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Updated: May 15, 2024

If you're a sports enthusiast who's just welcomed a furry friend into your life, you might be looking for a name that reflects your passion. This page is the perfect resource for you. It offers a vibrant collection of names inspired by the world of sports - from football and baseball to tennis and more. Every sporting event, athlete, and team has been scoured to compile this list.

Whether your dog loves to play fetch, chase frisbees, or just enjoys a good run, these names are perfect for active and energetic canines. This curated list includes a wide range of names, suitable for any breed, size, or personality. It doesn't matter if your new companion is a small terrier or a large retriever, you'll find a sport-inspired name that perfectly captures their spirit.

Get ready to dive into a list that combines your love for sports and your affection for your new pet. You might find the perfect moniker that embodies your dog's athleticism, or perhaps a name that pays tribute to your favorite sports star or team. Let's kick off your pet naming adventure!

Name Reason to Choose
Score to get points (multiple)
Scout a person whose job is to seek out the best players to fill a sports team's roster
Screwball a type of pitch (baseball)
Shank when the point of impact is the hozel of the club (golf)
Shortstop one of the defensive positions of the infield (baseball)
Skate Perfect for a dog who is agile and quick
Skipper another word for the manager of a baseball team (baseball)
Slam another word for a dunk (basketball)
Slice when the ball arches from left to right (golf)
Slider a type of pitch (baseball)
Slugger a consistent power hitter (baseball)
Snap another word for hiking the ball (football)
Southpaw a left handed pitcher (baseball)
Spalding an American sporting goods company (basketball)
Spike Suitable for a dog that loves to jump and play catch
Sport what could be more sporty than sport? (multiple)
Sprint Suitable for a dog that loves to run and chase
Stamina This name is perfect for a dog who never tires of playing and running
Strike a pitch that was called within the strike zone (baseball)
Striker Perfect for a dog who loves to fetch and return thrown objects
Swish a shot that gets nothing but net making a swish sound (basketball)
Switch a person that can bat as either a left or right hander (baseball)
Tackle to bring down a football player (football)
Tank when a professional sports team gives up on the current season in hopes of earning a better draft pick
Track Perfect for a dog who loves to run and has a competitive spirit
Triathlon Suitable for a dog who loves to run, swim and play catch
Turbo Ideal for a dog who is energetic and fast
Varsity This name suits a dog who's always at the top of their game
Veteran a seasoned player (multiple)
Volley Ideal for a dog who loves to keep a toy in the air
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Running-Inspired Names

These names are ideal for dogs who love to run and are full of energy.
Name Description
Bolt Named after Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth
Chaser Great for a dog who loves to chase things
Dash A perfect name for a quick, energetic dog
Enduro Inspired by endurance running, for a dog with lots of stamina
Finish A good fit for a dog that loves to complete runs
Flyer Perfect for a dog that seems to fly when he runs
Hurdle If your dog loves jumping obstacles, this name is perfect
Jogger Great for a dog who enjoys a steady pace
Lap Ideal for a dog that loves running laps around the yard
Marathon For dogs with high stamina, just like long-distance runners
Miler For a dog who could run a mile without tiring
Pacer This name is perfect for a dog that sets the running speed
Pursuit Great for a dog who loves chasing things
Racer Ideal for a competitive, fast-running dog
Rally Named after the Rally race, perfect for a dog that loves outdoor runs
Record Great for a dog who always seems to outdo himself
Relay Ideal for a dog that loves teamwork and quick sprints
Runner A simple, yet sporty name for a fast-paced dog
Sprint Inspired by the short, fast runs in track and field
Sprinter Ideal for a quick, fast-running dog
Stamina A great name for a dog with long-lasting energy
Stride For a dog with long, graceful strides
Tempo Perfect for a dog who sets the pace on runs
Track Track is where athletes go to run, great for a sporty dog
Trail Perfect for a dog that enjoys running on trails

Tennis-Inspired Names

These names would suit dogs who love chasing and fetching balls.
Name Description
Ace An ace in tennis is a serve that is not touched by the receiver, scoring a point
Advantage In tennis, advantage means that if the player scores the next point, they win the game
Baseline The baseline is the line that marks the end of the court in tennis
Break A break in tennis is when a player wins a game as the receiver
Crosscourt A crosscourt shot in tennis is one that is hit diagonally from one side of the court to the other
Deuce In tennis, the term means that the score is tied
Double Doubles is a type of tennis match where two teams of two players compete against each other
Dropshot A dropshot in tennis is a shot that is intended to fall just over the net
Fault In tennis, a fault is a serve that fails to land the ball in the opponent's service box
Grip The grip is how a tennis player holds their racquet
Lob A lob in tennis is a shot that is sent in a high arc, usually over the opponent's head
Love In tennis scoring, love means zero
Match Every tennis game is a match between two or four players
Net The net is the central barrier in a tennis match
Overhead An overhead is a type of tennis shot that is hit above the player's head
Racquet A racquet is the tool used by players to hit the tennis ball
Rally This term refers to a long exchange of shots in a tennis match
Serve The serve is how every point in a tennis match begins
Set A set in tennis is a unit of play consisting of a sequence of games
Slam Inspired by the term Grand Slam, which is the winning of all four major championships in a year
Slice This is a type of tennis stroke that imparts backspin on the ball
Smash This is a powerful overhead shot in tennis
Spin In tennis, players often put spin on the ball to alter its trajectory
Tiebreak The tiebreak is used to determine the winner of a set when the score is tied
Volley This is a shot in tennis where the ball is hit before it bounces on the ground

Soccer-Inspired Names

These names could fit dogs who enjoy chasing balls or running fast.
Name Description
Baresi A nod to the Italian football defensive legend
Beckham A nod to the renowned English football player
Buffon A nod to the legendary Italian goalkeeper
Cantona Named after the charismatic French footballer
Casillas For fans of the Spanish goalkeeper legend
Coutinho For fans of the Brazilian midfield magician
Cruyff Named after the Dutch football maestro
Drogba For admirers of the Ivorian football legend
Eusebio A tribute to the Portuguese football icon
Gullit A tribute to the Dutch football legend
Hazard For admirers of the Belgian footballer
Iniesta A tribute to the Spanish football midfield maestro
Maradona Celebrating the legacy of the Argentinian football genius
Mbappe Named after the young French football prodigy
Messi A tribute to the Argentinian soccer sensation Lionel Messi
Modric A nod to the Croatian midfield genius
Muller Named for the German football goal machine
Neymar For fans of the iconic Brazilian star
Pele Inspired by the legendary Brazilian footballer
Puskas Named after the Hungarian footballing legend
Ramos For the Spanish footballer and Real Madrid captain
Ronaldo Named after the famous Portuguese football player
Rooney In memory of the English footballer's extraordinary career
Zico Named after the Brazilian football maestro
Zidane A homage to the great French footballer and coach

Basketball-Inspired Names

These names are great for agile dogs who love to jump and play.
Name Description
Barkley Inspired by Charles Barkley, a retired NBA player and current analyst
Bird This name references Larry Bird, one of the greatest basketball players of all time
Buzzer The buzzer signals the end of a game or quarter in basketball
Dray Short for Draymond Green, a current NBA player known for his defensive skills
Dribble Dribbling is a fundamental movement in basketball
Dunk This name is inspired by the high-intensity move, a slam dunk, in basketball
FreeThrow Free throws are awarded after certain fouls in basketball
Hoop Hoop is what players aim for in a basketball game
Jabbar This name is inspired by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, an iconic basketball player
Jordan This name pays tribute to Michael Jordan, considered one of the greatest players in basketball history
Kareem Named after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest players in NBA history
Kobe This name honors the late Kobe Bryant, a legendary NBA player
Lebron Inspired by LeBron James, a current NBA superstar
Magic Named after Magic Johnson, a retired professional basketball player
Mamba This is inspired by Kobe Bryant's nickname, Black Mamba
Muggsy Named after Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues, the shortest player ever in the NBA
Pippen This name is a nod to Scottie Pippen, an NBA legend
Pivot It is a reference to the basketball move where a player keeps one foot at its initial position while moving the other
Rebound This is when a player retrieves the ball after a missed shot
Rim The hoop in basketball is also commonly referred to as the rim
Shaq This is a nod to the retired basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal
Stockton Inspired by John Stockton, who holds the NBA record for most career assists and steals
Swish This term is used in basketball when the ball goes cleanly through the hoop without touching the rim
Triple Inspired by the term 'triple-double' which is achieved when a player hits double digits in three different statistical categories
Wilt This name is inspired by Wilt Chamberlain, one of the most dominant players in NBA history

Baseball-Inspired Names

These names are perfect for dogs who love to fetch or are fans of the game with their owners.
Name Description
Ace A term used to refer to a team's best starting pitcher
Babe Inspired by Babe Ruth, one of the greatest baseball players
Bunt A specific type of hit in baseball
Cap Short for the baseball cap, an iconic accessory in the sport
Catcher One of the positions on a baseball team
Curve Inspired by the curveball, a type of pitch in baseball
Cy Named after the Cy Young Award, given to the best pitchers
Dugout A term used for the area where baseball players sit when they're not on the field
Fenway Named after Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox
Homer Short for home run, a term used in the sport
Jeter Inspired by the New York Yankees player, Derek Jeter
Lou Inspired by Lou Gehrig, a renowned baseball first baseman
Mickey Named after the great Mickey Mantle
Mitt A term used for a baseball glove
Pinstripe Inspired by the signature uniform of the New York Yankees
Pudge Inspired by Ivan Rodriguez, known as 'Pudge'
Rookie This is often used to refer to a player in their first year
Satchel Named after Satchel Paige, a famous baseball pitcher
Slugger The term often refers to a powerful hitter in baseball
Sox Named after famous teams like the Boston Red Sox or Chicago White Sox
Teddy Inspired by Ted Williams, a baseball superstar
Ty Inspired by Ty Cobb, a baseball legend
Ump Short for the umpire, the official in charge of a baseball game
Wrigley Inspired by Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs
Yogi Named after Yogi Berra, a famous baseball catcher
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Lebron Lebron James is the g.o.a.t
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