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Maltese Names

Updated: May 15, 2024

Steeped in an alluring blend of Mediterranean influences, the names originating from the archipelago of Malta are indeed a fascinating subject. This page is dedicated to exploring the rich tapestry of these monikers, which are as unique and diverse as the history and culture of this sun-drenched island nation.

The names you will encounter here are not only influenced by the island's official languages - Maltese and English - but also echo the cultural imprints left by Phoenicians, Romans, Normans and Arabs, among others, throughout Malta's history. From traditional choices to modern favorites, this page offers an intriguing journey through the linguistic landscape of the Maltese islands.

Whether you are of Maltese heritage looking to honor your roots, a parent searching for an unique name for your child, or simply a name enthusiast, you are sure to find this page a treasure trove of information. As you explore, you will uncover the charm and the cultural significance behind each name, providing a captivating glimpse into the Maltese way of life.

Name Reason to Choose
Alabaster This name is representative of the breed's white, glossy coat
Alfie It's a cute and playful name for a small dog, fitting the Maltese's disposition
Angel Because it signifies purity, which is a characteristic of Maltese dogs
Aria Aria is a music-related name that reflects the Maltese's cheerful nature
Aspen This name is often given to Maltese dogs due to the connection with the white snow of Aspen mountains
Bailey A warm, friendly name for a warm, friendly breed
Barry This classic name is often chosen for the elegant and sophisticated Maltese breed
Bella It means 'beautiful' in Italian, reflecting the breed's Mediterranean origin
Bianco This Italian word for white is often used for Maltese dogs due to their white fur
Biscotti Biscotti is a fun, food-inspired name for a Maltese, reflecting the breed's Italian roots
Biscuit This name is perfect for a Maltese as it resembles the color of their often light-brown ears
Blanco It's the Spanish term for white, reflecting the Maltese dog's fur color
Blizzard This name suits a Maltese with a thick, white coat
Blossom This name is fitting for a Maltese, reflecting their sweet temperament
Borton This English name, signifying 'town near the barley', aligns with the Maltese breed's preference for comfortable and homey environments
Britney This pop culture name is often used for stylish and glamorous Maltese dogs
Buddy A popular name for dogs because of their companionship
Buttercup This name suits a Maltese's playful and sweet nature
Casper It represents a friendly ghost, and Maltese dogs are known for their friendly nature
Chalky This name is a playful nod to the breed's white coat
Charisma The Maltese are known for their charming and charismatic nature
Chiffon This name refers to the breed's soft, fluffy coat
Chloe A chic, feminine name for a fancy and elegant breed
Chumlee This quirky name is often chosen for fun-loving, playful Maltese dogs
Cloud This name is chosen due to the fluffy white appearance of the Maltese breed
Cloudy This name is perfect for a fluffy, white Maltese
Coco This name is often chosen for Maltese dogs due to its feminine and chic sound
Conrad Being an old Germanic name, it suits the Maltese breed which is one of the oldest European toy breed
Cotton The fluffy and white coat of a Maltese dog is often compared to cotton
Cupcake This name fits the adorable and sweet nature of a Maltese
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Unique Maltese Names

These names are less common and may be chosen for their distinctive character.
Name Description
Aurelia Latin for 'golden', it signifies the invaluable presence of your Maltese
Bijou French for 'jewel', it perfectly captures the precious and rare nature of your Maltese
Calypso Inspired by Greek mythology, it's a rhythmic and vivacious name for a Maltese
Dulcet A musical term for 'sweet', it perfectly captures the sweet and harmonious nature of a Maltese
Elixir This name signifies the magical and healing presence of your Maltese in your life
Elysium This name is inspired by the mythical Greek concept of paradise, reflecting your Maltese's heavenly charm
Icarus Inspired by Greek mythology, this name reflects the adventurous spirit of your Maltese
Kismet This name, meaning 'fate', reflects the destiny bringing you and your Maltese together
Lyric This musical name is a unique and melodious choice for a Maltese
Minuet Named after the dance, it's an elegant and graceful name, just like your Maltese
Mochi From the Japanese rice dessert, this name is adorable and unique, much like your Maltese
Nova This name symbolizes the new joy and excitement your Maltese brings into your life
Orion Named after a prominent constellation, it emphasizes the stellar nature of your Maltese
Pippin This fun, unique name captures the playful, lively nature of the Maltese breed
Quartz This crystal name reflects the precious and unique nature of your Maltese
Quill An original choice for a Maltese, it reflects their lightness and delicacy
Rhapsody It evokes a sense of music and rhythm, making it a unique choice for a playful Maltese
Seren Derived from the Welsh word for 'star', it signifies the bright and shining personality of a Maltese
Solstice This name embodies the warmth and brightness that your Maltese brings into your life
Sonnet A poetic name, it mirrors the beauty and elegance of the Maltese breed
Vesper Latin for 'evening star', it's a unique and celestial choice for a Maltese
Whimsy A playful and unique name that's perfect for a Maltese with a fun, carefree personality
Wisp This name perfectly captures the soft, delicate, and airy nature of your Maltese's fur
Zephyr The name of the Greek god of the west wind, it's a unique and breezy choice for a Maltese
Zinnia Named after a vibrant flower, it's a unique and colorful choice for a Maltese

Historical Maltese Names

These names are linked to significant figures or periods in Maltese history.
Name Description
Barrakka Inspired by the Barrakka Gardens, a public garden in Valletta
Birgu Reference to the historic city of Birgu, one of the oldest in Malta
Caravaggio Caravaggio, the famous painter, has a strong historical connection to Malta
Cospicua The third of Malta's historic Three Cities
Cottonera A region in Malta known for its historical Three Cities
Dingli Inspired by the Dingli Cliffs, a natural and historical site in Malta
Fawwara Named after a small village in Malta with historical relevance
Festi Commemorates the historic and traditional Maltese festas
Ggantija Named after the Ggantija temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malta
Ghawdex The Maltese name for Gozo, Malta's sister island
Hagar The Hagar Qim temples are an important historical site
Hal-Saflieni Named after the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum, a prehistoric underground temple
Hospitaller The Knights Hospitaller played a significant role in Maltese history
Hypogeum The Hypogeum is a unique historical underground structure in Malta
Inquisitor The Inquisitor's Palace is a notable historical site in Malta
Manoel Fort Manoel is a star fort on Manoel Island in Gzira, Malta
Mdina This name is derived from the ancient city of Mdina
Megalith Malta is known for its historical megalithic temples
Mnajdra Named after the Mnajdra megalithic temple complex
Phoenicia Phoenicians were the first significant settlers in Malta
Ricasoli This is a tribute to the historic Ricasoli fort in Malta
Senglea One of Malta's historic Three Cities
Tarxien Named after the Tarxien temples, another UNESCO site in Malta
Valletta Named after the capital city of Malta, which has a rich history
Vittoriosa Another of Malta's historic Three Cities

Popular Maltese Names

These names are commonly used in Malta currently and reflect modern trends.
Name Description
Bailey Owners love this name for its warm and friendly connotations
Bella This name, meaning beautiful, is popular among Maltese owners due to their adorable appearance
Buddy As a Maltese quickly becomes a person's best friend, Buddy is a fitting choice
Charlie The playful nature of this name suits the Maltese's energetic personality
Coco This short and snappy name is a go-to for many small dog owners, including those with Maltese
Daisy A cute name for a cute breed, Daisy is a top choice for Maltese dogs
Gizmo This quirky name is a favorite among owners of this toy breed
Leo Despite their small stature, Maltese dogs often have big personalities, leading owners to choose bold names like Leo
Lily This delicate name is a top pick for owners of this elegant breed
Lola This feminine name is a hit among owners of this tiny, ladylike breed
Lucy This name is beloved for its vintage charm, fitting perfectly with the Maltese breed
Max Max, being short and sweet, is a favorite among small dog owners
Milo Owners love this name for its friendly and playful sound, much like their Maltese pets
Molly This feminine name is a top choice for this ladylike breed
Oliver This classic name is loved by many Maltese owners for its timeless charm
Oscar This traditional name is a favorite among owners of this classic breed
Penny This cute name is a go-to for many owners of petite breeds like the Maltese
Rocky Despite their small size, many Maltese dogs have a big spirit, leading owners to choose names like Rocky
Rosie This sweet, feminine name is a perfect match for a dainty Maltese
Ruby Just like precious gems, this breed is small but valuable, making Ruby a popular choice
Sadie This sweet and feminine name is a top choice for female Maltese dogs
Sophie Owners appreciate this elegant and feminine name for their Maltese dogs
Teddy As the Maltese often resemble little teddy bears, this name is a popular choice
Toby This friendly sounding name is a hit with Maltese owners
Zoe This name, meaning life, is an excellent match for the vivacious Maltese

Religious Maltese Names

Malta is predominantly Catholic, so religious names often hold significance.
Name Description
Angel A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant or messenger of God
Benedict Inspired by Saint Benedict, a Christian saint venerated in the Catholic Church
Eden Derived from the Garden of Eden, a biblical paradise
Elijah A prophet in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Esther A queen from the Persian Empire in the Hebrew Bible
Eve The first woman according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions
Gabriel The name of an angel who appears in the Bible and the Quran
Genesis The first book of the Bible
Gideon A military leader, judge and prophet in the Bible
Isaiah A prophet in the Hebrew Bible
Job A figure in the Bible known for his patience in enduring suffering
Jude Inspired by Saint Jude, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus
Magdalene After Mary Magdalene, a follower of Jesus Christ
Miracle A term used in religious context to describe an extraordinary event
Moses A prophet in the Abrahamic religions
Noah A prominent figure in the Bible's Genesis flood narrative
Psalms Inspired by the biblical book of Psalms
Revelation Taken from the final book of the New Testament
Ruth A figure from the Book of Ruth in the Bible
Seraphim A type of celestial or heavenly being in Christianity and Judaism
Shiloh A biblical place, often used symbolically in Christian and Jewish texts
Solomon A biblical figure known for his wisdom
Tabernacle A movable dwelling in the Old Testament where the Ark of the Covenant was kept
Trinity This name is derived from the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity
Zion A place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel

Traditional Maltese Names

These names have been passed down through generations and hold cultural significance.
Name Description
Birgu Named after the ancient city in Malta, Birgu is a name given to dogs with a dignified presence
Bontekoe This is a traditional Maltese name meaning 'good cow', often used for dogs with a gentle and calm demeanor
Dejjem Means 'always' in Maltese, it's a name given to a loyal and ever-present companion
Fomm A traditional name meaning 'mouth', usually given to dogs that are vocal
Ghawdex Named after the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, Ghawdex is a popular name for dogs in Malta
Gozo Another island in Malta, a name fitting for a free-spirited canine companion
Hagar Hagar means 'stone' in Maltese, a solid name for a steadfast dog
Halib This name means 'milk' in Maltese, often given to dogs with a pure white coat
Hobz Hobz means 'bread' in Maltese, a cute name for a dog that's essential to the family as bread to a meal
Kbir In Maltese, this means 'big' and it's often given to dogs with a large personality
Marsaxlokk A traditional fishing village in Malta, Marsaxlokk is a fitting name for a water-loving dog
Mdina Mdina is the old capital of Malta, a grand name for a dog with a noble demeanor
Mellieha A coastal town in Malta, Mellieha is a popular name for dogs from sea-loving families
Mtarfa A small town in Malta, Mtarfa is a unique name for a unique dog
Naxxar Named after a village in Malta, Naxxar is a traditional Maltese dog name
Qalb This name means 'heart' in Maltese, given to dogs that are loving and affectionate
Qormi Qormi is a city in Malta, giving your dog a name with a rich history
Senglea Named after one of the three cities in Malta, it's a common Maltese dog name
Sliema Named after a popular city in Malta, Sliema is a common Maltese dog name
Valletta This is the capital of Malta, a lovely name for a dog with regal bearing
Xemx Means 'sun' in Maltese, a perfect name for a sunny and bright dog
Zaghzugh This name translates to 'puppy' in Maltese, fitting for any young Maltese dog
Zebbug Zebbug is a town in Malta known for its olives, a fitting name for a dog with a glossy coat
Zejt Zejt means 'oil' in Maltese, a slick name for a smooth and sleek dog
Zurrieq One of the oldest towns in Malta, Zurrieq is a name that carries a lot of history and tradition
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