, as Dalmatians are often seen as stylish and elegant dogs
Pinta This name reflects the breed's unique spotted coat, as 'pinta' means 'spot' in Spanish
Prague This Czech city name is a unique and historical choice for a Dalmatian
Romeo A classic Italian name, paying homage to the breed's popularity in Italy
Split This city in the Dalmatia region of Croatia is a fitting name for a Dalmatian
Venice This name acknowledges the breed's presence in Italy
Vienna This name reflects the breed's history in Austria
Warsaw A Polish city name that reflects the breed's European origins
Zagreb A nod to the breed's Croatian roots
Zurich A Swiss city name that adds a touch of luxury to your Dalmatian's name

Names based on Personality

Dalmatians are known for their energetic and playful personalities, which can inspire names like Spark, Jester, or Happy.
Name Description
Blaze A good fit for a Dalmatian with a fiery and energetic spirit
Chaos Ideal for a Dalmatian with a playful and wild character
Dash This is perfect for a Dalmatian with a lively, energetic personality
Echo Suitable for a Dalmatian with a resonating and strong presence
Eclipse For a Dalmatian with a striking and impressive personality
Galaxy Perfect for a Dalmatian with a mesmerizing pattern of spots, like stars in the night sky
Harmony Suits a Dalmatian with a peaceful and balanced nature
Jester Ideal for a Dalmatian with a humorous and playful character
Joy Represents a Dalmatian's cheerful and happy nature
Muse For a Dalmatian that inspires creativity and joy
Mystery Great for a Dalmatian with an enigmatic and aloof persona
Pixel Perfect for a dog with an intricate pattern of spots
Puzzle Suits a Dalmatian with a complex and intriguing personality
Quirk Suitable for a Dalmatian with a unique and eccentric character
Rogue Ideal for a Dalmatian with an independent and adventurous spirit
Rumble Best for a Dalmatian with a loud, energetic personality
Serenade Perfect for a Dalmatian with a melodious and pleasing bark
Solitaire For a Dalmatian who enjoys its own company
Spot This name plays on the iconic spots of the Dalmatian breed
Streak Reflects the fast and agile nature of this breed
Treasure For a Dalmatian that is highly valued and loved
Twilight Fits a Dalmatian with a serene and calming presence
Vortex Great for a Dalmatian with a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm
Whisper For a Dalmatian with a soft and gentle demeanor
Wisp Fits a Dalmatian with a light and graceful demeanor

Names from Famous Dalmatians

There are many famous Dalmatians from movies and books that can be a good source for names, like Pongo from 101 Dalmatians.
Name Description
Barkley A character from '101 Dalmatians', known for his loud bark
Blot From '101 Dalmatians', distinguished by a large spot covering his body
Cadpig From '101 Dalmatians', known for being the smallest and wisest of the pups
Dipstick A character from '101 Dalmatians', famous for the spot at the end of his tail
Dot A character from '101 Dalmatians', named for her tiny spots
Duchess A character from Disney's '101 Dalmatians', characterized by her elegance
Fidget From '101 Dalmatians', known for his hyperactive nature
Freckles Derived from the character in '101 Dalmatians', named for his numerous spots
Jewel A character from the '101 Dalmatians' TV series, known for her glamorous personality
Lucky A character from Disney's '101 Dalmatians', known for his horseshoe-shaped spots
Patch A character from '101 Dalmatians', recognizable by a patch over his eye
Penny She is one of the female pups in '101 Dalmatians'
Pepper A character from the '101 Dalmatians' TV series, known for her sassy personality
Perdita She is the female lead Dalmatian from Disney's '101 Dalmatians'
Pongo This is the name of the male Dalmatian protagonist in Disney's '101 Dalmatians'
Rolly One of the puppies in '101 Dalmatians', famous for his constant hunger
Scorch From the '101 Dalmatians' TV series, known for his mischievous nature
Smokey From the '101 Dalmatians' TV series, named for his greyish spots
Spark One of the pups in '101 Dalmatians', known for his energetic personality
Speedy A character from '101 Dalmatians', known for being the fastest of the pack
Sport From the '101 Dalmatians' TV series, known for his athletic nature
Spotty A character from '101 Dalmatians', famous for his multitude of spots
Whizzer A character from '101 Dalmatians', known for being fast and agile
Wizzer A character from '101 Dalmatians', known for his frequent need to urinate
Yoyo One of the pups in '101 Dalmatians', known for his playful nature

Names based on Appearance

Dalmatians have a distinct appearance with their black and white spots, which can inspire names like Spot, Pongo, or Domino.
Name Description
Blot A blot is a spot or stain, much like a Dalmatian's spots
Blotch Their coat has black blotches on a white base
Checker Resembles a checkerboard with black and white squares
Chip Their black spots can be compared to chips on a white surface
Dapple Their coat is dappled with black spots
Dash Their coat is dashed with black spots
Dot This name reflects the distinctive spots of a Dalmatian
Dusty Their black spots may look like dust on a white surface
Fleck Their coat is flecked with black spots
Freckles Their spots can be described as freckles
Inky Akin to the spots of ink on a Dalmatian's coat
Marbles Their spots could be compared to black marbles
Mottle Describes their mottled black and white appearance
Patches Dalmatians are often marked with black patches
Pebble The black spots can resemble pebbles on a white beach
Pepper Their coat is sprinkled with black spots like pepper
Pixel Their black spots can be seen as pixels on a white screen
Smudge Their black spots can look like smudges on their white coat
Snowflake Their white coat is akin to a snowflake
Spatter Their black spots look like they've been spattered on
Speckles Their coat is speckled with black
Splodge Their spots can be described as black splodges
Splotches Their body is covered in black splotches
Stipple Their coat is stippled with black spots
Streak Their coat can sometimes have black streaks
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Duke Photo of Duke for Dalmatian Names When we adopted Duke it was his name - but it definitely suits him! Also, there is The Duke in Moulin Rouge, our wedding song was Come What May!
Dollie Photo of dollie for Dalmatian Names She looks like a little doll.

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User Recommendations

Other guests recommend these names for a Dalmatian.
Name Reason
Flo Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters :)
Recommend a name for Dalmatian Names:
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Blaze: A Firehouse Dalmatian Tale

In a cozy town where the people knew their neighbors by name and kindness was abundant, there stood a red-brick firehouse that had been a pillar of the community for generations. Inside this firehouse, among the brave firefighters who dedicated their lives to protecting the town, lived a spirited Dalmatian named Blaze.

Blaze had been part of the firehouse family since he was just a small pup, brought in by the fire chief, Captain Thompson, who believed that a firehouse was incomplete without a loyal Dalmatian by its side. The firefighters adored Blaze, who had a distinctive coat covered in perfectly symmetrical spots, and his presence brought joy and camaraderie to the team.

Blaze wasn't just a mascot; he played an essential role at the firehouse. He was trained to respond to the sound of the alarm and would eagerly leap onto the fire truck, ready to accompany the crew to any emergency. Blaze had an uncanny ability to sense danger and would often bark to warn the firefighters of unseen hazards.

Over time, Blaze became a familiar and beloved sight in the town. His black-spotted, white coat and confident stride were easily recognizable as he accompanied the firefighters on their daily routines, visiting schools to teach fire safety and participating in community events.

One fateful day, as the firehouse crew went about their duties, the alarm suddenly blared, signaling a fire at the town's elementary school. The firefighters, with Blaze at their side, quickly geared up and raced to the scene. When they arrived, they found the school engulfed in flames, with thick smoke billowing out of the windows.

As the firefighters worked tirelessly to battle the blaze, Captain Thompson noticed that one of the teachers, Ms. Anderson, was frantically searching for a missing student. Little Timmy, a shy and quiet boy, had become separated from his classmates during the evacuation.

Without hesitation, Blaze leaped into action, his keen sense of smell guiding him through the thick smoke and chaos. He followed Timmy's scent through the smoldering hallways, ignoring the intense heat and his own fear.

As Blaze reached a classroom near the back of the school, he found Timmy huddled under a desk, terrified and coughing from the smoke. With a gentle nudge of his nose, Blaze encouraged the young boy to follow him, promising to lead him to safety.

Together, Blaze and Timmy navigated the treacherous hallways, the brave Dalmatian using his instincts and training to avoid the worst of the fire. As they finally emerged from the burning building, they were met with cheers and tears of relief from the gathered crowd.

Ms. Anderson rushed forward, enveloping both Timmy and Blaze in a grateful embrace. Captain Thompson looked on with pride, knowing that Blaze had not only saved the young boy's life but had also shown the town the true meaning of courage and loyalty.

From that day forward, Blaze was celebrated as a hero in the town. His story of bravery and dedication spread far and wide, inspiring countless others to appreciate the unwavering bond between humans and their canine companions. And at the firehouse, Blaze continued to serve as a symbol of hope, reminding everyone of the power of love, loyalty, and a Dalmatian's fearless heart.

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