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Treeing Walker Coonhound Names

Updated: April 16, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page where we have curated an extensive list of monikers ideal for your canine companion. These names are specifically chosen to suit a breed that is known for its superb hunting skills, impressive speed, and distinctive, melodious bark. This breed originated in the United States and is widely recognized for its unique ability to "tree" its prey during hunting expeditions.

Being the breed that is unparalleled in its tracking and treeing abilities, your canine friend deserves a name that reflects its heritage, strength, and unique qualities. This page is designed to inspire and assist you in choosing a name that not only suits your dog's personality but also pays homage to its roots. From traditional to modern, quirky to classic, you'll find a wide array of names to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a name that signifies the breed’s agility, valor, or something that simply sounds sweet to the ear, we've got you covered. So, delve in and explore our comprehensive list to find the perfect name for your loyal companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Anchor Reflects the breed's strength and stability
Barker Their distinctive bay is a trademark
Baylee Inspired by their baying sound
Blaze Their speed can be likened to a blazing fire
Blitz This name signifies speed, a key attribute of Treeing Walker Coonhounds
Bolt Acknowledging their lightning-fast speed
Boomer A reference to the breed's loud, booming voice
Bounder They bound through the woods
Breeze Acknowledging their swift movement in the field
Brio Italian for 'vivacity', reflecting their spirited nature
Brisk They move quickly
Bullet Signifies the breed's swiftness and precision
Canyon A rugged, outdoorsy name for this nature-loving breed
Cedar A nod to the breed's love for the great outdoors
Champion They are prize-winning dogs
Chase They love to give chase
Chaser They enjoy a good pursuit
Comet Illustrates the dog's swift nature
Cruise Reflecting their swift and smooth movement
Dash Honoring their speed and agility
Delta A unique, strong name fitting for a hunting dog
Duke A classic, strong name fitting for a hunting dog
Eagle Reflecting their sharp senses and noble nature
Echo Refers to this breed's powerful, resonating bark
Elk Reflects the breed's skill in tracking large game
Falcon Their hunting skills can be likened to that of a falcon
Flash Signifies the Coonhound's fast running speed
Forest A nod to the breed's love for wooded environments
Gallant Because of their noble and brave demeanor
Glide They move smoothly and effortlessly
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Speed-related names

Treeing Walker Coonhounds are known for their speed and endurance, making names related to speed suitable for these agile dogs.
Name Description
Aero Short for aerodynamic, a term often associated with speed
Blur This name represents how fast the dog can run, like a blur
Bolt This name is inspired by the speed of lightning
Bullet This name represents the dog's bullet-like speed
Cheetah Represents the speed of the fastest land animal
Comet Reflects the speed of a comet soaring through space
Dash It gives a nod to the dog's swift movement
Eagle Named after the fast-flying bird of prey
Express Inspired by the term 'express speed'
Falcon Represents the speed of the fastest bird in the animal kingdom
Flash A reference to the superhero known for his super speed
Gale A term for a very strong wind, indicating speedy movement
Haste This name represents the dog's ability to move quickly
Jaguar Named after the fast-running wild animal
Jet Named after the fast-flying aircraft
Light A reference to the speed of light, the fastest speed in the universe
Puma Named after the fast-running wild cat
Quick A straightforward reference to the dog's speed
Racer This name reflects the dog's potential in speed competitions
Rocket This symbolizes the dog's fast pace
Sonic It's drawn from Sonic the Hedgehog, a speedy video game character
Swift This term directly relates to quickness
Turbo A term often associated with high speed
Windy Represents the speed at which wind can travel
Zephyr Named after the Greek god of the west wind, known for its speed

Names based on coat color

These dogs typically have a tricolor coat (white, black, and tan), so names that reflect their distinct coat could be a fun option.
Name Description
Ash For a dog with a grayish coat, this name is fitting
Birch This name reflects both the hunting nature and the light, white-barked tree, similar to the dog's white coat
Charcoal Represents the dark black markings on the dog's coat
Cinder A great choice for dogs with dark, charcoal-like spots
Cloud Like a fluffy white cloud, this name is perfect for a dog with a white coat
Dusty This name is perfect for a dog with a dusty, grayish coat
Ebony Signifies the black markings present in the coat
Frosty Perfect for a dog with a white, frost-like coat
Ghost Best for a dog with a super light coat, as if it's almost vanishing
Inky This name signifies the inky black patches on the dog's coat
Ivory A beautiful name for a dog with a coat as white as ivory
Jet An apt name for a dog with a deep black coat
Midnight Reflects the deep, dark shades of the dog’s coat
Misty Captures the greyish hues of the dog's coat
Oreo A fun name for a dog with a mix of black and white in its coat
Patches A perfect name for a dog with a multicolored coat
Pearl This name signifies the white, gleaming coat of the dog
Pepper An ideal name for a dog with a speckled black and white coat
Sable A unique name for a dog with a dark brown coat
Shadow Great for a dog with a coat that’s as dark as a shadow
Silvery Perfect for a dog with a shimmering light gray coat
Smoky A fitting name for a dog with a smoky, grayish coat
Snowy Its white patches are reminiscent of snow
Sooty An apt name for a dog with a blackish coat
Sterling Perfect for a dog with a shiny, silver-grey coat

Southern names

Treeing Walker Coonhounds are popular in the Southern United States, so traditional Southern names could be a good fit.
Name Description
Bama A shortened form of Alabama, a state in the southern United States
Beaufort A small, coastal town in South Carolina, perfect for a male hound
Belle Derived from the French word for 'beautiful', it's a classic southern belle name
Biscuit A staple in southern cuisine, it's a cute and playful name
Bluebell Named after a popular southern ice cream brand
Bourbon Named after a type of whiskey that is particularly popular in the South
Buck A fitting name for a male coonhound, inspired by the term for a male deer in the South
Cajun Inspired by the culture and cuisine of Louisiana
Charleston A coastal city in South Carolina, it's a handsome name for a male hound
Cotton A crop synonymous with the South, it's a fitting name for a white coonhound
Creole Representing the rich cultural mix of the southern Louisiana region
Delta A region in the South known for its blues music
Dixie This name is derived from the nickname for the southern United States
Grits A traditional southern dish, it's a fun and unique name for a dog
Huck Inspired by Huck Finn, a character from a classic American novel set in the South
Jackson Inspired by Jackson, Mississippi's capital and largest city
Jazz A nod to the South's rich musical heritage, particularly New Orleans
Julep A classic southern cocktail, perfect for a sweet female coonhound
Macon A city in Georgia, it's a charming southern name for a male hound
Magnolia A popular tree in the South, it's a beautiful name for a female dog
Peach Georgia is known for its peaches, making this a sweet southern name
Pecan A type of nut native to the South, it's a unique name for a dog
Savannah A charming southern city in Georgia, perfect for a female hound
Tupelo A city in Mississippi, it's a unique southern name for a male hound
Wisteria A beautiful flowering vine common in the South, perfect for a female hound

Hunting-related names

Given their hunting background, it would be appropriate to give them names related to hunting.
Name Description
Archer This name is associated with precision and focus, traits important in hunting dogs
Bear This name symbolizes strength and power, qualities of a good hunting dog
Blaze This name is associated with speed and vigor, traits important in hunting dogs
Blitz The name signifies speed and sudden attack, like a hunting dog chasing after its prey
Buck Named after a common type of game, it's suitable for a hunting dog
Bullet It denotes speed and power, traits essential in a hunting dog
Chase It's a fitting name for a dog that loves to chase after game
Falcon Falcon is known for its hunting prowess, making it a great name for a hunting dog
Gunner This name is associated with shooting, a key aspect of hunting
Hawk Named after a bird of prey known for its hunting skills
Hunter It's an obvious choice for a hunting dog breed
Muzzle It's a part of a gun, making it a fitting name for a hunting dog
Pistol It's a fun name that also refers to hunting
Ranger The name signifies a dog that is skilled in roaming and hunting in the wilderness
Rifle It's a clear reference to hunting
Saber This name refers to a type of sword, symbolizing the dog's sharp hunting skills
Scout The term is often used for someone who explores or searches for something - a perfect match for a hunting dog
Sniper It reflects the dog's precision and focus when hunting
Stealth It reflects the dog's ability to move silently and unnoticed, crucial in hunting
Striker It's a fitting name for a dog that's quick to strike when hunting
Swift The name signifies speed, an essential trait for a hunting dog
Talon Named after a bird of prey's claws, referring to a hunting dog's sharp instincts
Tracker This name reflects the dog's ability to track down prey during a hunt
Trapper It signifies a dog that's proficient in trapping prey
Viper Named after a type of snake known for its hunting skills

Nature-inspired names

Treeing Walker Coonhounds are hunting dogs known for 'treeing' their prey. Nature-themed names would be fitting for these outdoor-loving dogs.
Name Description
Aspen This name is inspired by the Aspen tree, often found in cold regions
Birch Inspired by the Birch tree, it suits a dog with a light coat
Breeze It's a great name for a dog who loves the outdoors, as it's inspired by the natural element of wind
Brook Indicative of a dog's free-spirited and playful nature
Cedar A great name for a red-coated dog as Cedar trees have reddish wood
Cliff This name symbolizes strength and stability
Cloud A fluffy, white dog would suit this name perfectly
Dune Inspired by sand dunes, it's a unique name for a dog
Fern Named after the lush green plant, it's a great name for a lively dog
Flint Inspired by the hard stone, symbolizing the dog's toughness
Frost Perfect for a dog with a white or light grey coat
Hickory Inspired by the robust Hickory tree, denoting the dog's strength
Holly Named after the evergreen plant, it's suitable for a lively and energetic dog
Maple A sweet name for a dog, named after the Maple tree
Meadow This name suggests a love for open spaces, perfect for this breed
Moss A soft, green plant that makes a cute name for a dog
Pebble This name is fitting for a small, adorable puppy
Pine This name reflects the hardy and resilient nature of this hunting dog
Rain A cool and refreshing name for a dog
Raven A dog with a black coat would carry this name well
Sage Named after the herb, it's a great name for a wise and calm dog
Spruce It's a type of tree, suitable for a dog with a sprightly spirit
Stone An excellent choice for a strong, sturdy breed
Thistle A prickly plant that symbolizes resilience
Willow Tall and graceful, it's a perfect fit for a slender breed like this
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