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Shar Pei Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Shar Pei originated in China along with many typical names found among the breed. A few common Chinese dog names are Satsuki, Yanlin, and Mei Ling. ‘Sand Skin’ is a rough translation of Shar Pei. Along with this theme, some desert inspired ideas include Sahara, Sinai, Mojave, and Monte. The Shar Pei is well-known for its loose skin that is thought to be an adaptation to an early role in boar hunts. Some characteristic skin related names are Furrow, Wrinkles, and Brow. A blue colored tongue is another notable feature found among the breed. People can achieve a similar tongue-color through the consumption of certain sweets. Some sugary treat inspired names are Candy, Wonka, and Taffy.
Name Reason to Choose
Accona This is an Italian desert, signifying the breed's adaptability and toughness
Bagel This name is a fun twist for a Shar Pei with a round, squishy face
Balou Reminiscent of the friendly bear from Jungle Book, it suits the breed's lovable nature
Bamboo A nod to the Chinese heritage of Shar Peis
Bean This name is as small and adorable as your Shar Pei's compact size
Bear For a Shar Pei with a robust, cuddly look
Beijing It's a nod to the breed's Chinese origins as it's the capital of China
Biscuit This name is as sweet as your Shar Pei's wrinkly face
Blue A name that matches the breed's often blue-black tongue
Bonsai Bonsai trees represent patience, which many Shar Pei's have
Botox A humorous name, referencing the breed's naturally wrinkled face
Brandy Their coat can be the color of a fine brandy
Brodie A Scottish name meaning 'ditch', fitting for a breed known for its deep wrinkles
Brow A subtle reference to the breed's distinctively wrinkled forehead
Buddha Shar Peis are known for their calm demeanor
Butterscotch A great name for a golden or fawn-colored Shar Pei
Candy A sweet name for a breed known for its lovable nature
Cane Italian for 'dog', it's a simple yet apt name for this breed
Caramel For a Shar Pei with a sweet disposition and a golden coat
Chestnut Many Shar Peis have a warm chestnut-colored coat
Chopstick A humorous and unique name reflecting Chinese culture
Chow After the famous Chinese breed Chow Chow, a relative to Shar Pei
Cinnamon A fitting name for a reddish-brown Shar Pei
Cookie A sweet name that suits the lovable and loyal nature of this breed
Crumpet The breed's wrinkly skin can be compared to the textured surface of a crumpet
Cupcake A sweet name for a Shar Pei that's as lovable as a tasty treat
Curl Their tail often curls up over their back
Dim Sum This cute name is after a type of Chinese cuisine, just like the adorable Shar Pei
Donut Perfect for a round, sweet Shar Pei
Doodle A cute name that suits the playful and artistic nature of this breed
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Strong and Brave Names

Shar Peis are known for their strength and bravery, so such names can reflect their personality and character.
Name Description
Atlas Named after the Titan who held up the sky, representing strength
Bear The name of a powerful and brave animal
Beowulf The name of a legendary hero known for his strength and bravery
Blaze An emblem of power and resilience, like a fire that never stops burning
Bolt This name symbolizes speed and unstoppable force
Brutus The name of a Roman politician who was known for his bravery
Goliath The name of a biblical giant, indicating great power
Hercules Named after the Greek demigod known for his incredible strength and bravery
Hulk Inspired by the comic book character known for his immense strength
Jupiter Named after the Roman king of gods, representing immense power
Kong Inspired by King Kong, the giant, strong, and brave gorilla
Mars The name of the Roman god of war, symbolizing bravery and combat
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', indicating strength and power
Rex The Latin term for 'king', indicating authority and strength
Rocky This name is inspired by the iconic boxing film character, symbolizing strength and bravery
Samson A biblical character known for his immense strength
Spartan Named after the ancient warriors known for their courage and strength
Tank A symbol of strong defensive power
Thunder This name symbolizes a powerful and unstoppable force of nature
Titan The name associated with great strength and size
Tornado A force of nature that symbolizes power and destruction
Trooper A term associated with soldiers who are known for their bravery
Valor A term often associated with bravery and courage on the battlefield
Viking Named after the seafaring warriors known for their bravery
Zeus The name of the Greek king of gods, symbolizing immense power

Short and Simple Names

Since Shar Peis are a small to medium breed, short and simple names can be a good match for their size and easy for them to recognize.
Name Description
Ace A short, strong name that shows your Shar Pei is a winner
Amy A simple, sweet name for a female Shar Pei
Bay A short, unique name that's easy to remember, perfect for any Shar Pei
Bea A cute, short name that's easy to remember for a female Shar Pei
Ben A strong, simple name that's easy to remember, great for a Shar Pei
Dot A short, sweet name that brings to mind a small, cute Shar Pei
Eva A short, elegant name great for a female Shar Pei
Eve An elegant, short name suitable for a female Shar Pei
Ivy A classic, simple name for a female Shar Pei
Jay A short, sharp name that's easy to call out, perfect for a Shar Pei
Joy A sweet, simple name that reflects the happiness your Shar Pei brings
Kim A straightforward, easy name that's perfect for a female Shar Pei
Leo A short, strong name for a Shar Pei, signifying strength and courage
Liz A straightforward, easy name for a female Shar Pei
Max A simple and strong name, perfect for a robust breed like the Shar Pei
Moe A simple, catchy name that's great for any Shar Pei
Ned A short, memorable name that's great for a male Shar Pei
Pip This three-letter name is easy to call and remember, fitting for a Shar Pei
Rex A strong, simple name that suits a male Shar Pei
Sam A classic, simple name that's always in style, just like a Shar Pei
Sky Simple to pronounce and signifies the endless love for your Shar Pei
Ted A short, classic name that's perfect for a male Shar Pei
Tim An easy, memorable name that's perfect for a male Shar Pei
Tom A classic, short name that's always in style, great for a Shar Pei
Zoe A cute name that's easy to say, great for a female Shar Pei

Guard Dog Names

Shar Peis were originally bred as guard dogs, so names that reflect their protective nature could be appropriate.
Name Description
Bear This name signifies a dog's strength and protective nature
Blitz This name, meaning 'lightning fast', is fitting for a quick and protective Shar Pei
Bolt A name that reflects a dog's speed and agility in protecting its territory
Brick This name signifies a dog's solid and sturdy nature, fitting for a guard dog
Brutus This name reflects the strength and courage of a guard Shar Pei
Bullet Signifies a dog's speed and precision, perfect for a guard dog
Captain This name suggests a dog's leadership and protective instincts
Diesel This name implies a dog's strength and power, fitting for a guard dog
Duke The name signifies nobility and bravery, perfect for a protective dog
Goliath This name is ideal for a large and strong Shar Pei guard dog
Guardian This name is self-explanatory and ideal for a Shar Pei that serves as a guard dog
Hammer This name implies a dog's strength and resilience, perfect for a Shar Pei guard dog
Hulk A name inspired by the strong and protective comic character, fitting for a guard dog
Jaws This name signifies a Shar Pei's strong bite, making it a fitting guard dog name
Maverick This name suggests a dog's independent and protective nature
Maximus This name suggests a dog's maximum strength and dedication to protection
Rex Latin for 'king', this name signifies a dog's dominant and protective nature
Rocky A name that implies a dog's toughness and courage
Spartan Inspired by the ancient warriors, it's a great name for a brave and protective dog
Tank Signifies a dog's strength and resilience, perfect for a guard dog
Thor Named after the Norse god of thunder, this name is ideal for a strong and brave Shar Pei
Titan This name implies a dog's strength and bravery, ideal for a Shar Pei guard dog
Trooper Signifies a dog's dedication and loyalty, ideal for a guard dog
Viper Signifies a dog's quick reflexes and protective instincts
Warden This name signifies a dog's role in guarding and protecting its territory

Wrinkled Names

Shar Peis are known for their distinctive wrinkles, so names that evoke this unique characteristic could be cute and fitting.
Name Description
Bunch A cute name that reflects the bunched up appearance of the dog's wrinkles
Creases A playful nod to the dog's characteristic wrinkled skin
Crepe Named after the crepe paper-like texture of the dog's skin
Crinkle A perfect name for a Shar Pei with its crinkled, wrinkled skin
Crumple It brings to mind the look of the dog's skin, crumpled like a piece of paper
Curl Inspired by the curled appearance of the dog's wrinkled skin
Dimple Named for the small indentations that can appear in the dog's wrinkles
Folds A simple, yet fitting name for a dog known for its folded, wrinkled skin
Frizzle Reminiscent of the frizzled, wrinkled texture of the dog's skin
Pleats Like the pleats in a skirt, this name mirrors the dog's skin folds
Pouch A cute name that reflects the dog's wrinkled skin that can look like pouches
Pucker Mirroring the dog's skin that puckers into wrinkles
Puckers This name is inspired by the pucker or gathered look of the dog's wrinkled skin
Quilt Reminiscent of the detailed stitching on a quilt, which can look like wrinkles
Ripple Like the ripples on a pond, it reflects the pattern on the dog's skin
Ruche Inspired by the gathered or puckered strips of fabric, much like the dog's skin
Ruffles This name is reminiscent of the wavy, crinkled style of a potato chip, much like the dog's skin
Rumple Just like a rumpled bed sheet, this name reflects the dog's wrinkled skin
Scrunch This name is suggestive of the dog's crumpled, wrinkled skin
Scrunchee A playful name that mirrors the dog's scrunched, wrinkled skin
Squint A cute reference to the squinting look the dog often has due to its wrinkled skin
Swirl Like a swirl of ice cream, this name mirrors the dog's skin folds
Tucks A reference to the tucked appearance of the dog's wrinkled skin
Twist Like a twist of lemon, this name reflects the dog's wrinkled skin
Wrinkles A direct reference to the dog's most distinctive feature - its wrinkles

Chinese Origin Names

Since Shar Pei is a breed originating from China, names of Chinese origin could be suitable and traditional.
Name Description
Bao This name is of Chinese origin and stands for 'treasure,' befitting for a cherished Shar Pei
Bo Bo signifies 'precious' in Chinese, suitable for a cherished Shar Pei
Chen Meaning 'great,' Chen is a fitting name for a grand and majestic Shar Pei
Feng Feng, meaning 'wind' in Chinese, is a great name for a Shar Pei that loves playing outdoors
Hua Hua, meaning 'flower,' is suitable for a beautiful and graceful Shar Pei
Huang Huang signifies 'yellow,' perfect for a light-colored Shar Pei
Jing Jing represents 'quiet' in Chinese, perfect for a low-key Shar Pei
Lan Lan stands for 'orchid,' a delicate and attractive name for a beautiful Shar Pei
Lei Lei signifies 'thunder,' a powerful name for a strong and energetic Shar Pei
Ling This name means 'spirit' or 'soul' in Chinese, ideal for a Shar Pei with a strong personality
Liu Liu stands for 'willow,' suitable for a graceful and flexible Shar Pei
Ming Reflecting 'brightness' or 'clarity,' Ming is perfect for a smart and alert Shar Pei
Niu Niu, meaning 'cow,' is a fun and quirky name for a robust and sturdy Shar Pei
Ping Ping is Chinese for 'peaceful,' appropriate for a calm and gentle Shar Pei
Qi This name stands for 'wonderful' in Chinese, fitting for a remarkable Shar Pei
Shui Shui signifies 'water' in Chinese, ideal for a Shar Pei that loves to swim
Tao Tao stands for 'peach,' fitting for a sweet and adorable Shar Pei
Wang Wang, meaning 'king,' is ideal for a dominant and authoritative Shar Pei
Wei Wei, meaning 'power,' is ideal for a robust and resilient Shar Pei
Xin Xin, meaning 'heart,' is a fitting name for a loving and affectionate Shar Pei
Yan Yan, meaning 'pretty,' is suitable for an attractive Shar Pei
Yun Yun represents 'cloud' in Chinese, perfect for a fluffy and cuddly Shar Pei
Zhao Zhao stands for 'morning' in Chinese, ideal for an early-rising Shar Pei
Zhen Zhen, meaning 'precious,' is a fitting name for a much-loved Shar Pei
Zhu Zhu, meaning 'pearl,' is suitable for a precious and beloved Shar Pei
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Bao the Wise: A Shar Pei Story

Once upon a time in the picturesque village of Longjing, nestled at the foot of the lush green mountains in China, lived a wise old Shar Pei named Bao. Bao was not just any ordinary dog; he was known far and wide for his intelligence and keen intuition. His wrinkled skin, resembling an ancient sage's robes, only added to his mystique.

The villagers of Longjing held Bao in high regard and often sought his guidance in times of trouble. Bao had an uncanny ability to understand the villagers' problems and would always find ways to help them. He communicated through a series of barks, head tilts, and paw gestures that the villagers had learned to interpret over time. His wisdom was the village's most prized possession, and the people attributed much of their prosperity to Bao's presence.

One day, a desperate farmer named Jian approached Bao. A terrible drought had befallen Longjing, causing the rice paddies to dry up and the crops to wither. The villagers were on the verge of despair, fearing famine and poverty would soon follow. Jian begged Bao to help them find a solution to the drought.

Bao contemplated the situation, his deep-set eyes gazing into the distance. After a few moments, he barked three times, signaling that he had a plan. He led the villagers deep into the mountains, where they discovered a hidden cave adorned with ancient symbols.

Inside the cave, Bao directed the villagers' attention to a stone tablet, etched with a map of intricate pathways that connected the village to a secret underground river. The villagers were amazed at the discovery and immediately began digging a tunnel to access the precious water source.

Days turned into weeks, and the villagers worked tirelessly, guided by Bao's wisdom. As the tunnel neared completion, Bao's once wrinkled skin began to smooth out, and his energy seemed to wane. The villagers noticed this change but chose to focus on the task at hand, hoping to save their village from the drought.

Finally, the day came when the tunnel reached the underground river, and fresh water began flowing into the village's rice paddies. The crops began to flourish once more, and the village was saved. As the villagers celebrated, they noticed that Bao had become weak and was now lying under a tree, his once wrinkled skin almost entirely smooth.

Jian approached Bao, tears welling up in his eyes. "Dear Bao, you've saved our village, but at what cost? What is happening to you?"

With a soft bark, Bao communicated that his time had come. His purpose in the village had been fulfilled, and his wisdom had been passed on to the people of Longjing. As his wrinkled skin smoothed out, it was a sign that he had shared all of his knowledge, and it was time for him to return to the heavens.

The villagers mourned the loss of their beloved Bao but knew that his wisdom would live on within them. They erected a statue in his honor at the entrance of the village to remember the wise Shar Pei who had saved them from drought and despair.

And so, the legend of Bao, the wise Shar Pei, lived on in the hearts of the people of Longjing, and his spirit continued to watch over the village from the heavens above, smiling down upon the grateful villagers, who would never forget the dog who had once saved them all.

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