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Shenyang Dog Names

Updated: July 05, 2024

Welcome to our unique collection of canine appellations inspired by the vibrant city of Shenyang. Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is a place rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From its towering modern skyscrapers to its ancient Imperial Palace, Shenyang is a city of contrasts, much like the diverse dogs that call it home.

This page is dedicated to all the dog lovers who appreciate the cultural significance and the deep history of Shenyang. Here, you'll find a carefully curated list of names drawn from various aspects of Shenyang life - its significant landmarks, historical figures, local cuisine, popular activities, and more. These names not only pay homage to this fascinating city but also add a unique character to your beloved pet.

Whether you're seeking a name that reflects your dog's strength, personality, or the love for your favourite city, this list offers a wide range of options. So, embark on this exciting journey to find a name that your dog would be proud to carry and one that resonates with your personal connection to the remarkable city of Shenyang.

Name Reason to Choose
An An, meaning 'peace', is suitable for a calm and peaceful dog
Bao Bao means 'precious' in Chinese, a fitting name for a cherished pet
Bei For a dog that brings comfort, Bei means cup in Chinese
Bin It's a Chinese name that translates to 'refined'
Bing This name translates to 'ice', suitable for a dog with a cool personality
Bo 'Bo' means 'wave', fitting for a dog who loves the beach
Cai Cai, meaning 'colorful', is ideal for a dog with a vibrant personality
Cheng Cheng translates to 'sincere', perfect for a loyal dog
Chong This name means 'repeatedly' in Chinese, referring to the dog's loyalty
Chun Chun means 'spring', perfect for a dog born in that season
Da 'Da' translates to 'big', suitable for a large breed dog
Di This name meaning low or short is perfect for a small breed
Dong This name means 'east' in Chinese
Du This name means solitary, a fitting name for an independent pet
Duo Duo means many, a good fit for a dog with a big personality
Er Er, meaning 'son', is fitting for a dog who is treated like family
Fei Fei, meaning 'fly', is fitting for a very active and energetic dog
Fen This name means fragrant, ideal for a sweet-smelling pup
Feng Feng, translating to 'wind', suits a fast and agile dog
Fu 'Fu' means 'luck', perfect for a dog who brings good fortune
Gang Gang, translating to 'strong', is suitable for a robust and healthy dog
Gao It's a Chinese name that means 'high'
Ge Ge translates to song, perfect for a dog with a melodic bark
Gong It's a Chinese name that means 'public'
Guang Means 'light', reflecting the dog's bright personality
Guo Guo, meaning 'fruit', is a cute name for a sweet and adorable dog
Hai 'Hai' means 'sea', fitting for a dog who loves water
Han This name means 'cold' in Chinese
Hao This name means 'good' in Chinese
He 'He' means 'harmony', fitting for a dog with a balanced and calm personality
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Shenyang Dialect

Using words from the local dialect of Shenyang can make for unique and culturally rich dog names.
Name Description
Bai It translates to 'white', fitting for a white-colored pet
Baozi In Shenyang dialect, this means 'bun', a cute name for a fluffy pet
Bing It translates to 'ice', apt for a white or cool pet
Chai It translates to 'firewood', good for a brown dog
Dumpling A food item widely consumed in Shenyang, suitable for a chubby dog
ErGuoTou It's a local liquor, a funny name for a spirited dog
Feng In the local dialect, it means 'wind', suitable for a fast dog
Guai An endearing term in the dialect that means 'well-behaved'
Hei In the local dialect, it means 'black', ideal for a black dog
Hu It means 'tiger', suitable for a strong, brave dog
Hua It means 'flower', perfect for a beautiful pet
Huoguo Means 'hot pot', a good name for a warm, comforting pet
Jing In the local dialect, it means 'quiet or peaceful'
LaoBing It means 'old soldier'; a fitting name for a loyal dog
Long In Shenyang dialect, it means 'dragon', ideal for a majestic pet
Mao In Shenyang dialect, it means 'fur', apt for a furry dog
Mi It means 'rice', suitable for a small, precious pet
NiuNai It means 'milk', suitable for a white or cream colored pet
Qing It means 'blue', perfect for a grayish-blue dog
Shu It means 'mouse', a funny name for a small dog
Tang A word for 'soup', perfect for a comforting pet
Xue It means 'snow', a well-suited name for a white dog
YanEr It translates to 'smoke', good for a grey dog
Yuanbao Referring to ancient Chinese currency, ideal for a precious pet
Yun It translates to 'cloud', apt for a fluffy, white dog

Shenyang Flora and Fauna

Names inspired by the local plants and animals in Shenyang can provide unique and nature-themed dog names.
Name Description
Azalea The city of Shenyang is known for its beautiful azaleas
Bamboo It's a tribute to the lush bamboo forests found in Shenyang
Camellia Camellia flowers are popular in this region
Carp Carps are a common fish species in Shenyang's bodies of water
Chrysanthemum This is named after the flower, which is a symbol of autumn in Shenyang
Citrus Citrus trees are a common sight in Shenyang
Crane Cranes are a common sight in Shenyang
Cypress Cypress trees are common in the city's parks
Dragonfly This insect is common in Shenyang's wetlands
Elm Elm trees are a common sight in Shenyang's cityscape
Hibiscus Hibiscus flowers are present in Shenyang's gardens and parks
Lotus The lotus flower, symbolic of purity, is abundant in Shenyang
Magpie Magpies are frequently seen birds in the city
Maple Maple trees, known for their stunning autumn colors, can be found in Shenyang
Orchid Orchids are a symbol of elegance, much like the city of Shenyang
Panda This is a tribute to the famous Chinese Giant Panda
Peony This is in honor of the peony, a beautiful flower that grows in Shenyang
Pheasant The pheasant is a common bird in the Shenyang region
Plum Plum trees are ubiquitous in Shenyang
Sparrow Sparrows are common birds in Shenyang, known for their cheerful chirping
Sturgeon It is named after a fish species found in the nearby rivers
Swallow Named after a bird species commonly spotted in Shenyang
Tiger It's named after the Siberian Tiger which is native to Northeast China
Tulip Tulips are a popular spring flower in Shenyang
Willow Willows are common trees in Shenyang, often found by riverbanks

Shenyang Cuisine

Using names based on Shenyang's local dishes can be a fun and tasty way to name a dog.
Name Description
Baijiu It's a strong liquor commonly consumed in Shenyang
Baozi A traditional type of stuffed bread in Shenyang
Bing Relates to Bing, a type of Chinese flatbread widely enjoyed in Shenyang
Chopstick An essential tool for eating Shenyang cuisine
Congee A type of rice porridge often eaten for breakfast in Shenyang
Dongbei Shenyang is located in the Dongbei region of China, renowned for its unique cuisine
Goubuli It's a famous type of baozi filled with meat and originated in Shenyang
Guan Refers to Guandong cooking, popular in Shenyang
Guoba Crispy rice, a typical Shenyang dish, is known as Guoba
Hotpot Hotpot is a popular dish in Shenyang
Huotui Relates to the Shenyang specialty of smoked meats
Jiaozi Referring to the famous dumplings of Shenyang
Laobian Laobian Jiaozi is a well-known dumpling from Shenyang
Laziji A spicy chicken dish common in Shenyang
Liaoning This is the province where Shenyang is located
Malatang Malatang is a popular spicy soup in Shenyang
Manchurian The Manchu ethnic group has a significant influence on Shenyang cuisine
Mantou Mantou is a type of steamed bun, often served in Shenyang
Mooncake These are traditional Chinese pastries, commonly eaten in Shenyang
Noodle Noodles are a staple in Shenyang cuisine
Suandou It refers to pickled beans, a popular side dish in Shenyang
Teapot Tea is a common beverage in Shenyang
Xiaolongbao A type of steamed bun from Shenyang
Youtiao Youtiao, or Chinese crullers, are a common breakfast food in Shenyang
Zongzi Zongzi is a traditional rice dish wrapped in bamboo leaves, popular in Shenyang

Shenyang Landmarks

Naming dogs after famous landmarks in Shenyang can be a tribute to the city's rich culture and heritage.
Name Description
Botanic Named after the Shenyang Botanical Garden
Changbai Named after the Changbai Mountains, a famous mountain range near Shenyang
Dadong Named after the Dadong District in Shenyang
Fuling After the Fuling Tomb, a UNESCO world heritage site in Shenyang
Heping Inspired by the Heping District, one of the nine districts of Shenyang
Huanggu Taken from the Huanggu District in Shenyang
Hunnan Inspired by the Hunnan District in Shenyang
Jade Inspired by the Jade Buddha Palace in Shenyang
Kunminghu Inspired by the Kunming Lake, a famous lake in Shenyang
Liaodi Inspired by the Liaodi Pagoda, a famous pagoda in Shenyang
Liaoning This name is inspired by Liaoning Province, where Shenyang city is located
Liaoyang This name is inspired by the city of Liaoyang, near Shenyang
Marshal Derived from the Marshal Zhang's Mansion, a major landmark in Shenyang
Mukden Named after the Mukden Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site in Shenyang
Pagoda Inspired by the famous Pagoda of Shenyang city
Qingning Named after the Qingning Palace, a famous palace in Shenyang
Qipan Inspired by the Qipanshan National Scenic Area in Shenyang
September Taken from the 9.18 Historical Museum, a famous museum in Shenyang
Shenhe This name comes from the Shenhe District, Shenyang
Steam Named after the Shenyang Steam Locomotive Museum
Sujiatun Named after the Sujiatun District in Shenyang
Tiexi This name is derived from the Tiexi District in Shenyang
Xinle Named after the Xinle Site, an archaeological site in Shenyang
Yuhong Taken from the Yuhong District in Shenyang
Zhaoling This name comes from the Zhaoling Mausoleum, one of the famous tombs in Shenyang

Historical Shenyang Names

Names derived from historical figures and events in Shenyang can offer unique and meaningful dog names.
Name Description
Beiling Beiling Park is a historic site in Shenyang
Dadong Dadong is a district in Shenyang, known for its cultural significance
Dongling Inspired by Dongling Park, a historical and cultural site in Shenyang
Fengtian Fengtian was the name of Shenyang during the Qing dynasty
Fuling This name is derived from Fuling Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Shenyang
Gugong It means 'ancient palace', a nod to Shenyang's Imperial Palace
Heping Heping District is one of the nine districts of Shenyang
Huang After Huang Taiji, the emperor who moved the capital to Shenyang
Huanggutun After the Huanggutun Incident, a significant event in Shenyang's history
Hunhe Hunhe River is a significant river flowing through Shenyang
Jin After the Jin dynasty, a significant part of Shenyang's history
Liaoning Liaoning is the province where Shenyang is located
Manchu It's a tribute to the Manchu people who established the Qing dynasty
Mukden This is the old name for Shenyang, embodying a rich historical context
Nurhaci Named after Nurhaci, the founder of the Later Jin dynasty
Pagoda For the numerous historic pagodas in Shenyang
Qing Inspired by the Qing Dynasty which was the last imperial dynasty of China
Shenhe Shenhe is a district in Shenyang with a rich history
Sujiatun Named after Sujiatun District, a district of Shenyang
Tiexi Tiexi District is an old industrial base of Shenyang
Xinglong Xinglong is an old neighborhood in Shenyang, full of history
Yongle Yongle was a famous emperor who had significant influence over China during his reign
Yuhong Yuhong is a district in Shenyang, named after a historical figure
Zhaoling Inspired by Zhaoling Tomb, another significant historical site in Shenyang
Zhongjie Named after Zhong Jie, a popular shopping street in Shenyang
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