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Updated: October 07, 2023

      One way to find a name for your new dog is to turn to its heritage. Many popular breeds can be traced back to Irish roots. The Irish Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Beagle, and Glen of Imaal Terrier are all breeds with a history in and around Ireland.

      A good way to honor a dog with an Irish past is through the name you adopt. Our list will provide you with a number of ideas including top male and female Irish names along with several of our personal favorites. Among the top names for boys are Connor, Shane, and Oscar. Popular female selections include Kylie, Erin, and Chloe.

      Other ideas can be obtained by seeking out a descriptive word and translating it to the Irish language. A few options inspired by colors are Fionn (blond), Dearg (red), and Donn (brown). A female puppy that loves the water could be called Meara (meaning ‘sea’). A male dog that enjoys a nice romp through the forest could go by Kyle (meaning ‘woods’). Check out our full list for many more suggestions.

Name Reason to Choose
Liam A widely popular boy's name in Ireland
Logan It's a popular name in Ireland, derived from Gaelic
Lorcan Lorcan is an old Irish name, translating to 'little fierce one'
Lucas While not traditionally Irish, it is a popular name in modern Ireland
Lugh Lugh is the name of a Celtic sun god, great for a bright and cheerful dog
Mairin It's an Irish form of Mary, which means 'star of the sea'
Malachy This name means 'my messenger' in Irish
Meara An Irish name meaning 'merry'
Miles An Irish name meaning 'soldier'
Molly This name is a common female name in Ireland, it is the English form of the Gaelic 'Máille'
Murphy Murphy is a popular Irish surname, commonly used as a pet name
Myrna An Irish name meaning 'high-spirited' or 'festive'
Nevan A name of Irish origin, meaning 'holy', or 'little saint'
Niall Niall is an ancient Irish name, associated with royalty and warriors
Nolan This is a popular Irish surname, originating from the Gaelic 'Nuallán', which means 'noble, famous'
Nora A popular female name in Ireland, it is a diminutive form of 'Honora', meaning 'honor'
Nuada From Irish mythology, Nuada was a king of the Tuatha Dé Danann
Oberon This name is derived from a character in Irish mythology known for his wisdom and magic
Oisin Oisin, meaning 'little deer', is a name from Irish mythology
Oonagh Oonagh is a queen of the fairies in Irish mythology
Orla This is a popular Irish name that means 'golden princess', great for a dog with a golden coat
Orrin An Irish name meaning 'pale', it is derived from the Gaelic 'Odhrán'
Oscar It's a name found in Irish folklore
Paddy A classic Irish pet name, typically used as a nickname for 'Patrick'
Padraig Padraig is the Irish version of Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland
Patrick A name synonymous with Ireland due to the country's patron saint
Piaras The Irish version of the name 'Pierce', meaning 'rock'
Pierce This is a common Irish name and is also the name of a famous Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan
Piran This name is associated with St. Piran, the patron saint of tin miners
Quigley Quigley is a common surname in Ireland, meaning 'from the mother's side'
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Famous Irish People Dog Names

These names can be a great way to honor a favorite Irish celebrity, historical figure, or even a family ancestor.
Name Description
Beckett Inspired by Samuel Beckett, a famous Irish playwright and author
Bono The lead singer of the Irish rock band U2 is a great namesake
Bram Inspired by Bram Stoker, the Irish author of Dracula
Byrne Named after Gabriel Byrne, the accomplished Irish actor
Cillian Cillian Murphy, an Irish actor, is the inspiration
Collins Named after Michael Collins, a key figure in Irish history
DeValera Inspired by Eamon De Valera, a prominent politician and statesman
Doyle A nod to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Irish-Scottish author
Enya For lovers of the Irish singer-songwriter and musician
Farrell Paying tribute to Colin Farrell, the popular Irish actor
Fassbender For admirers of the Irish-German actor, Michael Fassbender
Grainne Inspired by Grainne Mhaol, a famous Irish pirate queen
Guinness Inspired by Sir Alec Guinness, the Irish-English actor
Heaney Seamus Heaney, a Nobel laureate in Literature, is the inspiration
Hozier Named after the successful Irish musician
Joyce This name pays homage to James Joyce, the renowned Irish author
Kavanagh Named after Patrick Kavanagh, an esteemed Irish poet
Keats Named after the Irish poet, John Keats
Lynott Paying tribute to Phil Lynott, the lead singer of Irish band Thin Lizzy
Morrison A nod to Van Morrison, the legendary Irish singer-songwriter
Neeson For fans of the Irish actor, Liam Neeson
Oscar A nod to Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish playwright
Saoirse For fans of the Irish-American actress, Saoirse Ronan
Swift Inspired by Jonathan Swift, an influential Irish writer
Yeats This name recalls the highly regarded Irish poet, W.B. Yeats

Irish Food and Drink Dog Names

These names can be a playful and quirky choice, especially if the food or drink in question is a favorite of yours.
Name Description
Bailey Inspired by the creamy Irish liqueur, Bailey's
Barmbrack A sweet Irish bread served during Halloween
Blaa A doughy, white bread roll native to Waterford, Ireland
Boxty Traditional Irish potato pancake
Bulmers An Irish cider brand
Clonakilty Famous for its Irish black pudding
Coddle A typical Irish dish, usually made to use up leftovers
Colcannon A traditional Irish dish made from mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage
Drisheen A type of blood pudding from Cork
Dubliner A type of Irish cheese
Farl Slice of an Irish soda or potato bread
Glendalough An Irish whiskey distillery
Guinness Named after the iconic Irish stout
Jameson Famous Irish whiskey brand
Kerrygold Well-known Irish butter brand
Marmalade A staple on Irish breakfast tables
Murphy A brewery in Cork, Ireland
Oyster Galway is famous for its Oyster Festival
Poteen A traditional Irish distilled beverage
Rasher A term for bacon in Ireland
Sheridan An Irish cream liqueur
Smithwick A popular Irish ale
Soda Short for Irish soda bread, a staple in Ireland
Tayto A popular crisp brand in Ireland
Tullamore Whiskey distilled in Tullamore, Ireland

Irish Place Names for Dogs

Naming your dog after an Irish city, town or landmark can be a fun and fitting tribute to your heritage or a favorite location.
Name Description
Armagh A city in Northern Ireland, known as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland
Belfast The capital of Northern Ireland, famous for its Victorian architecture
Bray A coastal town in north County Wicklow, known for its seafront promenade
Cashel A town in County Tipperary, famous for the historic Rock of Cashel
Clare A county on Ireland's west coast, known for its traditional Irish music
Connemara A cultural region in County Galway, known for its scenic beauty and wilderness
Cork A vibrant city in the south of Ireland with its own unique charm
Derry Also known as Londonderry, this city is renowned for its intact city walls
Donegal A town steeped in Irish history and culture, located in the namesake county
Dublin It's the capital and largest city of Ireland, boasting rich culture and history
Dundalk A town near the border of Northern Ireland, known for its team in the Irish Premier Division
Ennis The county town of Clare, known for its traditional music
Fingal A county in the province of Leinster, known for its diverse and vibrant communities
Galway A harbor city on Ireland's west coast, known for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals
Kerry A county located in the South-West region, renowned for its picturesque landscapes
Kilkenny This name originates from an Irish city known for its medieval buildings
Limerick An Irish city known for its medieval heritage and Georgian architecture
Malahide A prosperous suburban village in Dublin, known for Malahide Castle
Mayo A county in Ireland, known for its rugged cliffs and ancient heritage sites
Navan A town in the middle of County Meath, known for its horse racing and rich history
Roscommon A county in the province of Connacht, known for its historic sites and natural beauty
Shannon Named after the longest river in Ireland, it's a beautiful name for a dog
Sligo This place name hails from a coastal seaport and county town, known for its literary heritage
Waterford A city in the South-East region, famous for its crystal ware
Wicklow A county town famous for its natural beauty and mountainous landscapes

Irish Mythology Dog Names

These names are inspired by characters and legends from Irish mythology, giving your pet a name with a story behind it.
Name Description
Aengus Named after the Celtic god of love and youth
Bran This name represents a mythical hound in Irish mythology
Cian Comes from an Irish mythological figure who was a great traveller
Dagda Derived from the Celtic god of earth and treaties
Etain Named after a beautiful heroine from Irish mythology
Fionn Inspired by a mythical Irish warrior
Grainne A heroine from an Irish legend
Herne An Irish mythological hunter
Iollan Named after a warrior from Irish mythology
Jarlath Inspired by an Irish saint
Kian A mythological Irish figure
Lir Derived from the Irish god of the sea
Macha Named after an Irish war goddess
Nuada The first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Irish mythology
Oisin The name of a mythological Irish poet
Pwyll A character from the Mabinogi, a collection of Welsh myths
Quinn An ancient Irish surname
Roisin A name from an old Irish song
Sadb An Irish goddess who was transformed into a deer
Tara An ancient Irish place of worship
Una In Irish folklore, Una is known as the queen of the fairies
Vevina An Irish name meaning 'sweet lady'
Wynda A name with an Irish origin
Xadrian An Irish name meaning 'little dark one'
Yseult A character from an Irish legend
Zaira An Irish name meaning 'princess'

Gaelic Dog Names

These names are derived from the Irish language and can be a unique and meaningful option for your pet.
Name Description
Aiden This name is of Irish heritage and means 'little and fiery', perfect for a small dog with a big personality
Bradan Originates in Gaelic language, implies 'salmon', a good fit for dogs that love water
Cian It is an Irish name signifying 'ancient', suitable for a wise and calm dog
Darragh In Celtic, it denotes 'oak tree', ideal for a strong, reliable dog
Eamon This Gaelic name means 'wealthy protector', making it fitting for a protective, loyal dog
Finn Originates from Ireland meaning 'fair', suitable for a light-colored dog
Grady In Irish, it signifies 'noble', perfect for a dignified, regal dog
Hugh Derived from Gaelic, it symbolizes 'intelligence', suitable for a smart, quick-learning dog
Ian It is an Irish moniker that stands for 'God is gracious', fitting for a kind, gentle dog
Jarlath This Gaelic name means 'tributary lord', ideal for a dog with a commanding presence
Keegan Originates from Ireland, signifying 'small and fiery', good for a spirited, energetic dog
Liam In Irish, it denotes 'strong-willed warrior', perfect for a courageous, brave dog
Murphy Derived from Gaelic, it stands for 'sea warrior', suitable for a dog that loves the beach
Nevin It is an Irish name meaning 'worshipper of the saints', fitting for a devoted, faithful dog
Oisin From Gaelic, it signifies 'little deer', ideal for a gentle, graceful dog
Padraig Originates in Ireland, meaning 'patrician', good for a noble, regal dog
Quinlan In Irish, it stands for 'athletic', perfect for a sporty, energetic dog
Ronan Derived from Gaelic, it means 'little seal', suitable for a playful, water-loving dog
Shane It is an Irish name signifying 'God is gracious', fitting for a kind, gentle dog
Tadhg From Gaelic, it means 'poet', ideal for a thoughtful, quiet dog
Uilliam Originates from Ireland, meaning 'resolute protector', good for a loyal, protective dog
Vaughan In Irish, it stands for 'small', perfect for a tiny, adorable dog
Wiley Derived from Gaelic, it means 'enchanting', suitable for a charming, captivating dog
Xavier Although not traditionally Irish, it's used in Ireland and means 'new house', fitting for a dog welcomed into a new home
Yeats Named after the famous Irish poet, it's ideal for a dog with a soulful or thoughtful personality
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Finnegan: The Irish Hound of Hope

In the rolling green hills of 19th-century Ireland, a spirited Irish Setter named Finnegan lived with his owner, Seamus O'Connor. Seamus was a hardworking farmer who tended to his crops and animals from dawn until dusk. Finnegan, with his lustrous red coat and boundless energy, was Seamus's most loyal companion and an invaluable help around the farm.

One year, a devastating famine struck the land. Crops failed, animals grew sickly, and the people of the village faced hunger and despair. Seamus was no exception, as his once-thriving farm began to wither and die. The villagers, desperate for a solution, turned to their spiritual leader, Father O'Malley, for guidance.

Father O'Malley called upon the villagers to gather at the church and pray for divine intervention. Among the congregation was Seamus, who clung to the hope that the famine would soon pass. Finnegan, sensing his owner's distress, refused to leave his side and accompanied him to the church.

As the people of the village prayed, Finnegan wandered outside and began to explore the surrounding countryside. He ventured far and wide, his keen senses alert to any sign of hope that he could bring back to his struggling owner and their community.

One day, as Finnegan was trekking through a dense thicket, he caught a scent unlike any other. Intrigued, he followed the scent to a hidden glen, where he discovered a spring of crystal-clear water bubbling up from the ground. The water was unlike any Finnegan had ever tasted—cool, refreshing, and somehow full of life.

Excited by his discovery, Finnegan raced back to Seamus and led him to the miraculous spring. Seamus, amazed by the sight, filled a flask with the water and brought it to Father O'Malley, who was equally astonished by the find.

Father O'Malley decided to test the water's powers by sprinkling it on the parched soil around the church. To everyone's surprise, the once-barren ground began to transform, sprouting vibrant green grass and lush, healthy plants.

As word of the spring spread throughout the village, hope began to return to the people. They collected water from the spring and used it to nourish their crops and animals, and slowly but surely, life returned to the village. The famine, once a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, was finally overcome.

Finnegan, the steadfast Irish Setter, was hailed as a hero. His discovery of the miraculous spring had saved the village from despair and ushered in a new era of prosperity. Seamus and Finnegan remained inseparable, the bond between them stronger than ever in the face of adversity.

Through Finnegan's unwavering loyalty and determination, the village had found hope amidst the darkness. And for generations to come, the story of Finnegan, the Irish Hound of Hope, lived on as a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the love between a dog and his owner.

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