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Western Punjabi Dog Names

Updated: May 28, 2024

Welcome to our meticulously curated list of unique and meaningful dog names inspired by the rich culture and history of Punjab, a region straddling both India and Pakistan. This list offers a variety of names that are deeply rooted in the Punjabi language and culture, while also reflecting a Western influence, making them perfect for your new furry friend.

Whether you have Punjabi heritage, appreciate the melodic rhythm of the Punjabi language, or simply want a unique name for your pet, these names are sure to stand out. Each name is accompanied by a brief description of its meaning or significance, providing a glimpse into the profound depth of Punjabi culture. So, sit back, relax, and explore this fusion of Western and Punjabi inspirations to find the perfect name for your canine companion.

Keep in mind that a name is a powerful thing. It can reflect your dog's personality, your personal interests, or even your hopes for your pet's future. These names are not just linguistically rich, but they are also filled with beautiful meanings, making them more than just a label for your pet. They are a statement of your dog's individual identity. So, delve into the enchanting world of Punjabi culture and find a name that resonates with you and your pet.

Name Reason to Choose
Ajeet Ajeet means 'unconquerable' and is a fine name for a strong, courageous dog
Akal Akal represents 'timeless' in Punjabi and is a suitable name for a dog that is timeless in your heart
Aman Perfect for a peaceful dog, this name means 'peace' in Punjabi
Amolak This name means 'priceless', perfect for a dog who is invaluable to you
Amrit This name means 'nectar', perfect for a dog who is sweet and delightful
Balbir This name is fitting for a brave and powerful dog, as it means 'strong and brave'
Baldev This name translates to 'strong god', suitable for a strong and powerful dog
Baljit This name means 'mighty victorious', fitting for a dog who has overcome many obstacles
Balraj This name means 'mighty king' and is suitable for a strong and dominant dog
Balwinder This name translates to 'mighty and strong', suitable for a strong and powerful dog
Bhagat Bhagat, meaning 'devotee', is a nice name for a dog that is devoted to its family
Bhagwant This name means 'fortunate', fitting for a dog who has brought good fortune into your life
Bhupinder This name translates to 'king of kings', suitable for a dog with a commanding presence
Bhupinderjit This name means 'victorious king of kings', fitting for a dog who is brave and regal
Bir It means 'bravery' in Punjabi and suits a fearless, adventurous dog
Chahal Chahal is a popular Punjabi surname that would suit a dog from a pedigree lineage
Champak Named after the Champak flower, it's a lovely name for a beautiful pet
Charan This name means 'feet', fitting for a dog who loves to run and play
Chetan The meaning is 'full of spirit' and is suitable for a lively, high-energy dog
Chiranjeev This name means 'immortal', perfect for a dog that will always be in your heart
Daler This name means 'brave' in Punjabi and is perfect for a courageous dog
Daljit Daljit is a common Punjabi name which means 'victorious' and is perfect for a winning spirit
Darshan This name translates to 'view, sight', perfect for a dog with keen sight
Davinder Davinder, meaning 'God of gods', is a divine name for a dog that is revered in your home
Dilpreet This name comes from Punjabi and means 'one who loves heartily' and fits a dog who is very affectionate
Ekam Ekam, meaning 'one', is a nice name for a dog that holds a special place in your heart
Ekanjeet A dog with this name is seen as 'God's singular triumph', great for a unique and special dog
Eshar Eshar is a unique name meaning 'God's perfection'; a great pick for a perfect companion
Farid Farid, meaning 'unique', is an excellent name for a dog with a unique personality
Fateh For a dog that always conquers challenges, Fateh, meaning 'victory', is a fitting name
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Punjabi City Names

Punjabi cities have unique and beautiful names. Naming your dog after a Punjabi city can show your love for that place and its culture.
Name Description
Bahawalpur Inspired by the city known for its palaces in Punjab
Bhakkar Named after a city in Punjab known for its wildlife
Chakwal A city in Punjab, it is a symbol of bravery and courage
Faisalabad Named after the third-largest city in Punjab
Gujranwala Derived from a city known for its food culture in Punjab
Hafizabad A city in Punjab known for its rice production
Jhelum Named after a city rich in history and the river that flows through it in Punjab
Kasur Named after a city in Punjab famous for its traditional sweets
Khanewal Inspired by a city in Punjab known for its railway junction
Lahore This name is inspired by the capital city of the Punjab province
Layyah Inspired by a small but culturally rich city in Punjab
MandiBahauddin A city in Punjab known for its rice cultivation
Mianwali A city in Punjab famous for its local folk music
Multan Honors the city of saints in the Punjab province
Muzaffargarh A city in Punjab, known for its cotton production
Narowal Named after a city in Punjab known for its lush green fields
Okara A city in Punjab known for its agricultural significance
RahimYarKhan Named after a city in Punjab known for its mango orchards
Rawalpindi A major city in Punjab, known for its military headquarters
Sahiwal This name is inspired by a city in Punjab known for its dairy farming
Sargodha A city in Punjab known for its citrus production
Sheikhupura This city in Punjab is famous for its historical significance
Sialkot A city in Punjab renowned for its sports goods production
TobaTekSingh Derived from a city in Punjab known for its humorous folklore
Vehari Inspired by a city in Punjab known for its cotton production

Punjabi Musical Instrument Names

Punjabi music is loved by many and the musical instruments used are unique. Naming your dog after a Punjabi musical instrument can be a creative choice.
Name Description
Algoza It's a pair of woodwind instruments, used in Punjabi folk music
Bansuri A traditional Punjabi bamboo flute
Chimta A traditional percussion instrument, providing a unique sound in Punjabi music
Dafli A popular percussion instrument in Punjab
Dhol In Punjabi music, it's a popular drum
Dilruba A string instrument found in Punjab, resembling a smaller version of the Sarangi
Ektara One-string instrument often used in traditional Punjabi music
Ghatam This is a percussion instrument used in the Punjabi music scene
Harmonium It's a free-reed instrument, common in Punjabi folk music
Kanjira A percussion instrument similar to the tambourine, originating from Punjab
Kartal A percussion instrument made of wood, used in Punjabi folk music
Mridangam A traditional double-headed drum from Punjab
Nadaswaram A double reed wind instrument, considered very auspicious
Pakhawaj An Indian barrel-shaped, two-headed drum
Rabab A lute-like stringed instrument used in Punjabi music
Saranda A stringed instrument originating in Punjab, used in folk music
Sarangi Reflects the name of a bowed, short-necked string instrument
Sitar This is a traditional stringed instrument in Punjab
Swarmandal An Indian harp, often used to accompany vocals
Tabla A classic pair of hand drums in Punjabi music
Tanpura A long-necked plucked string instrument, found in various forms in Indian music
Tumbi It's a single-string instrument, commonly associated with folk music in Punjab
Veena A plucked string instrument used in Carnatic music
Vichitra A unique stringed instrument which is played with a slide
Zitar A modern Indian electric sitar

Punjabi Cultural Names

Punjabi culture is filled with beautiful traditions and customs. Names inspired by this culture can be quite unique and interesting for your dog.
Name Description
Babu It's a term of endearment often used in Punjabi culture, making it a fitting name for a beloved pet
Bhalu This Punjabi name means 'bear', suitable for a big, fluffy dog
Billa A name in Punjabi that is often used for cats but can also be used for dogs
Binda A name often associated with strength and bravery in Punjabi culture
Champ A common pet name in Western Punjabi culture, often used for dogs
Chintu A popular Punjabi name for small pets, perfect for a small dog
Chulbul This Punjabi name is associated with playful and lively nature, perfect for a playful dog
Dhanno A popular name from a Bollywood movie, commonly used for pets in Punjab
Golu A cute and popular Punjabi pet name, often used for chubby dogs
Guddu A cute Punjabi name, often used for small and adorable dogs
Heera This name means 'diamond' in Punjabi, apt for a precious pet
Jagga A popular name in Punjabi folklore, often associated with bravery
Jeet The name signifies 'victory' in Punjabi, great for a dog that’s a champion at heart
Kala The name means 'black' in Punjabi, ideal for a dark-colored dog
Laddu A sweet Punjabi name, perfect for a small and sweet dog
Lucky A popular Western Punjabi pet name, often used for dogs that are considered good luck
Moti The name signifies 'pearl', perfect for a dog with a white coat
Munna This is a common term of endearment used for young boys in Punjabi culture
Preet In Punjabi, this name signifies 'love', suitable for a very lovable dog
Raja Translates to 'king' in Punjabi, perfect for a regal and noble dog
Rani In Punjabi, this name means 'queen', suitable for a female dog of regal bearing
Sheru This name means 'tiger' in Punjabi, an apt name for a strong and brave dog
Simba A name inspired by the Lion King, great for a brave and loyal dog
Sona It means 'gold' in Punjabi, perfect for a golden retriever
Tuffy A popular Punjabi pet name for dogs, often used for a strong or tough dog

Punjabi Folklore Names

Punjabi folklore is rich and vibrant. Names from legends and folklore can be meaningful and distinctive for your dog.
Name Description
Baz Baz is a Punjabi term for falcon, signalling strength and agility
Bhagat The name Bhagat is inspired by Bhagat Singh, a significant figure in Punjabi history
Bhangra Named after the traditional Punjabi dance, symbolizing joy and energy
Bulla Inspired by Bulleh Shah, a well-known Punjabi Sufi poet
Channi Named after a popular Punjabi singer, giving a musical touch
Dhol Dhol, a traditional Punjabi musical instrument, represents rhythm and harmony
Gabru Gabru is a Punjabi term for a young and strong man, showing strength and youth
Ghuggi Ghuggi is a famous Punjabi comedian and actor, making it a fun and light-hearted name
Gulab Gulab is a Punjabi term for rose, symbolizing beauty and love
Heer This name is inspired by a legendary character from the Punjabi folklore 'Heer Ranjha'
Jatt Jatt is a traditional Punjabi term representing a farmer, making it a strong, sturdy name
Laila 'Laila Majnu' is a famous Punjabi folklore, and Laila is the name of the leading female character
Mahiwal Mahiwal is a character from the Punjabi folklore 'Sohni Mahiwal', a tale of true love
Majnu Majnu is a character from the Punjabi folklore 'Laila Majnu', signifying eternal love
Makhan Makhan, meaning butter in Punjabi, signifies smoothness and charm
Mirza The name is derived from the folklore 'Mirza Sahiban', a popular tragic romance of Punjab
Noor Noor, meaning light in Punjabi, signifies brightness and positivity
Pind Pind, meaning village in Punjabi, signifies warmth and simplicity
Punnu Punnu is a character in the Punjabi folklore 'Sassi Punnu', which tells a story of tragic love
Ranjha Ranjha is the name of a character in one of the most famous Punjabi folklores, 'Heer Ranjha'
Roti Roti, a staple Punjabi food, offers a fun and familiar name
Sahiban This name is from the Punjabi folklore 'Mirza Sahiban', a tragic love story
Sassi The name is taken from the tragic romance story 'Sassi Punnu', which is a part of Punjabi folklore
Sher Sher in Punjabi means lion, symbolizing strength and power
Sohni Inspired by the folklore 'Sohni Mahiwal', Sohni is a symbol of love and passion in Punjabi culture

Punjabi Food Names

Punjabi cuisine is known worldwide and naming your dog after your favorite Punjabi dish can be a unique and fun option.
Name Description
Aloo Aloo, meaning potato, is a common ingredient in Punjabi food
Barfi Barfi is a dense milk-based sweet confectionery in Punjab
Biryani Biryani is a famous rice dish in the Punjab region
Chai Chai is a customary beverage in Punjab
Chawal This is the Punjabi word for rice, a common food item
Dahi Dahi is the Punjabi term for yogurt, a staple in their cuisine
Dal Named after the popular lentil dish in Punjab
Gajar Gajar, meaning carrot, is used in a popular dessert called Gajar ka Halwa
Gulab Gulab is short for Gulab Jamun, a delectable Punjabi dessert
Jalebi Jalebi is a popular sweet dish in Punjab
Keema Keema is a traditional minced meat dish in Punjab
Kheer Kheer is a rice pudding, a beloved dessert in Punjab
Kulfi Kulfi is a popular Punjabi ice cream
Lassi Lassi is a traditional Punjabi yogurt-based drink
Makki Makki refers to corn, used in making traditional Punjabi bread
Masala Masala refers to a blend of spices commonly used in Punjabi cuisine
Murgh Murgh refers to chicken, a popular protein in Punjabi dishes
Pakora Pakora is a fried snack, a favorite in Punjab
Paneer Paneer is a type of cheese used in many Punjabi dishes
Paratha Paratha is a flaky, delicious bread common in Punjabi meals
Pulao Pulao is a rice dish cooked in seasoned broth, popular in Punjabi cuisine
Raita Raita is a common yogurt-based side dish in Punjab
Roti Roti is a staple food in Punjabi cuisine
Samosa Samosa is a delicious fried or baked pastry with savory fillings, popular in Punjabi cuisine
Sharbat Sharbat is a sweet, cold beverage in Punjab
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