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      Like a great stadium, this list of names is built for the sports fan. We have rounded up a collection of winners to ensure that you aren't stuck watching the big game beside Princess Pea. Ideas come from a variety of popular athletics and are geared to fit an assortment of individuals. Diehard fans often name pets after a favorite team or mascot. Since everyone has their own opinion and alma mater, you won't find any club related ideas here. What you will find are generic options fitting of a champion. Whether it be a touchdown, a homerun, or a goal, you are bound to score with one of these ideas.
Name Why it's a sporty dog name?
Dribble the only legal way to advance the ball by yourself (basketball)
Dugout the teams bench area (baseball)
Dunk when a player slams the ball directly through the basket with one or both hands (basketball)
Eagle two below par on a hole (golf)
Easton a sporting equipment manufacturer (baseball)
Fastball a common pitch relying on speed to prevent the batter's success (baseball)
Fielder a defensive player whose goal is to field any balls hit by the batter (baseball)
Fumble when the person carrying the football loses it (football)
Goalie another word for the goaltender (hockey)
Grounder a baseball hit on the ground (baseball)
Gunner a person that specializes in getting down the field quickly to cover a kick or punt (football)
Hike another word for the snap (football)
Hitter another word for the batter (baseball)
Homer another word for a home run (baseball)
Hook a shot that arches sharply from right to left on a right handed golfer (golf)
Hustle to put forth great effort (multiple)
Inning a division of a baseball game (baseball)
Jab an overhand punch from the lead hand (boxing)
Knuckle a type of pitch (baseball)
Lane the rectangular area between the free throw line and the basket (basketball)
Lateral a pass that does not go forward (football)
Links refers to a course built on land reclaimed from the ocean (golf)
Mulligan taking an extra shot without penalty (golf)
Nickel a defensive alignment (football)
Nike a dominate brand of sports footware and apparel
Par the score a player should make on a hole (golf)
Pinch a substitute batter (baseball)
Ping an American manufacturer of golf equipment (golf)
Pivot bodily rotation around a fixed point (multiple)
Pro short for professional (multiple)
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Wrigley Photo of Wrigley for Sporty Dog Names Baseball my grandkids favorite sport!
Wembley Photo of wembley for Sporty Dog Names She adores soccer balls.

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Name Reason
Lebron Lebron James is the g.o.a.t
Homer Another name for a homerun ( homerun)
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Story of Scrappy the Hero

Once upon a time, there was a little dog named Scrappy. Scrappy was a stray dog who was wandering around the streets of the city when he was found by a group of baseball players. The players were on their way to the stadium for a game and were immediately struck by the dog's adorable face and friendly demeanor. They decided to bring Scrappy along with them to the game, and little did they know, he would soon become the team's most valuable player.

Scrappy quickly became the team's unofficial mascot. He would run around the field during practice, barking and chasing after balls. His infectious energy and playful personality lifted the players' spirits, and soon they started to play better than ever before. The fans loved him too - Scrappy became a fixture at the stadium, with fans lining up to take pictures with him before and after games.

As the season progressed, the team started winning more and more games. Scrappy was always there, cheering them on from the sidelines, and the players felt like they had an extra boost of energy every time he was around. Soon, they found themselves in the playoffs, with a chance to make it to the championship game.

The championship game was the biggest game of the season, and the players were feeling nervous. They had never made it this far before, and they knew they were up against a tough opponent. As they stepped out onto the field, Scrappy was right there with them, wagging his tail and barking in excitement.

The game was intense, with both teams battling it out for every run. In the ninth inning, with the score tied, the opposing team had the bases loaded with two outs. The crowd was on its feet, screaming and cheering. The tension was palpable.

That's when Scrappy made his move. He ran out onto the field, barking and chasing after a ball that had been hit into the outfield. The opposing team's runner was distracted, and the outfielder was able to make the catch and throw the ball back to home plate, just in time to tag out the runner and end the inning.

The crowd went wild, and the players lifted Scrappy up onto their shoulders, chanting his name. With Scrappy's help, they went on to win the game and the championship. Scrappy had become a hero, not just to the team, but to the entire city.

From that day on, Scrappy was known as the greatest baseball mascot of all time. He was immortalized in statues and murals throughout the city, and his picture was on every team poster and program. But he didn't let his fame go to his head - he was still just a little dog, happy to chase after balls and bring joy to everyone he met. And for the players, he would always be their lucky charm, the one who helped them achieve the ultimate victory.

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