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Irish Dog Names

      One way to find a name for your new dog is to turn to its heritage. Many popular breeds can be traced back to Irish roots. The Irish Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Beagle, and Glen of Imaal Terrier are all breeds with a history in and around Ireland.

      A good way to honor a dog with an Irish past is through the name you adopt. Our list will provide you with a number of ideas including top male and female Irish names along with several of our personal favorites. Among the top names for boys are Connor, Shane, and Oscar. Popular female selections include Kylie, Erin, and Chloe.

      Other ideas can be obtained by seeking out a descriptive word and translating it to the Irish language. A few options inspired by colors are Fionn (blond), Dearg (red), and Donn (brown). A female puppy that loves the water could be called Meara (meaning ‘sea’). A male dog that enjoys a nice romp through the forest could go by Kyle (meaning ‘woods’). Check out our full list for many more suggestions.

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Sean Photo of sean for Irish Dog Names I wanted to choose an Irish name and it can also be spelled "Shaun" or "Seán"
Tyrone Photo of tyrone for Irish Dog Names Famous for football players. It's comes from Ireland. It means strong soldier.
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Finnegan: The Irish Hound of Hope

In the rolling green hills of 19th-century Ireland, a spirited Irish Setter named Finnegan lived with his owner, Seamus O'Connor. Seamus was a hardworking farmer who tended to his crops and animals from dawn until dusk. Finnegan, with his lustrous red coat and boundless energy, was Seamus's most loyal companion and an invaluable help around the farm.

One year, a devastating famine struck the land. Crops failed, animals grew sickly, and the people of the village faced hunger and despair. Seamus was no exception, as his once-thriving farm began to wither and die. The villagers, desperate for a solution, turned to their spiritual leader, Father O'Malley, for guidance.

Father O'Malley called upon the villagers to gather at the church and pray for divine intervention. Among the congregation was Seamus, who clung to the hope that the famine would soon pass. Finnegan, sensing his owner's distress, refused to leave his side and accompanied him to the church.

As the people of the village prayed, Finnegan wandered outside and began to explore the surrounding countryside. He ventured far and wide, his keen senses alert to any sign of hope that he could bring back to his struggling owner and their community.

One day, as Finnegan was trekking through a dense thicket, he caught a scent unlike any other. Intrigued, he followed the scent to a hidden glen, where he discovered a spring of crystal-clear water bubbling up from the ground. The water was unlike any Finnegan had ever tasted—cool, refreshing, and somehow full of life.

Excited by his discovery, Finnegan raced back to Seamus and led him to the miraculous spring. Seamus, amazed by the sight, filled a flask with the water and brought it to Father O'Malley, who was equally astonished by the find.

Father O'Malley decided to test the water's powers by sprinkling it on the parched soil around the church. To everyone's surprise, the once-barren ground began to transform, sprouting vibrant green grass and lush, healthy plants.

As word of the spring spread throughout the village, hope began to return to the people. They collected water from the spring and used it to nourish their crops and animals, and slowly but surely, life returned to the village. The famine, once a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, was finally overcome.

Finnegan, the steadfast Irish Setter, was hailed as a hero. His discovery of the miraculous spring had saved the village from despair and ushered in a new era of prosperity. Seamus and Finnegan remained inseparable, the bond between them stronger than ever in the face of adversity.

Through Finnegan's unwavering loyalty and determination, the village had found hope amidst the darkness. And for generations to come, the story of Finnegan, the Irish Hound of Hope, lived on as a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the love between a dog and his owner.

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