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Shar Pei Names

      The Shar Pei originated in China along with many typical names found among the breed. A few common Chinese dog names are Satsuki, Yanlin, and Mei Ling. ‘Sand Skin’ is a rough translation of Shar Pei. Along with this theme, some desert inspired ideas include Sahara, Sinai, Mojave, and Monte. The Shar Pei is well-known for its loose skin that is thought to be an adaptation to an early role in boar hunts. Some characteristic skin related names are Furrow, Wrinkles, and Brow. A blue colored tongue is another notable feature found among the breed. People can achieve a similar tongue-color through the consumption of certain sweets. Some sugary treat inspired names are Candy, Wonka, and Taffy.
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Mei Ling
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Bao the Wise: A Shar Pei Story

Once upon a time in the picturesque village of Longjing, nestled at the foot of the lush green mountains in China, lived a wise old Shar Pei named Bao. Bao was not just any ordinary dog; he was known far and wide for his intelligence and keen intuition. His wrinkled skin, resembling an ancient sage's robes, only added to his mystique.

The villagers of Longjing held Bao in high regard and often sought his guidance in times of trouble. Bao had an uncanny ability to understand the villagers' problems and would always find ways to help them. He communicated through a series of barks, head tilts, and paw gestures that the villagers had learned to interpret over time. His wisdom was the village's most prized possession, and the people attributed much of their prosperity to Bao's presence.

One day, a desperate farmer named Jian approached Bao. A terrible drought had befallen Longjing, causing the rice paddies to dry up and the crops to wither. The villagers were on the verge of despair, fearing famine and poverty would soon follow. Jian begged Bao to help them find a solution to the drought.

Bao contemplated the situation, his deep-set eyes gazing into the distance. After a few moments, he barked three times, signaling that he had a plan. He led the villagers deep into the mountains, where they discovered a hidden cave adorned with ancient symbols.

Inside the cave, Bao directed the villagers' attention to a stone tablet, etched with a map of intricate pathways that connected the village to a secret underground river. The villagers were amazed at the discovery and immediately began digging a tunnel to access the precious water source.

Days turned into weeks, and the villagers worked tirelessly, guided by Bao's wisdom. As the tunnel neared completion, Bao's once wrinkled skin began to smooth out, and his energy seemed to wane. The villagers noticed this change but chose to focus on the task at hand, hoping to save their village from the drought.

Finally, the day came when the tunnel reached the underground river, and fresh water began flowing into the village's rice paddies. The crops began to flourish once more, and the village was saved. As the villagers celebrated, they noticed that Bao had become weak and was now lying under a tree, his once wrinkled skin almost entirely smooth.

Jian approached Bao, tears welling up in his eyes. "Dear Bao, you've saved our village, but at what cost? What is happening to you?"

With a soft bark, Bao communicated that his time had come. His purpose in the village had been fulfilled, and his wisdom had been passed on to the people of Longjing. As his wrinkled skin smoothed out, it was a sign that he had shared all of his knowledge, and it was time for him to return to the heavens.

The villagers mourned the loss of their beloved Bao but knew that his wisdom would live on within them. They erected a statue in his honor at the entrance of the village to remember the wise Shar Pei who had saved them from drought and despair.

And so, the legend of Bao, the wise Shar Pei, lived on in the hearts of the people of Longjing, and his spirit continued to watch over the village from the heavens above, smiling down upon the grateful villagers, who would never forget the dog who had once saved them all.

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